Supply Chain Case Study Assignment

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About Supply Chain Case Study 

Supply Chain management is usually defined as the complex set-up of activities which aids in the supply of the raw material that is purchased and cultured to turn into the viable products. It is after they had gone through so much that it is then at last delivered to the consumers through the traditional as well as modern systems of distribution. The case study assignment help report consists of the evaluation process of the performance of the supply chain management. This performance is evaluated by the company with the help of the supplier performance, customer satisfaction, integration of material flow, the basis of finance, etc. that is the performance measurement criteria. 

It is that the performances analyze helps in further improving the strategies of the company for the better competitive advantage. 

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The Company 

Airbus is the leading global company that deals with developing and manufacturing of aircrafts to be sourced in the relevant market. It was established in European consortium formally in the year 1970. It is the current world leader in the manufacture and distribution of high quality aviation gear. With a lead office in Toulouse, France the company operates from over 160 different locations internationally and has 16 primary development as well as manufacturing sites including UK, France, Spain and Germany. Airbus has three fully owned subsidiaries found in North America, Japan and China. 

Things that can be used as supply chain case study assignment :

Pros of Airbus’s Core Marketing Strategy

  1. Collectivist's approach
  2. Diffuse relationships
  3. Equality
  4. Global knowledge
  5. Local understanding
  6. Time focus

Cons of Airbus’s Core Marketing Strategy

  1. The delay in launching a product
  2. Price
  3. Influence of spokesperson

Risks of Airbus’s Core Marketing Strategy

  1. Socio-cultural & technical problems
  2. Efforts taken by Airbus to tackle the issues
  3. Economic Patriotism
  4. Reflection of the way the company was organized
  5. Lessons Learned

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