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SOC10236 Personal footprint, Product and Organizational Analysis Assessment 1 Answer

SOC10236 Applied Ethics and Sustainability Assessment details Assignment 1 Part A - Consequential ethical analysisWord guide:750 Weighting:20%You should follow the ‘Assignment Planning’ activities in the...

Ethics in advertising: Kants Categorical Imperatives Assessment Answer

Restate your ethical question from Assignment 1 Part A on page 1 of Assignment 1 Part B. You can modify the precise wording of your ethical question drawing on feedback provided in Assignment 1 Part A.a)  Identify the act...

Utilitarian Analysis on Social Network Companies

Should social network companies be allowed to sell information of users to third parties, assuming the sale of this information is a stated condition of using the service? 

Should Animal Testing be Permitted for Cosmetic Products

Should animal testing be permitted for cosmetic products?Deliverables: 1)Utilitarian analysis2)Kantian analysis3) Additional theory4) Theory extension5)Conclusion6)Reference listTask overview. You are required to...

Essay on The Normative Approaches to Treating Scandals

Write an essay on the normative approaches to Treating Scandals.

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