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What is Solr?

  1. Solr is an open source enterprise search server based on the Lucene Java Search Library
  2. Solr runs in a java servlet container such as TOmcat Or Jetty
  3. Solr is free software and a project of the Apache software foundation
  4. Solr is an open source enterprise search written in java, from the apache lucene project.
  5. Solr uses lucene library as it's core full text indexing and search and has REST, HTTP / XML and JSON APIs.

Solr concepts:

  1. Solr is a document storage and retrieval engine.
  2. Each document contain one or more fields,modeled as a particular field type: string, tokenized text, boolean, date/time, lat/long etc.
  3. Each field is defined in solr's schema as a particular field type, which allows dolr to know how to handle the content as it's received

<field   name= "id"> company </field>
<field name = "city"> atlanta </field>
<field name = "state"> georgia </field>
<field name = "company_name"> abc </field>
<field name = "description"> best assignment help </field>
<field name = "last_modified"> 2018-06-01T15:26:37Z </field>


Solr focuses around three mail XML files:

  1. solr.xml:defines properties related to administration, logging, sharding and solrCloud.
  2.  solrconfig.xml: defines the main settings for a specific solr core.
  3.  schema.xml:define the structure of your index, including field and field type 

List of allowed parameter from

Name the core; required.
Specifies the name of the  configuration file; defaults to solrconfig.xml 
Specifies the path to a directory containing the index files and update log(tlog): default to data under the instance directory.
Specifies the path to a directory containing the update log(tlog).
Sets the name of the schema document; default to schema.xml 
Sets the shard ID for this core.
Name of the solrcloud collection this core belongs to
If true, this core is loaded during the solr initialization process and a new searcher is opened for the core
Indicates that this core can be unloaded automatically