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What is Sqoop?

  1. Sqoop is data ingestion tool.
  2. Sqoop is a tool designed for transfer data between HDFS and RDBMS such as MySQL, oracle etc
  3. Export data back to RDBMS
  4. Simple as user specifies the "what" and leave the "how" to underlying processing engine.
  5. Rapid development
  6. No java is required
  7. Developed by cloudera.


  1. Data already available in RDBMS worldwide
  2. Nighty processing is done on RDBMS for years
  3. Need is to move certain data from RDBMS to Hadoop for processing.
  4. Transferring daat using scripts is inefficient and time consuming.
  5. Traditional DB has already reporting, data visualization applications configured.

Install SQOOP

To install SQOOP
Download sqoop- *.tar.gz
tar -xvf sqoop-*.*.tar.gz
export HADOOP_HOME=/some/path/hadoop-dir
Please add the vendor specific JDBC jar to $SQOOP_HOME/lib
Change to sqoop Bin folder
./sqoop help

How SQOOP import works

Step-1: sqoop introspects database to gether the necessary meta data for the data being imported.

Step-2: a map only hadoop job submitted to cluster by sqoop and performs the data transfer using metadata captured in step-1

  1) The imported data is saved in HDFS directory based on the table being imported.

  2) By default these files contains comma delimitted fields, with new line separating records.

  3) User can override the format of data by specifying the field separator and record terminator character.

How SQOOP export work

Step-1: sqoop introspects database to gather the necessary metadata for the data being imported.

Step-2: transfer the data

    1) Sqoop divides the input dataset into splits

    2) Sqoop uses the individual map task to push the splits to the database.

    3) Each map task performs this transfer over many transaction in order to ensure optimal throughput and minimal resource utilization.

The target table must already exist in the database. Sqoop performms a set of INSERT INTO operations, without regard for existing content. If sqoop attempts to insert rows which violate constraints in the database, then the expot unsuccess.

SQOOP Import Example - Movie

 SQOOP Import Example