SDM404 Service Quality Evaluation And Analysis Of Service For Hotel Sunnybank Assessment 1 Answer

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Subject Code and Name:  SDM404 Service and Design Management

Assessment 1


Learning Outcomes

Service Quality Evaluation and Analysis of Service Management Strategies


Maximum word count is 2000 words which excludes the Executive Summary, Table of Contents and Reference List.

This assessment addresses the following subject learning outcomes:

a) Develop an understanding of the role and nature of service in the service economy and the hotel industry b) Examine key issues concerning the management and measurement of service quality and customer satisfaction c) Critically explore the role of frontline service providers' service behaviour with respect to service delivery, service failure and service recovery


The assessment task is to develop the critical thinking and application skills to a given case scenario using a prescribed business model or analytical framework to resolve service encounter issues. The task requires you to critically evaluate service quality and analyse the service management strategies of a midscale boutique style hotel in the form of an academic report. To complete the task, you will be required to apply your theoretical knowledge to the hypothetical Hotel Sunnybank.

Instructions for The Task:

You are the service design consultant who has been briefed by the hotel's Board of Directors to produce a report that reviews its current service operations and management strategies. You are also expected to provide recommendations on what strategies to keep and which strategies that require modification. You are to base your report on findings from the appended feedback collated from the annual customer and employee surveys (File Attachments 1 and 2).

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Answer :

Service Quality Evaluation and Analysis of Service

Management Strategies

Executive Summary

Through this assignment, the service quality and the service management strategies would be evaluated for the Hotel Sunnybank. As observed, how the role and nature of service evolve with the service economy and includes a hotel industry, having a key issues and creating a management and measurement of service quality along with improving the customer satisfaction to match with the role of frontline service providers’ service behavior which can include a service delivery, holding a service failure and relate with the service recovery.


In this assessment, the case study about the Hotel Sunnybank and the related complications faced in service designing, management and managing the service quality. While understanding the service quality and the related specific areas and issues, it is important to identify the basic services required to be rendered by a hotel is lacking (Cai, 2017). It is important to understand that any hospitality industry cannot look uncourteous but given customers feedback, it seems that the majority of them are not happy over the fact that the vibe remains uncourteous. In a service industry and especially the hospitality industry, customer delight is what every service provider is looking for and vouch on it to get more business (Teeroovengadum, 2016). However, for Hotel Sunny bank, this feedback and quality of service are below par standards and is very bad at numerous times (Fan, 2016). The issue is stemming out of internal issues and the confusion related to service deliveries in the minds of staff due to which they are underconfident and do not take ownership or responsibility to save repute of the hotel and bring a smile to its customers. The issue is serious and would require strategic and long term planning including but not limited to correcting softer issues as well. 

Evaluation of key service quality dimensions

 From the feedback provided by customers and having read statements of employees, it is important to understand that there is an internal team or departmental issues and we critically analyze all of the relevant departments as below:

The existing management strategies seem to be old and outdated and require a revamp to compete with modern-day customers' expectations. At present, the hotel is struggling to make basic services at par with expectations as that in the hospitality industry and it needs to improve a lot to be able to see as a favored destination. Also, it is quite evident that they can manage regular customers and customers looking for premium rooms but fail to manage a walk-in or customers looking for economic rooms (Ahrholdt, 2017)


As per this dimension the aspects are related to the facility, appearance,  and personality of the staff. Attractiveness,  features, tools and the equipment a strategy, they should focus more on managing walk-in or nonregular customers so that their publicity is positive and they see a surge in bookings.  Since they lack modern-day smartness and advertisements they need to hire someone smart from the market and act wisely to step up. Also, they need to decide and strategize to make employees feel more related and responsible and should have effective reward programs in place for the staff (Lupo, 2016).   


The hotel Sunnybank has the reliability dimension that can ensure service quality and create different innovative aspects.  It is also believed, how there can be a likely service quality which would include the three dimensions, such as incorporating the physical quality, includes the corporate quality along having an interactive quality (Solimun, 2017). In the case study, as the service quality is a complex matter of the technical quality due to the outcome, to have the set functional quality which can consider the service encounter and even account the corporate image (Solimun, 2018). It is divided into the five dimensions, that would include the tangibles,  includes the reliability, has responsiveness along with holding an assurance and empathy. At the same time, there can be a source of reliability that can hold an important dimension which would cover the wide array holding a service type. To hold as per the importance of reliability dimension, this can also be stated to hold as per the tangibles which can account for the services making it more tangible aspects (e.g. restaurants), and at the same time, it can also create an intangible nature of services. Subsequently, it can also target the services and hold close communication due to the customer's key requirements of holding an assurance and having an empathy edge to others. 


The hotel Sunnybank, has a swift responsiveness that can account to consensus as to have a nature of service quality dimensions. Due to the quick and quality assurance, the hotel has provided a timely assistance that has opened to the different service types. It would also consider the restaurant service quality and it is difficult to hold which can create a service outcome having a process of service delivery. 


The hotel has a quick assurance and swift assistance, that has helped to create a market for itself. The key attributes of the Hotel Sunnybank, is assurance of the food quality one of the highest restaurant experiences. It can also cause no consensus accounting the individual attributes and consider the aspects such as the food quality, includes how it can be presented, have healthy options, taste and even includes freshness and temperature. It is important to note how there can be a  service encounter in restaurant which would be contributed to the settings and holding the key main elements which include the environmental elements (e.g. design, music, lighting) and even include the employees (e.g. professional skills, reliability) and even handling the customers (e.g. interaction including customers).


The hotel has a high credibility and the best practices which would entitle the hotel to create a more  attachment theory such as employees gaining a decision power and having the decentralized approach and having a more related decisions which would centric to one more than one person. It is also how to reduce the burden and focus on critical matters. In fact, by such an approach we could bring a turnaround in the thought process of staff and they could feel more responsible and focus on the work as their own rather treating it as a mere job and would thus bring a delightful experience to customers which would benefit all.

Identification and analysis of existing service management strategies


 After carefully analyzing the tangible situations, it is recommended to have the reception or front desk team is always under fire as they face customers heat and thus all other teams should try to support them by keeping them abreast about the situations related to checking in readiness or any issues related to kitchen or any other (Gupta, 2018). Also, they should be able to understand the pressure of the front desk team and communicate any issues in scheduled team meetings at regular intervals. 


 The Hotel has to ensure a biggest issue lays with the housekeeping teams as they are not able to make rooms checking ready quickly and clients have to wait for hours and seem to be rude as well. If required there should be the deployment of more staff in peak seasons in case the existing workforce could not meet expectations. Also, there are complaints that the toiletries were not good or insufficient and thus it is a very important area to focus and an effective housekeeping agent could attend to these basic customer requirements on his own. It also seems that the housekeeping staff is not well motivated as they are failing miserably and thus they need proper counseling and attention should be paid to their side of the story as it seems they have become negligent and intolerant in their behavior. It may be possible that they feel neglected and thus have stopped working with zeal. It is advised to nominate the best performer form each of the departments in internal programs and reward them so that employees feel happy and have the willingness to walk the extra mile (Gupta, 2018).


From the case study, it is observed that the kitchen department is doing excellent stuff and they do not need much realignment or changes at the moment. Their efforts are very much appreciated and they seem to be working professionally by taking special care of their customers.


The team has to ensure how the hotel provides a quality and the swift assurance, related to the teams have expressed that they are inspired and feel the mentoring of departmental managers are good and they can relate to work and the staff but have expressed that they are not being groomed for next level and thus we recommend proper training schedule to be in place and identification and promotion of deserving candidates should be done at regular intervals so that the deserving gets a chance and rest of the team feels motivated enough as well. 


The hotel has to work over the empathy factor connect with the customers and the employees that can help to link with the observed that can help to link with the renovation of space, certain and providing the customized services for the free flow of passage and information which can link and connect. It is recommend having them cleared and made more open for access to all. To lure customers, it is would be an excellent idea to provide an open spaces for managing footfall during peak season or festival seasons (Kasiri, 2016).  To make things better, there is a need to understand the issue from the respective department's viewpoint as it is hampering the service delivery and thus delaying the work of the other team and disappointing the customers. 

Breaking stereotypes:  it is very visible that the management is working on older service models and have not upgraded or invested much on human resources. This is evident from old training methods and manuals. Thus a counseling session for the management team is also required so that they can realize the changing trends in modern days and inculcate them in their service delivery models.

Clear cut management policy: since the management policy is old and would have lost its sheen in all these years, it is very much required to revamp its goals, mission and vision and the way the management operates or expects staff to function (Kiran, 2017).


In the modern-day service and hospitality industry and their standards, hotel Sunny bank lacks behind and they need to focus more on internal issues and external issues to be able to become the favorite destination for customers globally. There is a need for major strategic changes and dynamic leadership to bring back the enthusiasm in employees and teams internally. This is very important as we have seen very bad experiences and feedback from a certain set of customers and is very damaging to its repute. There is a need to speak to existing teams and hear them so that they feel a certain belonging to the hotel and feel related to work, also, there are changes required to interiors and other structures so that people work as a team and perform better.  


Hotel Sunnybank requires a lot of strategic changes involving its policies, vision and mission and probably the management and its staff. We also recommend to change certain interiors and also to involve existing staff more in any discussion related to changes in the hotel since it would make them feel involved and honest. There is a huge requirement to have a holistic approach as right now the teams are working in silos and thus the objective of the hotel is not met and it is leading to bad customer experience. Thus we recommend having a counseling session with staff and also reviewing hotel policies and make them transparent in dealings as it is the basic requirement of a hotel to be transparent in pricing and policies. We should also have a training program that is up to date in its curriculum and is conducted at regular intervals to keep staff abreast of changing technology and times.

As such, there has been no relationship between the numbers along with having a nature of service quality dimensions. It would include how Hotel Sunnybank, has multidimensional factors, substantially held as per the particular dimension and relate with the different service types. To relate with the restaurant service quality it is important to access, relate with the outcomes and even substantially understand the process of service delivery. It can create a  type of food quality, the physical environment and even holding the service to improve the restaurant service quality (Tseng, 2016)