Straight Six Burgers Marketing Plan

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Question :

Choose a small to medium sized (SME) enterprise or organisation (it can be a for-profit enterprise or a not-for-profit organisation) with which you can regularly interact – an enterprise or organisation in which you currently work is acceptable providing it is not excluded. The following companies are excluded: McDonalds, Coca Cola or Pepsi Co. or other multinational companies whose plans are accessible online or through published reports.

To help you find an organisation, you can use social media channels as well as identify suitable organisations and approach them directly - many small businesses would like a free marketing plan! 

The unit assessment is contingent upon receipt of a signed Letter of Authorisation (on corporate letterhead) from a senior manager of the selected enterprise or organisation (an email from organisation's email address are also acceptable, but official letter is preferable option if possible). The letter needs to confirm that management is aware of your involvement in obtaining primary source data to develop a marketing plan, and that no part of the work is to be presented for any other purpose other than fulfilling the learning requirements of this unit. Please see below provided template text that needs to be included in the letter. 

This is a Work Integrated Learning unit and as such requires that you work closely with an existing enterprise throughout the term. The unit coordinator reserves the right to make direct contact with your enterprise to confirm authorisation to proceed and that disclosure is restricted. You must gain approval for your company selection from your lecturer (internal students) or from the unit coordinator (Distance Education students).

Assessment item 1 — Project Brief

Task Assessment 1 – Project Brief

Select a business for which you can readily access marketing information and submit a project brief. The project brief aims to ensure that you have an appropriate company selection and have gained permission both from your lecturer and from the enterprise to continue work.

The project brief comprises:

1. A title slide – your name, the company name. Do not include any company logos (unless you have referenced these appropriately!!!). Give your project a title!

2. An introduction slide – provide a brief overview of your enterprise or organisation, the aims of the project brief presentation and the structure of the presentation.

3. A Company Background slide – this can include a brief historical background of the enterprise, mission statement, corporate objectives (where these are available), brand identity, and an overview of the types of products/services the enterprise carries.

4. The Pitch slide – here you will discuss your proposed marketing plan for the enterprise. Indicate whether you are developing a marketing plan for the enterprise as a whole business (eg. a marketing plan for the Rockhampton Zoo) or only a part of the enterprise such as a particular service or product (eg. a marketing plan for the coffee shop within the Rockhampton zoo), or a plan to address an acknowledged business issue (eg a plan to implement and market a new exhibit and enclosure extensions at the Rockhampton Zoo to increase tourist traffic and rebuild the zoo’s image after the Cyclone disaster of February 2015). Include an outline of the key sections of the marketing plan focusing on what your client should expect to receive in terms of the principle data gathering requirements and the outcomes they can expect.

5. A conclusion slide – this is your sales hook for the enterprise. Provide 3 key benefits that the enterprise will expect to gain from having a tailored marketing plan specific to their enterprise needs.

6. Include (attach) the signed (original) letter from senior management as required.

7. A Reference List slide – references must be included in your slides but you don’t need to say these in your presentation or voice-over. A reference list must be included as your last slide referenced according to APA referencing requirements (See the APA Guide provided in Moodle).

Grading information:

Your grade for this assessment is comprised of your demonstration of both your oral and written communication skills through your powerpoint slides and in your oral presentation of the information. Be professional and creative.

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