SNPG925 Effective Leadership In Health: Assessment 3 Creative Representation And Assignment

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SNPG925: Effective Leadership in Health

Assessment 3Creative representation and Assignment

Your assignment will be submitted into a Turnitin submission box within the SNPG925 Moodle site. You will have the opportunity to review and re- submit your assignment up to the due date and time.
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Type of CollaborationIndividual
LengthCreative representation and 2000 words assignment

Discuss and analyse your leadership development based on the Kouzes and Posner (2017) model. This model includes five (5) Practices of exemplary leadership, with each Practice supported by two (2) Commitments.
This assessment has two (2) parts which includes creating a visual representation (Part
A) and written assignment (Part B).
Part A: Create and present a visual representation of your future leadership development. The visual representation is a creative analysis of how the five (5) Kouzes and Posner Practices relate to your own leadership skills and can be used to plan your own leadership development. The visual representation can be presented in a variety of ways and you may choose any presentation format with the exception of PowerPoint (or other similar programs). These are not acceptable. It is an expectation that all participants bring the Visual Representation to the online workshop 5 and submit to the correct tab in Turnitin by 5pm on the due date. Late penalties will apply when this does not occur.
Part B: Briefly describe an example of personal leadership from your own experience
(a personal example).
Analyse your example using each of the five (5) exemplary leadership Practices and ten
(10) Commitments.
Use Kouzes and Posner (2017) and other literature to support your discussion and illustrate an understanding of the role and nature of effective leadership in health.
Discuss how the five (5) exemplary leadership Practices and ten (10) Commitments could be used to contribute to the development of your own leadership abilities.
Provide support and consolidation for the ideas presented in the visual presentation (Part A).
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