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SQL Queries for Library Database Design

Create The Book Library Database Design using sql queries with output .


SQL Queries with output 

  1. Table For Student

create table Student_tbl(StudentId  int primary key,

StudentFirstName  varchar(50) ,

StudentLastName  varchar(50) 


2.Table For  AUCTION

create table AUCTION (LoneId int primary key,

Date_Of_Returned DATE,

Borrow varchar(50),

StudentId int,

CONSTRAINT fk_StudentId FOREIGN KEY (StudentId) 

REFERENCES Student_tbl(StudentId)


3. Table For  Author

create table Author(AuthorId  int primary key,

FirstName varchar(50) ,

LastName varchar(50) 


4.Table For Book

create table Book(ISBN_No   int primary key,

Title  varchar(50) ,

Date_Of_Publication DATE


5.Table For Category

create table Category(CategoryId int primary key,

CategoryName  varchar(50) 


6.Table For Publisher

create table Publisher(PublisherId int primary key,

Address  varchar(50) ,

Telno  varchar(20)


7.Table For AmazonBook

create table AmazonBook(BookId  int primary key,

Title  varchar(50) ,

Date_Of_Publication DATE


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