SOC301A Qualitative Research Methods: Research Proposal Assessment 2 Answer

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Assessment 3 Brief
Bachelor of Applied Social Science
Qualitative Research Methods
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Assessment 2: Research Proposal
1000 (+ / - 10%)
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A, B, E
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Research proposal
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Assessment Task:

Draft a qualitative research proposal on a topic of your choice. The proposal should cover the main elements of a research proposal including a clearly-defined topic, research questions, an

introduction, and a literature review. It should also include Reference. This is a formative assessment and assessment 3 will build on this discussion. 

Explanation of the assessment:

Your proposal should include the following:

A clearly defined topic

  1. The topic should be straight-forward and clear. It should give clear information about who is being studied, what is being studied, and where the study is being carried out. For example: “Perceptions of refugees in Glebe, Sydney: a case study of how refugees are viewed in trendy, urban suburb”.
  2. Where possible, give an indication of the theoretical framework you will be using to explore this topic. For example:

“A Phenomenological enquiry into the lived experience of ‘otherness’ in Australian society: A study of Muslim migrants in Sydney’s Western suburbs”.

An Introduction

  1. The introduction should clearly discuss the background and social issue being explored. It should discuss why it is important to carry out this study (the justification for the study). End the introduction by identifying at least 5 research questions which you hope to find answers to.

A literature review

The literature review section should identify and discuss previous studies, seminal works, key theorists and researchers who have made important contributions to your topic. You should discuss and analyse their contributions. That is, look at the strengths and weaknesses in their work. Most importantly, try to identify gaps in the research. Keep in mind, the importance of identifying these ‘gaps’ since these gaps help justify the need for you to carry out your proposed study. The theoretical approach to be taken in the proposed study should be introduced and justified in the literature review. Remember that the theoretical framework is the lens through which you will explore your social issue. It helps provide the core concepts that you can use to understand the problem. So, think carefully about which theoretical framework can help you explain your topic best. For example, if I am interested in studying “women in the workplace”, gender theories naturally come to mind because they have had a lot to say about women and the structural inequalities they face in society. 

As a minimum, you should review at least 10 key/seminal works on the topic for this assessment. Remember that these do not need to be done individually, but can be done in groups. We will discuss this further in collaborates.

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