SITHIND002 Source And Use Information On Hospitality Industry Assessment 1 Answer

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Task NumberAT 1Task NameWritten assignment

Assessment Information

Unit(s) of competency (code and title)SITHIND002: Source and Use Information on the Hospitality Industry
Task instructions
This is the first of two (2) assessment tasks students need to complete satisfactorily to be deemed competent for the unit. Students must submit their completed assessment in Engage on or before the due date.
For this assessment, students are required to respond to all questions in the two (2) parts. Students must achieve a result of Satisfactory (S) in all areas of the assessment as outlined in the marking guide in Section B of this assessment task.
In assessment task 1, students are required to:
  1. Submit a written assignment of a minimum of 500 words that addresses each of the topics listed 
  2. Complete all the interview questions provided. 
Part 1.1
Students must research an Australian food and beverage outlet which they would like to work during their industry placement, or upon completion of their studies. Students need to provide the information using their own words.
  1. Students to provide a brief explanation and contact details of their venue choice.
  2. Students to describe the job title, general duties and the pay range of the job they have selected, including a career progression chart.
  3. Identify some of the ethical and legal issues that relate to that job role and sector of the hospitality industry. Provide two (2) examples for each issue.
  4. Provide two (2) examples of key industry or government associations that can provide valuable information or services relating to that job role and sector of the hospitality industry.
  5. Describe two (2) issues in the last 5 years that have had an impact on that job role or sector.
  6. Students to identify one (1) example of emerging food trends or services at their selected venue.
  7. Students must demonstrate the use of at least three (3) different sources of information. Provide a reference list (bibliography) containing all the resources that were used. Example of sources may include:
  8. Industry associations
  9. Hospitality professionals
  10. Libraries
  11. Media
  12. Journals
  13. Hospitality accreditation programs
  14. Internet search
Part 1.2
You have been assigned to one LCB student who is either undergoing industry placement or has completed his or her placement. Your manager wants you to interview the student using the interview questions listed below. (If after 5 days you have had no response from the LCB student, you may interview an industry professional of your choice, however the interview questions must be carried out face to face with full contact details of the interviewee provided) The interview questions must be completed and submitted as evidence.
Industry Placement Student’s Name:__________________________________________________
Industry Placement Venue:__________________________________________________________
Date:____________________________     Time of conversation/meeting:_____________________
Interview questions:
Q.1: What are the three (3) tasks you have been responsible for during your industry placement?
Q.2: Have you been able to work in different sections in the kitchen? If so, state are the sections you have worked?
Q.3: What shifts have you been assigned to during your industry placement? How many hours are you working on average per day?
Q.4: What are the examples of technical cookery methods you have covered during this placement?
Q.5: What is your overall working experience in this venue?
Q.6: Is there ongoing training and support made available to you?
Q.7: Have you witnessed any conflict in the workplace?
Q.8: What has been a memorable moment for you during your placement?
Q.9: Identify new trends in products or services that you encountered while on placement?
Q.10: Would you recommend this venue for industry placement?

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Answer :

SITHIND002: Source and Use Information on the Hospitality Industry

Part 1.1

a. Brief explanation and contact details of venue choice

Quay is one of the finest restaurants in Australia located at Upper Level, Overseas Passenger Terminal, The Rocks, Sydney 2000. The restaurant can also be reached at 0292515600 (Quay Restaurant Sydney, 2020). The Quay Restaurant has also featured in the 27th spot of the World Top 100 Restaurant List in addition to the high standard and quality of food and service (Top10restaurants, 2020). The menu is dynamic and offers a variety of texture and alternates to choose from and the employees are considered to be at the pinnacle of their capabilities.

b. Job title, general duties and the pay range of the job they have selected, including a career progression chart.

The title of the job is a server in the restaurant and the general duties included serving the food prepared by the chefs to the guests and customers of the restaurant in a professional manner. It also required receiving any instruction or feedback from the customers and conveying them to the kitchen. So, the job is also a bridge between the kitchen and the customers. The pay range of the job is from AUD $ 28,500 to AUD $ 83,400 while the average pay is AUD $ 54,500 at an average of AUD $ 17.23 (Salaryexplorer, 2020).

c. Ethical and legal issues related to the job role

Some of the prominent ethical and legal issues include:

  • It is the ethical responsibility of the server to enquire about any health complication: For example, a guest suffering from peanut allergy may suffer an allergic reaction from peanuts in the food. Another example is any manageable request such as low sugar food items should be heeded by the server and communicated to the kitchen. 
  • The legal responsibility of the restaurant is to provide quality food: Any food with the fugu fish should be prepared with expert help. Again, bad quality of materials may cause health issues for the consumer which is the second legal responsibility of the restaurant to avoid.

d. Two examples of government associations providing information relating to the job role 

1. Job Outlook-It is a website run by the Australian government that contains specific details about the job role of a server in the hospitality sector. The website also contains various sections including prospects, pathways, skills and knowledge and work environment for the provided job role in the hospitality sector as well (Joboutlook, 2020). 

2.  is another Government run website that contains the description of the skills, specialisations and responsibilities of the workers and servers in restaurants. It also helps the students and individuals to enrol in the course for improving their skills in their respective job sector in restaurants (, 2020).

e. Two (2) issues impacting the sector

1. Covid-19 impact-According to a recent survey, the decline in the revenue in the hospitality sector is going to continue amidst the recent travel bans by the state government due to the Coronavirus prevalence around the globe. Thus, the industry will be experiencing this downfall still after the cure of the Coronavirus is found (Ibisworld, 2020).

2. Shortage of experienced staff- In the year 2017, the Government has abolished 457 scheme of visa crackdown which is estimated to be resulting in making the restaurant industry to be suffering from shortages of at least 120,000 by the end of the decade (Bourke, 2017).

f. One example of emerging food trends or services

Quay restaurant has recently launched a 4-course lunch menu which is served to the customers from Friday to Saturday every week (Tripadvisor, 2020). The menu includes mixed seafood starter which is becoming the favourites of the customer through its authentic taste and deliciousness. The food also includes wines which provide good complements to the dishes. Thus, delicious food itself has become one of the emerging trends for the restaurant which the customers enjoy alongside the harbour.