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University: University Of Nairobi


Write Summary Statement for CDR of a profession in Electrical Engineering?

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Executive Summary

After completing, the entire working scenario and I have analyzed that the working schedules of the individual project deals with the categorical skills that I have equipped through the course of time in a relevant manner. My work experience with the different companies gathers me a great deal of practical experiences in electrical engineering field as well as I came through a variety of life changing facts in construction and project field. My educational credentials from the University of Jordan have fostered my theoretical content to a greater extent and has imbibed a variety of networks in my professional development scenario. Being an electrical engineer, I have conducted site surveys and done electrical maintenance works in buildings. The training session conducted by me in the professional scenario has catered a wide range of skills development fronts in my career and imbibed me a great deal of opportunity to work in the professional team in a relevant way. With the passage of time, my working scene with Ammam, Jordan and UtilNet has helped me to utilize my maintenance skills and coordinate effectively with the teams.