STAT6200 Data Visualisation, Distribution And Analysis: Biostatistics Assessment 3 Answer

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Subject Code and Title
STAT6200 Biostatistics
Data Visualisation, Distribution & Analysis
250-word (+/- 10%) abstract and 8-10 minute recorded audio presentation of statistical tests as performed on SPSS
Learning Outcomes
This assessment addresses the following learning outcomes:
a) Critically apply the theories on key concepts in descriptive and inferential statistics
  1. Assess the data and determine the appropriate parametric and non-parametric statistical tests, and how to control for confounding variables
  2. Evaluate types of inferential statistics and interpret the results of these analyses using theoretical examples or as presented in published literature
  3. Apply key concepts of statistics, including: sampling, hypothesis testing, distribution of data, validity and reliability, statistical significance and effect size
Total Marks
100 marks


As part of your Public Health role, you have been asked to perform statistical analysis of a data set from a research project and provide the results of your analysis in abstract form.

This assessment has two parts.

Part 1

Demonstrate your ability to use the Statistical Package for the Social Sciences (SPSS) software to perform statistical analysis of a data set.

From the datasets provided, select ONE of three data sets to download and import the Excel data set into SPSS.

You can view the description of the datasets and download the relevant dataset Excel spreadsheet from the Assessment 3 folder of this subject.

While recording the process using screen capture, execute the following statistical processes in SPSS using the following sequence:

  1. Generate a boxplot for group A and group B to check for data outliers and remove any outliers from your subsequent analysis, if present.
  2. Create a frequency histogram for group A and group B to check the distribution of the data and decide which parametric or non-parametric test is appropriate to compare the two groups.
  3. Use the appropriate normality test to determine the distribution of groups A and B, and use the correct inferential statistical test to compare the two groups. Decide if there is a significant difference in the measure of central tendency for the two groups.

Part 2

Write a 250-word abstract to report the findings of Part 1. This should include:

  1. Aim: one or two sentences describing the purpose of the research study; a short background to the study is included with each data set.
  2. Methods: describe which statistical methods were applied in SPSS
  3. Results: report the key summary statistics and P value using conventions required for formal reporting of statistical results
  4. Conclusion: briefly describe the significance of your results
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