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Assessment 2

You are playing the role of a community service worker supporting an adult client who is seeking an order to protect herself and her two children from family violence. You are required to investigate your local court and associated family violence support services and submit a written Support Plan for your client.

Based on your individual research, your written Support Plan must include the following: (a) The location and role of the court in the context of seeking a family violence protection order; (b) A summary of the legal process your client must follow to obtain a protection order; (c) An overview of the local support services available in connection with the court and external to the court that would assist your client; (d) An explanation of how you (as the community service worker) would prepare if you received a subpoena to both submit your file notes, and attend court as a witness, in your client's case; (e) Identify and discuss three ethical issues that could arise for your client, and for you, in your role as a community service professional assisting in this matter. Include a description of how you would respond to the ethical issues that you have identified.

The format of your report will be discussed in greater detail during tutorials.

You must use APA 7 Referencing. You must include a reference section in your report and acknowledge any sources that you use, including all web-based sources.

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