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Strategic Management of Apple Incorporation

Present a report on critical analysis of strategic management process followed at Apple Inc.


BU 524 – Strategic Management

Executive summary 

With the ramified economic changes and complex business structure, each and every organization needs to use proper strategic management to accomplish set objectives and goals. In this report, Apple Incorporation has been chosen for this report. This report has shown that Apple Company has strengthen its business on international level by developing core competency in product differentiation strategy in market. The SWOT analysis of the Apple Company has shown that company has strong brand image in market and covered more than 24 % market share in various segment of the technologies, in addition to this, growth matrix has also shown that Company has high growth rate and easily compete with its rivals by using its effective inbound and outbound activities (Obaga, et al. 2013). The CEO of Apple, Tim Cook has focused on strengthen its business process by using the life cycle stage strategy. Company has focused on design and commercialize electronic products as per the client’s need and demand (Shanthakumari, & Priyadarsini, 2013).  The customized strategy of Apple has allowed it to increase its overall revenue. In order to strengthen the visibility of its newly introduced design and commercialize electronic products, company has focused on using the social media and online marketing. It not only helps in spreading the product awareness in market but also attract more clients in domestic and international market (Karakaya, Yilmaz, & Demiral, 2016)


There are several strategic planning which could be used by Apple Company to assess its internal and external market factors. However, the main strategic planning of Apple incorporation for its sustainable growth is life cycle strategic planning. It allows company to assess the client’s need and changing business factors which will strengthen the customized product offering in market. The important of Strategic Management in Business could be assessed by evaluating the internal and exteranl factors affecting the inboudn and outbound activites of the busienss.  In addition to this, BCG matrix has also helped company to evaluate its business growth, opportunities available in market. Company has designed its products as per the demand and changing need of the clients. Nonetheless, leadership skills adopted by the leaders in Apple and how company has used its change management strategy to re-engineer its inbound and outbound activities. This type of strategic planning has helped company to strengthen its business sustainability in long run. The change management strategy adopted by Apple in its business process has resulted to increased business outcomes. The BCG matrix and growth strategic matrix have shown that company has strategic capabilities and marketing strategic planning are the key drivers of the business success and customized business process. The crux of this report is that Apple Company could easily achieve core competency in market if it implement the customized marketing strategy and product specific strategy in market.

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