STAT6000 Statistics For Public Health: Assessment 1 Assignment Short Survey

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Subject Code and Title: STAT6000 Statistics for Public Health

Assessment: Assessment 1 Assignment – Short survey: Draft a short survey

Individual/Group: Individual

Length: 500 words

Learning Outcomes: This assessment addresses the following learning outcomes: 2. Investigate survey design in order to collect valid and reliable data and sampling techniques to minimize bias.

Weighting: 20%

Total Marks: 100 marks

Instructions: You have been asked to design a short telephone survey to find out the demographic characteristics of people in the catchment of a local community health service, and distinguish between those who actually use the service and those who do not.

This assessment has two parts.

Part 1 

How can you identify and contact these two groups? In your answer, discuss potential sources of population data that you can use to select participants, and the advantages and disadvantages of using these lists to identify people in the population. You also need to describe your sampling method, the process you will follow to recruit participants, and the limitations of recruiting participants with this approach. This section should include references presented in APA style.

Part 2 

Formulate up to 10 questions that will elicit the demographic and usage information you need. You need to include a range of different question types to demonstrate your understanding.  Include both closed and open ended questions.  Include at least one question using a Likert scale.


 Consider the type of data you need from each question, and word it accordingly  Balance how you would like to summarise and describe the data with how easy it is for the respondent to answer the question.  Consult Copy of questionnaire for survey4ED.sav in the Assessment area and in Module 2 Learning Resources for an example of a questionnaire used for a survey.

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