SNPG925 Effective Leadership In Health: Assessment 1 Answer

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SNPG925: Effective Leadership in Health

Assessment 1Assignment

Your assignment will be submitted into a Turnitin submission box within the SNPG925 Moodle site. You will have the opportunity to review and re- submit your assignment up to the due date and time.
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Type of CollaborationIndividual
Length2000 words

Multiple health policies, inquiries and documents have identified leadership as being critical to the provision of healthcare. Using the literature analyse how, and why, developing individuals as leaders can influence and impact health service delivery at all levels. Include examples from your own experience to support your analysis.
Your analysis needs to:
  • Provide a clear and comprehensive overview of key leadership issues for the individual, healthcare teams and health services.
  • Demonstrate an ability to synthesise your investigation findings to present a clear and logical overview of the impact of leadership on
individuals and health services.
  • Show how contemporary leadership theory aligns to your analysis.
  • Use a wide range of current literature.

Style and format
APA 7 referencing system
A summary of the APA 7 can be accessed on the Library website at
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