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Student Visa Guide

Effective Student Visa Guide

Usually, when a citizen of foreign national wishes to enter another nation the first thing they must do is to obtain a visa. A visa is basically an official document that provides conditional entry to another country. There are various types of visas that remain in play in the modern times. First is a non-immigrant visa that offers the holder permission to stay in the country on a temporary basis and then comes the immigrant visa that must be applied if a person is planning to set up a permanent residence in the foreign country. The other form of visa that is extremely popular among all is student visa that potential students must acquire to study abroad. 

A Student Visa Guide from us at ABC Assignment Help makes it easier for them to understand every minor detail of the subject.

Students to Get Confused On -

Students trying to obtain their degree from a foreign university cannot do so if they are to enter the country on a Visa Waiver Program or Visitor Visas. A student visa is required by all potential students to study in foreign nations. It is not easy to study in a foreign nation on conditional travel visa as the number of days that they can be allowed to stay in the country is very limited. Thus it is futile for them to do so if they choose to enter the country through a VWP or Visa Waiver Program with the only exception being a non-credit undertaking of recreational study as a part and parcel of the documented tourist visit. A Student Visa Guide from us at ABC Assignment Help is more than capable of pointing out the basic differences of visa.


A non-credit undertaking of recreational study is great for recreational studies used for short periods of time. A Visitor (B) visa is appropriate for a visitor (B) visa as it permits them to entertain an enrollment in a reputed institute for a shorter recreational study course but it is basically credit-less as toward the academic certificate earned of it is definitely not of as much value as a full-fledged college degree. Different countries have different criteria of deciding student visa eligibility and Student Visa Guide from us at ABC Assignment Help is the most knowledgeable in providing all the information of visa. 

The Complicated USA Visas 

USA is the preferred destination of study for a lot of international students. Not only is the USA the home of famous institutions that are the best in providing the best education but also is known for moulds the characters of students. For the trying to avail a student’s visa is required to apply for their visa as early as possible to make sure that their travel permit gets issued much prior to the actual date of their departure to the USA. The students intending to study in US universities would find it extremely helpful to follow the following guidelines – 

  • Prior to the application of the visa, each and every student must take the required permission from their respective institution in the US. 
  • Students are expected to fill up the Form I-20 that would include all the relevant information about them in a very detailed manner. 
  • The Form I-20 is a certificate of eligibility that is a required detail for the student of non-immigrant status that requires to be filled by the applying students of the F-1 or F-2 or M-1 or M-2 visas in a truthful and detailed manner. 
  • It is a must for every student with the need of J-1 or J-2 visa to fill up the Form DS-2019 without any delay. 
  • The official permission for college or university sanctions is one of the chief requisites of a student getting the approval documentation or visa in the USA.

The following are the various types of student visas:

The F Visa

It is the most basic form of visa that is usually issued to the majority of the international or non-immigrant students visiting the USA for the sole purpose of pursuing a higher degree in education. The F Visa is generally issued by the consulates and embassies of US. It is further divided into three distinct categories -

  • The F-1 Visa – Issued for the potential full-time college students
  • The F-2 Visa – For the dependents, i.e., the spouses or the children of F-1 visa holders
  • The F-3 Visa – It is issued to the border commuters who though reside in the own country but pursue their education in the US. It is mainly granted to the Mexican and Canadian citizens. 

M-1 Visa 

Any students attending the reputed vocational and technical schools of USA require the M-1 visa. Students holding M-1 visa could remain in the USA for only a fixed duration of time. Generally, the duration ranges up to a year that can only be extended on the medical grounds. The dependants of the visa holder like their spouse or parents can avail M-2 visa. The recipients of the M-1 visa are barred from working USA. They can never change their visa status barring special situations to F-1. 

J-1 Visa

It is a special form of visa that is issued by the US visa officials. It is usually offered to non-immigrant research scholars, visiting professors or foreign exchange visitors. It is ideally issued for people visiting USA in order to participate in medical courses, cultural exchange or business training programs. The dependents like their spouses or other dependants to accompanying the J-1 Visa applicant is eligible for receiving J-2 visa. The holders of J-1 visa extend their stay for an additional 30 days after their program concludes. This period is known as the grace period. People entitled to J-1 visa are trainees or interns of a certain company, the secondary school students, as well as the foreign scholars.

Some Basic Criteria of USA Visa -

  • The office of the immigration has compiled a list of the basic requirements to help the aspiring hearts get a US student visa. Any international student who wishes to study in this country must be:
  • Enrolling in the vocational, academic or learning program of the country 
  • Must procure the clearance of the US Citizenship and Immigration office
  • Must be proficient in American English 
  • Have sufficient means, resources or funds to meet the charge of the education program as well as the residential expense
  • Should adhere to each and every requirements or specification that demanded in their respective visa status 

The Complicated Australia Visas 

Australia is considered to be one of the top three countries that is the holy grail of higher education for most students. Each year almost thousands of students hop on board of a flight to Melbourne, Sydney, or Adelaide, the lead cities of Australia every year in a bid to complete their education and obtain professional training courses. International students aspiring to study in the prestigious Australian institutes require applying for a visa in the DIAC or Department of Immigration and Citizenship of Australia. 

The office of DIAC is totally under the control of the federal government of Australia and operates an OSP or Overseas Student Program for the non-Australian students to apply for the student visa and seek residence in the country. The Australian student visa is granted to the student who seeks a full-time education course in the country. 

The Australian study system is individually divided into four different tiers -

  • The Primary
  • The Secondary
  • The Vocational education
  • The Training and Higher education

Here are the primary requisites of Australian visa application - 

  • The student must possess a good character without any past criminal record 
  • The student must be of a sound health while applying for an Australian visa
  • The student must not have any debt form in the country
  • The student must acquire an Overseas Student Health Cover to be issued by a certified insurance provider 

Only by accomplishing the above-mentioned compulsory visa criteria a student can become a promising applicant of Australian student visa.

Types of Australian Student Visa –

The Australian Student visa consists of various sub-classes that are as follows –

Subclass 570 or Independent ELICOS

It is for the international students who accept to study the English Language Intensive Courses in Australia. Overseas Students of ELICOS are considered to be eligible for this visa. 

Subclass 571 

The students applying or pursuing their degrees from Australian schools are applicable get an Australian student visa with the subclass 571 applicable on students of -

  • Primary schooling
  • Secondary school 
  • A certified exchange program of secondary school

Subclass 572 

The government of Australia is known to issue student visas for the student-applicants wishing to apply in VET or Vocational Education and Training. The Subclass 572 visas that cover the diplomas of I-IV certificates and advanced certificates.

Subclass 573 

It is the common most student visa form which receives countless applications that are to be processed on a yearly basis. It provides conditional entry to the students wishing to complete their education in the higher education sector of the country covering -

  • Associate degree
  • Bachelor degree
  • Graduate diploma 
  • Graduate certificate 

Subclass 574 

Numerous students around the world students wish to apply for or complete for their Master’s Degree or PhD Degree from the renowned universities of Australia. For that to happen they need to register for a subclass 574 visa application. With a subclass 574 visa in hand, they can pursue the subject of their choice in their Master’s degree or research programs or doctoral degree as well. 

Subclass 576 

This is a special form of visa status provided by the Aus AID or Defense Sponsored Sector to particular students of the Australian government for pursuing special courses on global topics and their most able solutions. Students from the third world nations usually apply to this education course. Subclass 576 is entirely sponsored by the Australian federal government. 

The Complicated UKvisas 

UK is considered to be the second most desired education destination for the majority of the international students. It is the home of two oldest prestigious universities in the world, namely Oxford and Cambridge. Millions of students worldwide get enticed to obtain a degree from these eminent institutes which are valued and recognized internationally. The students with the greatest wish to study in the UK need to secure an official UK student visa before they even think about boarding a flight.

Immigration of UK, as well as the visa allotment of UK, is arranged by the UK government home office. The only way a student would not require the permission from the authority in entering the UK as well as staying there for maximum three months is if the candidate belongs to the European Economic Area or is a Swiss National. However, they would still require official authorization if they need to stay in the UK for more than the predetermined period of time. 

Types of UK Student Visa –

The UK Student visa consists of various sub-classes that are as follows –

Short Term Visa

It is generally offered to candidates who intend to stay in the UK for a shorter time period in the UK. The short-term visa applicant is expected to be above 18 years of age only then do they become eligible for the visa for a time period of maximum 11 months. But if the student is below 18 years of age or a minor in other words then they would receive for the visa for a time period of maximum 6 months. Students who have applied and are deemed eligible for the British citizenship are not qualified to procure a short-term visa.

The short-term visa applicant is entitled to short-term training or development courses. The tenure of such programs does not exceed the time period of 11 months. The prospective students are further prohibited from taking admission in full-fledged courses in any UK college or university. The short-term visa applicants are also barred from operating a business or working in the UK.

Any promising student may apply for a short-term visa online for with the exception of the residents of North Korea. The applicants are needed to apply for short-term visa three months before their date of travelling to the UK. Usually, the official work of the short term visa gets completed within the time period of three weeks and students are not entitled to extend it.

VISA Fee for Short Term VISA

  • For six-month visa - £ 85
  • For eleven-month visa - £ 162

Tier 4 Child Student Visa

In special cases, when the parents of the when their parents get transferred to the UK as a part of their promotion or job change they need to apply this visa for their children in a bid to assist them to complete the rest of their formal education in the UK. To apply for this visa, the applicant requires o be between the age of 4 to 17. But, if the minor is from the European Economic Area or Switzerland, they do not require any official sanction to do so.

All the applicants of this visa are entitled to be educated in an autonomous, fee-paying school. It becomes easier to get the tier 4 child student visa if the applicant has already updated on the curriculum. The students above 16 are permitted to work in part-time jobs at a limit of 10 hours a week but not do labouring jobs. They are also capable of extending their visa as per their requirement on valid grounds. 

The application of the Tier 4 Child Student Visa is not applied to a student of North Korea. The student-applicants have the opportunity to extend their visa if they apply on valid grounds. The applicants are needed to apply for short-term visa three months before their date of travelling to the UK.  Generally, the official work of the short term visa gets completed within the time period of three weeks. The applicant-students are permitted to enter and settle in the UK for a fortnight before their formal course of education commences.

VISA Fee for Tier 4 Child StudentVISA

For a Tier 4 Child Student Visa, the applicants are needed to pay a fee of £322 to apply for the visa outside the country. 

Tier 4 General Student Visa

When an applicant from a foreign shore wishes to complete their higher education from a known university of UK, they are to apply for the UK Tier 4 General Student Visa. It is the most common form of visa application applied forth by countless students in a bid to complete their graduation or post-graduation or doctoral level studies for the UK. Any applicant above the age of 18 years can put forward the application for the Tier 4 General Student Visa. 

Generally, the official work of the short term visa gets completed within the time period of three weeks. The applicant-students are permitted to enter and settle in the UK for a fortnight before their formal course of education commences. Tier 4 General Student Visa offers the students the means to stay in the UK for at least three years. The applicants are allowed to take their civil partner or parents or spouse with them as a partner with the help o this visa.

VISA Fee for Tier 4 General Student VISA

For a Tier 4 General Student Visa the applicants are needed to pay a fee of £322 to apply for the visa outside the country. An additional £322 is also charged with students who have a family member staying with them.

The Complicated Canada study Permits –

Over the last decade, Canada has evolved into the most prestigious education destinations for international students. The eminent universities and colleges of Canada provide an excellent infrastructure as well as career opportunities to the undergraduates. While the many a country issues international students a student visa for a limited period to study in the country Canada provides the applicant-students with permits of the applicants. The student-applicants have the choice of not getting the Canadian student permit if the study course lasts less than six months.


The Department of Citizenship and Immigration of Canada has the authority of setting up the authorization of the whole permit process. The paper applications processed by the country takes more time getting processed along with the online applications that registered it. If the student-applicants face any major or minor issue in regards to their student permit they are allowed to take it up with the visa application centre of the country that is always ready to get the important matters sorted out.

Here is the checklist of mandatory documents that are available to all –

  • Submitting the official study permit
  • Mentioning viable entire family information of the student- applicant
  • The Letter of Acceptance to be gotten from a Designated Learning Institution by the education provider 
  • Application of temporary visa for residence
  • Credentials from the medical examination office that is conducted by a panel of seasoned practitioners
  • Academic certificates, mark sheets and other equally valid documents of qualification
  • The marriage certificate of the applicant if they happen to be married
  • The sponsorship details as well as the details of the financial support received by them
  • Credential of permission from the authority of Quebec administration that ensures that the applicant intends to get their education from
  • The Visa fees which is to be paid through the acceptable payment methods online

The Complicated SingaporeVisas or Passes 

Singapore is the top study destinations in the entire continent of Asia. All the major public universities of the country have been ranked amongst the Top 50 institutions from all around the world. In just, the last decade, Singapore has been the witness of a steady rise in the number of international students who wish to obtain a degree from the top universities of the country at a very low cost from the vibrant Lion city of Singapore in the east. 

The universities of the country offer the students all-round education from kindergarten to tertiary level. To get an education from the country, prospective students require getting a student visa which is popularly known as the Student’s Pass. Every foreign student need to acquire a student’s pass in order to pursue their dream of getting their degree from Singapore. 

But the respective student would be exempted from it -

  • The student holding an Immigration Exemption Order
  • If the student’s dependent is a cardholder studying in the Ministry of Social and Family Development or MSF certified institution
  • If the person needs a short visitor term that one intends to pursue their study course in less than 30 days
  • If the person in question is visiting Singapore on an internship or on and industrial training that lasts less than a full month

Important Things to Remember Regarding Singapore Visas or Passes -

  • The student applicants are to provide the required genuine documents when asked for verification 
  • If the verification documents are not in the language of English or Mandarin then the student applicants must look for and provide authorized documents that are translated in the above mentioned
  • The Singaporean authority may ask for an authentic certificate of explanation if they feel that there is something unexplained or dubious of a certain nature in their submitted document
  • The forms are expected to be duly signed by the student applicant, their parents and the local sponsor of the applicant in the proper sections
  • The ICA has the authority to enforce any new rules that they wish the student applicant to comply with
  • The processing fee of the student pass issuance is $60 that requires to be paid in full once the application of Student’s Pass gets accepted 
  • The processing time of the Student’s Pass is 5 to 10 full working days with the simple exclusion of the day of application is submitted
  • The process of procuring the visa as well as the Student’s Pass is a similar one for a potential student applicant who aspires to study in the independent or private education universities and colleges of the country
  • Any new students pass application must be submitted through the Student’s Pass Online Application and Registration or SOLAR, 45 days before the commencement of the course or at least 30 days before

VISA or Student Pass Refusal -

An applicant may not be able to garner their study visa or their Student’s Pass because of multiple reasons. There are a few instants in which the immigration department of any country may deny the applicant a chance to provide them with a visa to a prospective student in case they fail to attain all the required criteria that are needed to obtain the visa. 

Here are a few reasons in which a student visa or pass may be officially denied -

  • In case, the student is found to be submitting deceitful documents that misrepresent the facts or information
  • In case, the student applicant submits the incomplete forms where crucial data and information are missing
  • In case, the student applicant holding a criminal record or if the applicant is found to be posing a threat to the national security of the country
  • In case, the student applicant is found to be violating rules the rules of immigration in any of their previous stay in the country  
  • In case, the student applicant is found to be denied visa previously for a strong reason
  • The Disembarkation or Embarkation Card through Form 27 A
  • In case, the student applicant fails to demonstrate any of the strong intent or reasoning to visit the country
  • In case, the student applicant does not exhibit any such stronger reasons to enter the country after the completion of their education course
  • In case, the student applicant belongs to a country where the current situation is very volatile or share an extremely strenuous relationship with the other country
  • In case, the student applicant is found to be suffering from a contagious disease that is communicable in nature
  • In case, the student applicant is trying to enter the country on a passport that does not have the required validity or expiring soon
  • In case, the student applicant fails to showcase that they have the adequate funds that are required to pursue their selected study course overseas

Visa Interview

Generally, in a visa application interview, a student’s has to face the following questions from the below-mentioned categories that are as follows -

  • Education or Vocation Plans
  • Their Preferred University
  • Academic credentials 
  • Academic Capability
  • Financial Status 
  • Sponsorship Details
  • Future Plans after completing their study course

Here are a few pointers that would help you in preparing for the upcoming visa interview -

  • The reasons for the student wishing to study there
  • Their academic background
  • Why they cannot study in their home county
  • The course that they wish to study in
  • The scope of their selected study course 
  • The number of many colleges or universities the student applied for
  • The institution the student wishes to study in 
  • All they know about the institution
  • The student’s knowledge of the study course structure
  • Any knowledge of the locality where the student’s college or university is located in
  • The performance of the student in TOEFL, GPA, IELTS or other examinations
  • The student’s proficiency in English
  • The high school or graduation certificate of the student
  • Does the student have any requisite specialization to apply in technical courses
  • The student’s family’s monthly income
  • The student is capable of meeting all their expenses in studying abroad
  • The sponsor of the student’s education
  • The annual income of the student’s sponsor
  • Their bank statements
  • If their parents pay taxes
  • Providing tax return details
  • If the student wishes to study further or seek work in the country after completing their education
  • If they wish to return after completing their studies
  • Can they provide any proof of their return once their study is completed
  • If they know anybody in the country
  • Do they have any benefactor
  • Why choose to study in this country only

A Few Tips to Ace the VISA Interview

Attachment with the home country – If the student is strongly attached to their mother nation they are likely to return.

Strong English Language Skills – Knowing the local language is an added skill

Proper Attitude during Interview – Maintaining proper decorum in the interview would ensure that the student is likely to maintain and respect every single rule of the country

Detailed Knowledge about the Pursuing Program – Knowing about their study course and their curriculum would prove the serious intent of the student for studying

Carrying Supplementary Documents – It is always better to be prepared for all circumstances. This would show the interviewer the astuteness of the student.

Once you get student visa and get admission to your dream University in foreign nation, the next challenging task is to meet the academic expectations and follow the University guidelines related with assignments, essays, homework, courseork, and report writing. Our teams of proficient experts, at ABC Assignment Help, are capable of offering you with online assignment help matching the exact length, structure and deadline that you require with an assurance of excellent scor in any subject of your choice. 


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