Strategic Development And Sustainable Growth Of Nandos

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Question :


This assessment consists of two aspects: 

1. One reflection posted on Moodie (50 marks). 

2. A workplace evaluation report from the Workplace Supervisor (SO marks). 


Reflect on the link between your placement/ work experience and your academic learning.
The Reflection should follow the guidelines in the marking schedule. It should: 

• be between 800 - 1000 words in length 

• be written in paragraphs with an introduction and conclusion 

• include both theory (research) and application and relate to your work experience this semester • include relevant referencing 

• show that you can critically analyse, evaluate and reflect on the relationship between academic models or theories and the application of these in the workplace

This reflection has two parts: 

Describe a specific area of theory or a model that has been covered in any course you have studied at Wintec. 

Critically analyse the relationship between the theory (secondary research) and your workplace experiences. Use specific examples to support your discussion. Evaluate the relevance of the theory in light of your experience.

Choose three specific different soft skills (check the skills lists on the Information and Resources tab on Moodie) and explain why these are relevant in the workplace. Reflect critically on the development of these three skills through your placement or job-search process. 

• Include at least one example for each skill.

Note: communication is not a specific skill; it consists of many skills, e.g. oral, written, intercultural, interpersonal skills

1. Describe a specific area of theory or a model that has been covered in any previous course you have enrolled in at wintec. Critically evaluate the relationship between the theory (secondary research) and your workplace (placement) (or as part of the job search process). • Use specific examples to support your discussion. • Evaluate the relevance of the theory.

2. Describe three soft or transferable skills (using the skills lists on the Information and Resources tab on Moodie) and show how these are relevant in the workplace. Reflect on your development of these skills through your placement or job-search process. • Include at least one example for each skill.

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Answer :


For understanding strategic development of a company and its sustainable business opportunities in global business context is an important facet to understand as it provides a thorough knowledge about what the business has been underlying in terms of its strategic decision and their various undertaking operational movements to grow in business dimensions. It is very important to understand the various application of business models for justifying the operational and strategic business decision of a firm so that one can develop certain attribute in his way of perceiving about different business practices and notions according to the demand and necessities of the customers in contemporary global context. Through this reflection, I am going to project the some specific area of a business model which has been applied in strategic development and sustainable growth report of organization Nando’s so that I can apply them to my own workplace experience in future dimensions with development of various skills and competencies while searching for a relevant job. 

Main body

While pursuing my course, I have come across different business models and theoretical models which has able me to understand that the fact that in today’s business dimension, the implication of various strategic models and theories are a good source of learning various industrial aptitudes where I intend to work in future professional life. The scaffolding effect of the business models like Porter’s five force models, SWOT analysis and many others from different modules of my academic course has made me reconcile with the fact that these models are important for understanding business peripheries in the industrial context on which an organization is operating. It can be adhered that for understanding organizational capacity in competitive dimension, Porter model is a very good example as it denotes the competitive behaviour for comprising a successful business. Moreover the model also allows for a vehement examination of various strategies adopted by the companies for maintaining their long-term advantage over their competitors. All these I have applied in the case study of Nando’s restaurant project for developing the company’s strategic growth and sustainable development study. I can find that the model implies for critical business thoughts inter-connected with concepts which are fruitful for business organizations in some chief operating procedures and outwit its business competitors. I think that through this particular model I have improvised my capability of understanding budding entrepreneurs and their insights about different mechanisms which can create a distinctive landmark in business operations in future professional life. In terms of my workplace experience in future professional life, the implication of this theory is an important one to consider as it will help me create a fruitful strategic decision for a company where I will be involved with. The Porter Five force model being a successful anatomy of business current situation can also help a student to get update about the particular industry he is proceeding to work in future. For example, if I get a chance to work as a marketing professional in a business firm, then going through a business model like Porter will definitely help me to rectify the business situations and approve marketing strategies according to the suppliers, buyers demand in the market for the respective industry. Moreover the applicability of new entrants and threat of substitutes will also imbibe a sense of understanding about sustainable competitors in the market of the respective company through which I can modulate my marketing structure of a product or service rendered by the company where I have been involved with. 

I think that through my business studying at the university I have identified that development of soft skills for an individual is an essential component for placing himself in a suitable and successful position within an organization. It can be identified that skills like interpersonal communication skill is an important soft skill which helps in business organizations and in workplace of an individual to exchange and share information and ideologies with his co-employees and senior members of the institutions so that he can maintain an effective team work representation in his every tasks he has been allotted. For me, this skill is an important one to consider while working as a business professional in any organization as it will enhance my team work activity. For example, I can develop interpersonal skills through effectively communicating in every academic necessity with my peers and my college professors for sharing knowledge and information I have acquired. Another important soft skill which should be very much active as a business entrepreneur or professional is the punctuality skill. By adhering himself to timely activities and timely management of tasks, an individual can gain a priority in his business dealings among the other competitors. I think that punctuality distinguishes an individual in his professional context and if someone makes it a habit, then he acquires highest landmark in his professional career. Like, I can develop my punctuality through presenting more prompt behaviour in my allocated tasks in academic field so that it can grow as a habit in my future professional life. The collaboration skill is another important aspect which brings upon effective decision making through team work in a business dimension. I assume that collaborative approach is an essential skill for inducing co-workers in meeting up objectives successfully, strengthen strengths of the team and forming an innovative and creative atmosphere within the company. For example, I can enhance my collaborative skills through actively participating in team events within the college where I can intensely follow and listen to my team members and make a cohesive decision over a particular matter or set objective. 


Therefore from the following study, I can found that while pursuing my academic course at Wintec College, I have been able to personify my development towards a business professional through undertaking valuable lessons regarding different business models. This I can thoroughly apply in my future business career and apply them in different workplace context for making appropriate business decision. The development of my soft skills is an important one to consider like interpersonal communication, punctuality and collaboration which definitely acts as a fruitful scenario in workplace context of business podium.