SDM404: Service And Design Management Summative Assessment Answer

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Question :

Assessment 1

Service Quality Evaluation and Analysis of Service

Management Strategies

Length :Maximum word count is 2000 words which excludes the Executive Summary, Table of Contents and Reference List.

Learning Outcomes: This assessment addresses the following subject learning outcomes:

a) Develop an understanding of the role and nature of service in the service economy and the hotel industry

b) Examine key issues concerning the management and measurement of service quality and customer satisfaction

c) Critically explore the role of frontline service providers’ service behaviour with respect to service delivery, service failure and service recovery

Instructions for The Task:

You are the service design consultant who has been briefed by the hotel’s Board of Directors to produce a report that reviews its current service operations and management strategies.   You are also expected to provide recommendations on what strategies to keep and which strategies that require modification.  You are to base your report on findings from the appended feedback collated from the annual customer and employee surveys (File

Attachments 1 and 2).

In your report, your task is to undertake the following:

1.  Evaluate the key service quality dimensions demonstrated at the hotel;

2.  Identify and then analyse existing service management strategies;

3.  Recommend modification or replacement of current strategies  for improvement of customer service and experience.

You are to ensure that each of the above task component is well linked to the case study. The structure of the report should be as follows:

•  Executive Summary

•  Table of Contents

•  Introduction

•  Evaluation of Key Service Quality Dimensions

•  Identification and Analysis of Existing Service Management Strategies

•  Conclusion

•  Recommendations

•  Reference List

Students will be assessed according to:

•  Criteria set in the learning rubric

•  Demonstration of critical thinking and application of theories, conceptual models and academic literature with relevance and accuracy  

•  Referencing skills and meeting the minimum requirement for academic references

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