Special Interest Tourism: Kayak Katherine Gorge In Nitmiluk National Park Assessment 2 Answer

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Marking criteria: • Responds directly to question posed and links to literature and unit content • Shows evidence of relevant academic research (correct referencing; at least five (5) academic sources) • Adheres to academic writing practice (grammar, spelling, clarity of expression, in-text referencing and reference list).

Assessment 2: Presentation This assessment is for these students only: Gold Coast; Lismore; Melbourne - Hotel School; Online; Sydney - Hotel School.

Group/ Learning Grading Min Length/ Professional Assessment individual outcomes indicator Score Weight duration Due accreditation

Presentation Individual 3, 4

Graded N/A 30%

Task: Assessment 2 benefits presentation skills through development of a scholarly and creative presentation. Choose an SIT niche of interest. Present this special interest tourism niche to your audience through delivery of an interactive, challenging and educational presentation (based on a 10-minute timeslot) . 

The presentation must address the following points, in whatever form the presentation may take:

• introduction to the SIT niche • trends and social changes which saw development of the niche • links with SIT definitions/theories (what kind of SIT is it, and why?) • types of tourist markets the niche attracts (demographics, profile, size) • impacts or contentious issues resulting from this niche.

A reference list including eight (8) academic references must be included, and submitted with your presentation. The references must be evident as research within the presentation.

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The aim of the presentation is demonstrating the special interest tourism or SIT niche to the audience. Therefore, the adventure tourism spot of Northern Australia called Kayak Katherine Gorge in Nitmiluk National Park is selected. 

Introduction to Kayak Katherine Gorge

  • The Katherine River in the Nitmiluk National Park offers ultimate kayaking experience to the tourists

The Katherine River flows through a sequence of red rock, steep-walled valleys in the Nitmiluk National Park.  It gives the decisive scrubland kayaking adventure. Cliffs upswing up to 100 meters in both sideways of the river as the individual willow through pandanus-fringed pools, ancient softcover forests and over mild torrents (Butler & Hinch, 2007). 

Introduction to Kayak Katherine Gorge

  • Adventure-lovers would love to kayaking the river for enjoying the scenic beauty of gorges besides enjoying kayaking 

Kayaking the river enables the person going afar the first few valleys that can be packed with tourists and sighting the even more beautiful ravines yawning in the park. In some of the lakes, freshwater crocodiles prowl (Ryan & Huyton, 2000). 

freshwater crocodiles prowl

Social changes and trends

  • Number of tourists was 250700 in 2013 increased to 270400 in 2017
  • The adventure-lover visitor number is rising 

The average number of visitors to the Nitmiluk National Park was 250700 as of 2013. Most of the short stay tourists visit Katherine Gorge for experiencing kayaking and roving to Leliyn for swimming in the Edith Fall Plunge Pool. The more extended stay tourists camp at the Campground of Leliyn. The visitors' trend denotes that visit in the Nitmiluk National Park is increasing with the rising number of adventure-lovers. In 2017, the number of tourists was 270400 (Gov, 2019a).

Social changes and trends

  • The number of tourists declined in 2009-2013 
  • Through offering a combined tourist experience, visitors' name can be increased  

However, due to a challenging economic environment of the world has changed the conditions of the tourist market and the number of visitors to the Katherine Gorge has declined from 2009 to 2013. Travellers from China is expected to rise in this decade, and the upcoming generation is likely to travel more widely. It requires technological implementation and providing travellers with an iconic undiscovered experience with adventure, recreation and the chance to recoup to nature (Gov, 2019b).

Social changes and trends

Linking it to SIT definitions/theories

  • SIT, and adventure tourism is linked directly 
  • Kayaking in NPP is a kind of adventure tourism 

SIT refers to a niche market akin to adventure tourism. It can be defined as having a particular theme that is one of the centres for visiting for the tourists and especially for those, who focus on building their interest in taking part individually or in groups (Akinci & Kasalak, 2016). Similarly, Kayaking in the Katherine Gorge is an SIT tourism specially crafted for the adventure lover tourists.  

Linking it to SIT definitions/theories

  • SIT emphasises on thorium needing physical effort 
  • Kayak Katherine Gorge is a perfect example

In the words of Rittichainuwat (2018), SIT focuses on specialised or hard activities that require a physical endeavour like eco-tourism, adventure tourism, sports tourism, and so forth. Kayak Katherine Gorge in the NPP is such specialised adventure tourism (RussellSmith et al. 2017). 

Types of tourists attracted by the Kayak Katherine Gorge

  • Adventure tourism attracts young people mainly, and in Katherine people of 25-34 years age group come here for kayaking and other adventurous acts 
  • National and global both type of visitors enter here  

Adventure tourism is very famous among young people. It gains most of its eagerness by enabling tourists leaving their comfort zone. Such tourism offers young age visitor with high levels of physical excitement, usually obtained by sensory stimulating experience elements with the tourist understanding (Ryan & Huyton, 2000b). Katherine attracts a wide range of tourists, including national and international visitors. Nationally, visitors from all the territories and states come here for enjoying adventurous kayaking. Global visitors comprise young backpackers and older people. The tourists belong to the age group of 25-34 years are mainly come here for adventure (Ryan & Huyton, 2000a). 

Contentious issues associated to the niche 

  • Saltwater crocodiles can be harmful to the tourists 
  • Overcrowding affects the environment

Crocodiles around the Katherine River can see the tourists; however, not the tourists always can see them. A saltwater crocodile of 3.7 meters was caught In Katherine Gorge can cause problems. This was the sixth time in this area, a crocodile caught since 2009 (Abc, 2019). It can harm the tourists and their guides too. Apart from the safety, overcrowding of tourists hurt nature. Thus, conflicts between commercialism and natural experience occur. Limited access to funding for regular care of new infrastructure is another problem (Asbridge & Lucas, 2016). 


Kayak Katherine Gorge is an attractive place for tourist love adventures. The number of tourists in this spot is increasing rapidly. For meeting the growing demand for a high adventure, an ideal tourist experience needs to be provided to them.