Self-directed Continuing Professional Development Evidence Record Of Nurses And Midwives Assessment Answer

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Assessment 2 Self-directed Continuing Professional Development Evidence Record
Due dateEvidence record Week 6 (Thursday 11th April, 1700hrs), presentation week 6 (CD) or week 10 (AB) Tutorial

Submit an electronic copy of your assignment via upload to eLearning.
Please refer to detailed information regarding submission of assignments on the subject’s eLearning site.
Bring printed copy of evidence record including reference list to tutorial for presentation.
Type of CollaborationIndividual
Length500 words (completed on the provided template) plus oral presentation (no more than 2 minutes)

Part of the registration standards to be a registered nurse includes completing a minimum amount of self-directed continuing professional development hours per year.
This involves identifying learning needs, creating an action plan and reflecting on this action and its relevance to your practice.
In this assessment you are required to complete a minimum of 1hour of continuing professional development based on the knowledge gap you identified in assessment 1 including a reflection on what you have learned. You will then share this learning with your tutorial group.
  1. Undertake the action plan that you identified in assessment 1
  2. Complete the self-directed CPD evidence record template (approximately 500 words) ( and-Endorsement/Audit.aspx)
  3. Verbally present your new found knowledge and the process with your tutorial group (no more than 2 minutes)
Bring printed copy of template and reference list to tutorial for marking

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Answer :

Self-directed continuing professional development for nurses and midwives

Assessment 2

Evidence record

DateSource or provider detailsIdentified learning outcomesAction planType of activityDescription of the topic covered during activities and outcomesReflection on activity and specification to practiceDescription of the evidence providedCPD hours

Focus groups
Learning outcomes include analysis of the nursing practices based on patients with specific illness and their experience regarding the services in specialty hospitals.

Conduct group discussions with similar patient groups as well as other nurses, and learn about their experiences regarding the services provided in the current nursing setting.Group interaction with the people with prior experience in the nursing sector and include key stakeholders like family members during patient treatment additionally fulfilling the purpose to review the basic nursing setting.Topics include preset questions based discussion with the patients and their family members to review the nature of the nursing provided in a health care setting which is fundamental to address the problems in the nursing sector.It will enable me as a team leader to address the issues accordingly and include active participation of the family members thereby increasing the quality of nursing provided to the patients.Mapping and evaluation of the CPD activities.1-2 hours each group discussion.

Key informants
Learning more about the health necessities of people through face-to-face interaction.

Learning outcomes also include increased knowledge about contagious diseases and provide stress relief support accordingly.
Conduct one-on-one interviews with people and learning their types of need and amount of help which will be available in the health care facility.Face to face interaction and conducting of interview-based studies within health care centres or at houses of people
Topics mainly include questionnaires with a predetermined list of questions and suggestions required from the individuals.

It will endow me with practical knowledge about the profession and help me improve myself to interact with the patients in such a way that they are relieved of pre-surgical stresses.Review of CPD policy environment 1 hour for each interview.

International training and educational centre for health (Couper, 2018).

Basic knowledge in CPD for medical nursing.
Key educational institutes to provide the right psychological training to nurses

Provides nursing training to individuals especially in sub-Saharan Africa.
Materialising the nursing training with a practical psychology in providing professional health care to patients.

It will provide me with the proper knowledge to handle the various health and psychological needs of patients based on studies across Africa and middle eastern countries.This will enable me to provide high priority and quality services to the individuals in need of primary mental and emotional support.
CPD for medical nursing in Africa

20 hours

International Council of Nurses (ICN)
Public agencies for exercising rights over nursing activities (BryantLukosius, 2016).

Responsible for implementing legislation for nursing practices and midwives
Provides fundamental to work as nurses in professional health care centres.

Sets up rules for the nursing practitioners to follow.
Setting as well as enforcing standards for the practice of nursing.

Monitoring role and setting requirements for patient-nurse relationship.
Providing me with the technicalities to improve quality nursing care for everyone

Helped me to deal effectively with patients regarding stoma and colostomy
Enabled me to make a patient centred nurse and handle sensitive topics.

I will be able to handle colostomy in practical environment.
An organisation of theoretical and clinical components10 hours