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What is spark?

1) Spark is a fast and general cluster computing system.

2) Spark supports a rich set of higher level tools including:

     - Spark SQL: For SQL query language and structure data processing system

     - MLlib: for machine learning

     - GraphX: for machine learning

     - Spark Streaming: for streaming processing

Finding the Spark key benefits of Spark online service to Spark Assignment Help:

SPEED:  Its enables applications in hadoop clusters to run upto:

  1. 100x faster in memory. RUN programs up to 100x faster than Hadoop MapReduce in memory, or 10x faster on disk.
  2. Ease of use: allows quickly write applications quickly in Java, Scala or python, R and SQL. 
  3. There are many query follow i.e consistent inserts, select, updates, merge and deletes of rows
  4. Sophisticated analytics: support SQL queries, streaming data and complex analytics

Scala Variable and function:

Declaring variables:
Var x: Int = 7
var x = 7 //type inferred
val y = 'hi' //read only

def square(x: int): int = x*x
def square(x: int): int = {
def announce(text: string)=
Java equivalent
int x = 7;
final string y = 'hello';

Java equivalent:
int square(int x){
return x*x;
void announce(string text){

Functional methods on collections:

Method on Seq[T]
map(f: T => U): Seq[U]
Each element is result of f
flatMap(f: T => Seq[U]): Seq[U]
One to many map
filter(f: T => Boolean): Seq[T]
Keep elements passing f
exists(f: T => Boolean): Boolean
True if one element passes f
forall(f: T => Boolean): Boolean
True is all elements pass
reduce(f:(T, T) => T); T
Merge elements using f
groupBy(f:T => K): Map[K, List[T]]
Group elements by f
sortBy(f: T => K): Seq[T]
sort elements


Wordcount: count how often each word appear in a collection of text documents.

Void map(string doc_id, string text):
for each word w insegment(text):
emit (w, '1');
void reduce (string word, Iterator group):
int count = 0;
for each pc in group;
count+= int(pc);
emit (word, string(count));