STAT6001 Public Health Informatics: Sale Of Medicine And Product Online Assessment 2 Answer

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Subject Code and Title
STAT6001: Public Health Informatics
Assessment 2: Evaluating eHealth/mHealth/Future of PHI
15 minutes presentation and 500 words summary
Learning Outcomes
  1. Analyse legal, ethical and social equity principles surrounding the use of ICT forhealth
  2. Evaluate the ways that systems, infrastructure and resources can constrain the effective applications of ICT
  3. Assess the role of Health care information and communication technology (ICT) firms

Total Marks
100 marks


There are many ethical and legal challenges in eHealth and mHealth. Over the past few modules, you have been exposed to some of these challenges. In this module, you will prepare an assignment based on this learning.

To prepare for this Assessment:

  • Step 1: Choose one of the key ethical/legal challenges for eHealth and mHealth listed following the AssignmentCriteria.
  • Step 2: Create and submit a 15 -minute presentation responding to one of the key ethical challenges for eHealth andmHealth.
    • F2F students present in groups – in classes; 
    • OL students will be allocated into OL groups and will submit a recorded presentation on BB – in your group folders only. 
  • Step 3: Write a 500-word summary (one page)of your presentation, listing at least 5 references clearly, as a group and submit this after your presentation, in the relevant submission area.


Ethical, legal issues, risk, big data, sustainability and other key challenges for eHealth and mHealth 

  • Sale of medicines and products online: Consider this challenge with the recognition of the need to monitor and provide standards for online health products (see Liang et al., 2011). This issue is associated with counterfeit medicines, which are often available online. The WHO has developed guidelines for the combat of counterfeit medicines, which can be seen at this website:

Assignment Criteria :

  • Demonstrates an understanding of the chosen challenges of the eHealth/mHealth topic chosen and demonstrates understanding of the evidence (references) used in the presentation and report.(20%)
  • Critiques and responds to the challenges presented with recommendations and offers appropriate critique of fellow students’ presentations.(20%)
  • Analysis and application with synthesis of new knowledge.(20%)
  • Ethico-moral reasoning (recognises ethical and moral issues within a discipline and is able to reason based on these principles).(10%)
  • Effective Communication and teamwork(15%)
  • Uses academic conventions, including appropriate resources and referencing.(15%)
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Answer :

Public Health Informatics

Sale of Medicine and Product online


The selling of medicine online is one of the most challenging tasks for the firm because of the ethical value regarding medicine. It is considered that buying drugs online is considered to be unethical, and even it is drug abuse for the market. Authenticity is considered to be another challenge for the sale of medicines online. This is due to the fact that customers afraid regarding the fake brand that they might receive from the online stores. Physical inspection of the quality of products is another challenge for the online sale of medicines. In this situation, the customers are unable to check the products with their physical touch for inspection of the quality. Knowledge and the advice of the pharmacist is another challenge that has been faced while selling the medicine products online. The patients are unable to get the knowledge of the pharmacist regarding the purchase of medicine where the pharmacist plays the role of mini physicians. Urgency is another challenge that has been faced by online medical sale. The online merchants are unable to provide the medicine on an urgent basis to the patients where the medicine is urgently required. Confidentiality is another challenge that has been faced by the online sale of medicine. Competitive discount, as well as the loyalty scheme, is another challenge for online sale within the market. The situation is quite complicated where the challenges have an important impact on the business for selling the medicine online.

The challenges faced by the eHealth and the mHealth are quite effective for the online sale of the medicine. The challenges of authenticity then the supply chain issue within the process create a negative impact on the customers. The challenges for selling the medical products online are creating huge impact over the business. The physical inspection is one of the most effective values for the firm to sell their products and customers also gain trust by the help of the physical inspection. The customers in most of the situation directly rely on the knowledge and the advice of the pharmacist for gaining their medicines. It is the fact that the pharmacist is considered to be the mini physician which the customers cannot get from the online shopping. The urgency in term of the medical factor is quite effective as the patients might need the medicine immediately and for that physical store is the best option for the patients. The medicine is being provided to the patient on the basis of confidentiality treatment, but in the case of online selling of medicine, there is no confidentiality with the products and the treatment which might create an issue for the customers. The challenges are huge where it can be seen that the customers are unable to trust the online dealer for their medicines. It is one of the primary reasons that the customers primarily rely on physical stores as compared to online. The ethical challenge in the situation of selling medicine online is quite effective for the firm.