STAT6000 Short Survey On Public Health Assessment 1 Answer

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STAT6000: Statistics for Public Health
Assessment 1: Assignment – Short survey: Draft a short survey
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Learning Outcomes
This assessment addresses the following learning outcomes:
2. Investigate survey design in order to collect valid and reliable data and sampling techniques to minimise bias.


You have been asked to design a short telephone survey to find out the demographic characteristics of people in the catchment of a local community health service, and distinguish between those who actually use the service and those who do not.

This assessment has two parts.

Part 1

How can you identify and contact these two groups? In your answer, discuss potential sources of population data that you can use to select participants, and the advantages and disadvantages of using these lists to identify people in the population. You also need to describe your sampling method, the process you will follow to recruit participants, and the limitations of recruiting participants with this approach. This section should include references presented in APA style.

Part 2

Formulate up to 10 questions that will elicit the demographic and usage information you need. You need to include a range of different question types to demonstrate your understanding.

  • Include both closed and open ended questions.
  • Include at least one question using a Likert scale.


  • Consider the type of data you need from each question, and word it accordingly
  • Balance how you would like to summarise and describe the data with how easy it is for the respondent to answer the question.
  • Consult Copy of questionnaire for survey4ED.sav in the Assessment area and in Module 2 Learning Resources for an example of a questionnaire used for a survey.
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STAT6000: Statistics for Public Health

Assessment 1: Assignment – Short survey: Draft a short survey

Part 1Potential sources of data to select participants

Community health service providers in Australia have always been involved in conducting surveys among patients or medical aid users. In order to do this, they have acquired their data from various database sources. These surveys either implement in-person, telephonic or online methods to conduct the research. In order to conduct this current survey, telephonic survey method has been selected, and the target demographic of this survey will be old aged people. Department of Health will be approached to provide the data for old and ailing people, and this will be used as the primary source of such data (Willis, Reynolds & Keleher, 2016). 

Compare and contrast the advantages and disadvantages 

As these databases provide in-depth information such as addresses, telephone numbers and individual ages. This database from the Department of Health will be used to conduct this survey. As this is a telephonic survey, it will become much easier for the researcher to reach the target demographic and conduct the survey. On the other hand, these surveys also have some limitations as well. Because these databases are not always up to date, reaching this target demographic will become somewhat difficult as well. Furthermore, this survey aims to maintain the Privacy Act, 1988 (Da Veiga, 2017).

Sampling method

There are different types of sampling methods, and researchers use the method that best suits their surveys (Etikan, Musa & Alkassim, 2016). On the basis of this current survey, a random sampling method seems to be the best choice as it is being conducted directly through telephone. 

Process selected to recruit participants 

This proposed survey will be conducted through the telephonic sessions, and this survey aims to recruit participants through this session as well. Therefore, this will be a direct recruitment procedure. The planned procedure for this survey is that researchers will introduce the survey objective to the potential participants and based on their willingness to participate, they will be recruited. The main limitation of this survey or recruitment method will be approached; participants may feel they are being pressured to participate. Also, as the survey will be conducted over telephone data verification is not possible.

Part 2

Survey Questions

  1. Could you please tell me how old you are? (Open Ended) 
  2. In general, how would you say your health is now? (Likert Scale)
  1. Compared with 5 years ago, how would you rate your health?
  1. What is or are the health problems that are causing difficulty for you? (Open Ended) 
  2. Do you consult a physician or a doctor on a regular basis?
  1. In the past two years, were you ever hospitalised, even for one night? 
  1. Does your health limit you in vigorous physical activities?
  1. Are you well enough to involve yourself in household activities?
  1. Who helps you with your household duties and personal care? (Open Ended)
  2. How often do you feel sad and also feel that nothing could cheer you up? (Likert Scale)