Strategic Reward Management

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Module Code: 306 HRM

Module Title: Strategic Reward Management

1. Module Introduction
Aims and Summary
The reward management unit provides the learner with a wide understanding of how the business context drives reward strategies and policies, including labour market,
industrial and sector trends, regional differences and trends in pay and international comparisons; the financial drivers of the organisation, the balance sheet and the impact of
reward costs. The learner is required to gather and evaluate intelligence on a wide range of reward data and show how this impacts upon business decisions.  The learner will
acquire knowledge of the perspectives, principles and policies of reward from a theoretical and strategic focus and how to implement them in practice. The learner will be
able to assess the contribution of reward to business viability and advice on the appropriateness of policies and practices to line managers to promote employee performance.

3. Assessment
Coursework (1,500 words) 25%; Closed book examination 75%

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