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Assessment 2 (35%): Due in Week7

submission of a written report and oral presentation on an allocated topic. Minimum 1000 to max 1200 words

Part 1: oral presentation due from weeks 6-9 in lecture

Part 2: written essay

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            The social inclusion generally means that the people have the different kind of the resources and the opportunities in order to define the capabilities of the human and the capabilities in order to learn, grow and engage with having an informed decision.  It will help to participate in the local, cultural, the career, and the responsibilities of the individual that will help to foster on the development of the individual.

Social Inclusion 

            The Australian government helps to deliver the capability of the individual families and the communities for continuing the interactions generally between the three levels (Constantinescu-Sharpe et al. 2017).  Therefore, the capability mainly refers to the opportunities in order to achieve the outcomes. Therefore, the aim of the resources has the capabilities in order to gain the opportunities, which will allow the people in order to make the choices for participating in the benefits of the societies. Hence, if there is any gap in the resources, such kind of the opportunities and the capabilities will able to lead the people to participates in accordance with the further resources. 

The monitoring and reform framework for the social inclusion

            The advice from the board, the commonwealth agencies of the Australian government has well developed for monitoring national and usually reporting the framework for the social inclusion.  The development of the framework generally includesfor measuring the elements of the social inclusions which basically includes the other jurisdictions and the consultations for the initials terms leading to academic achieving  and define the process offers which is being implemented by the Australian government. It is to be added on the fact that. The framework usually carries out the effective procedure   to include for participation, which is mainly entrenched where the supplementary indicators will help to expand in order to include the change for the strategic indicators in future (Andrade & Doolin, 2016).  This is able to add for providing the baseline for generating the framework for performing the particular action in order to identify the key areas for achieving the improvements for generating the high-level outcomes. It s to be worth mentioned on the fact that the headlines indicators are generally the high level  indicatorsthat helps to generalize the analysis  that will help to achieve the objectives of the social inclusion. Therefore, in general, as small numbers of the headline indicators that aims to monitors the social inclusion in order to identify and generate the issues for the vulnerable sub groups in terms of the population there are different type of the risk factors that is mainly associated in terms of the social inclusion.  The headline and the supplementary indicator of the social inclusion will help to know that Australia aiming to achieve on an average level.   It is very for disaggregate the indicators by the demographic for distributing cross the population and mainly for the vulnerable population groups. Populations subgroups generally aims to be  used for the analysis  for reportingthe different factors such as theage groups, sex , Aboriginal and Torres Strait islanders  Australians , family Composition and mainly the people with the disability.

            According to the Abs survey of the education and the work , the general proportion of the people whose age is between  20 to 24  has competed the year  in order to attained the certificate 11 level and it has tremendously attained  be raising from79 percent in 2001 to 84 percent in 2008 (Marsh,2015).  It is to be worth mentioned on the fact that, According to the repot of 2008, the higher proportion of the females  who had completed the 12 year or generally the certificate II or above  is 87 percent  compare to the males who percentages is around 81 percent.  Hence, the greater proportion for increasing in the education of the females in compare to the males which has brought the significant change in Australia. 

            Hence, at that pint of time , the people who generally belong to the 20 to 24 years of age  where mainly unemployed  and they have likely completed the year 12 or the certificate II were mainly  employed  whose percentage has ranged from 72 t 87 percent 

The proportion of the people of Australia involved in community 

            According to the report of 2006, the ABS general society survey has been found of the Australian population that has included in the age group and the community group of the provide 12 months (Lloyd, Lipu & Anne Kennan, 2016). It is to be added on the fact that the 33 percent of the individual is mainly associated with community group and the 19 percent of the civic and the political group. It is to be worth motioning on the fact that 72 percent of the population is generally included in the social and the group of the community support. The participation is mainly associate with one of the each group where it is been identified that one of the community group is being in are relatively in a high position which generally belong to the 75 years of age group and it declines tremendously according to the time.  It is to be added on the fact that the people who have aged  between 35 to 44 years  who is more likely associated with the community support group  where the percent ranges is around 42 percent and the rate of the participation in the activities’ is usually gets decline  after someperiod.  The people who is age between the 45 to 54 year  mainly participates in the civil and the political group  and their participation is generally higher until the age group of 75.Afterwards the participation usually get declines as it approaches to the older age groups around the 75 years of age (Piller,2014).

 The Australian human right Commission 

            According to them, the social inclusion is the participation for bringing the equal opportunity and the empowerment  that mainly aims to underpin the values  who is working  under the Australian human rights Commission and it also involves the law for anti discrimination in respect of disabilities age and the social justice . The Australian human right act is associated with the independent statutory authority in 1986 through the legislation, which is called as the Australian Rights Commission Act 1986 (Alam & Imran, 2015).


            From, the above study, it can be concluded thatpeople who belongs to the all kinds of the religions ,  background in terms of  ethnic  and the gendergenerates the sense for the inclusionand the belonging here the people feel that they are the part of the country. Hence, the strong civil society is act as fundamentals to be a part of the inclusive society that includes combating the racism that mainly promotes the social harmony.