Sustainability Operation And Destinations: Taronga Zoo

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1. Visit a tourist destination/ accommodation establishment/ theme park/ event/ leisure facility. 2. Analyse and discuss the extent to which the tourist site incorporates the recognized principles of responsible tourism. 3. Critique the tourist site against responsible tourism criteria by highlighting aspects where the principles are successfully addressed and making recommendations for areas requiring improvement. Please refer to Subject Guide for further detailed information.

Type: Video/Poster Presentation Learning Outcomes Assessed: 2, 3 & 4. Presentation: Audio visual presentations should not exceed 5 minutes in length.

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Sustainability Operation and Destinations

Taronga Zoo


Sustainability is the process of maintaining the change in the environment where the exploitation of the resources and the direction of the investment took place. To adequately understand the effectiveness of sustainable development within the country the organisation Taronga Zoo is being utilised. Taronga Zoo is the conservation society which eventually believes that the wildlife and human being have the same place in the world (Taronga Zoo, 2019). The primary vision of the zoo is to protect the wildlife and provide a suitable place for their future generation. Taronga Zoo has developed in the past 100 years with the location and the education hub that is essential for the conservation of the wild animals. The paper primarily focuses on the sustainable development faced by the zoo in recent years. Moreover, the discussion is on the responsibility and the impact of the business in term of sustainability in the field. The paper also discussion regarding the sustainable management practice for the betterment of the firm within the market.

Sustainability operation

Analyse the impact of tourism and hospitality organisation on the destination 

Taronga Zoo is the conversational society where numerous animals are to be found and also it is one of the best tourist places in Australia. The tourism and the hospitality organisation play a vital role for the Zoo to maintain their guest and provide the best wildlife experience to the tourist. Due to the development of the tourism industry, Zoo has appointed almost 400 volunteers fo to give suitable hospitality to the guest and also to maintain the animals (Braddon, 2018). Paying guest or the tourist are quite ideal for the Zoo as this also help them to gather suitable amount that is valuable for the animals. Taronga Zoo generally receives quite a good number of paying guest for a year, and in most cases, it can also be seen that the number has eventually increased over the years. In the year 2016-2017 Taronga Zoo faced the exceed of tourist to over 2 million in their two sites which is the major achievement for the organisation (Taronga Conservation Society Australia, 2019). Due to the highest number of visitors the organisation was able to earn over 43 million dollar, and that is only for their ticket sale which is another biggest success of the organisation in term of financial activity.

Tourism industry along with the hospitality organisation help the Zoo to deal with the various challenges that they were facing in the early years. With the help of effective tourism industry and the valuable hospitality firm, the Zoo has maintained their position in the country from the phase where they were losing their relevance in the country. It is the fact that the tourism industry help the zoo to earn reputation, relevance and even financial support to maintaining the animals and providing one of the best tourism destinations in Australia (Taronga Zoo, 2019). The zoo is the part of the wildlife tourism sector, and it is a big business where people can get interested and understand wild animals. The tourism industry and Zoo are highly connected as people love to explore the wildlife and get interact with the animals that they are unable to get a view in their daily life (Taronga Conservation Society Australia, 2019). Taronga Zoo did not chain their animals and for that maximum number of people found it more attractive to get along with the environment. It is a free place for wild animals which also attract people all over the world.

Sustainable business management practices 

Sustainable management is the juncture of the business along with sustainability. This help to practice the firm to manage the activity in the three bottom lines that are people, planet and the profit. This is the process which eventually supports the business in their long-term viability as it provides the preventive form for the firm rather the reactive form (MacDonald, Milfont, & Gavin, 2016). The sustainable practice within the business primarily focuses on the practical steps that are understanding the sustainability of the business by looking in the business plan then guidance and much more. The theoretical aspect regarding the sustainability practice in the business shows the improvement and the environmental activity performed by the business for the long run (Braddon, 2018). The sustainable management practice within the firm is proven to be highly profitable if they tend to adopt as well as grow with the changing market that eventually provide the competitive advantages over the business. This practice also helps the firm in gaining the significance as the socially responsible organisation by the help of reducing the negative impact on the society as well as increasing the positive influences. The focus on sustainability management help to gain the new momentum regarding the market pressure on the firm for maintaining the organisational activity.

Taronga Zoo maintains the sustainability practice as their forefront operation for maintaining the activity in the field. It can also be understood from the facts that Taronga Zoo retain the outreach community with the help of a suitable program like the regional sustainability outreach program with more than 500 participants to develop the sustainability in the firm (MacDonald, Milfont, & Gavin, 2016). It is also the fact that the sustainability in Taronga Zoo plays a major role in the selection of the partners over the years. The financial and the environmental sustainability of the firm help them to develop their continuous improvement in the market. The environmental sustainability p[arctice performed by the firm are the carbon neutral certification, waste minimisation along with the resource recovery, prevention and the sustainable procurement and contracts (Taronga Conservation Society Australia, 2019). The zoo over the years has invested sustainability in the technology as well as using it for the improvement of the visitor's experience in the zoo. The organisation with the help of sustainable management practice have eventually redeveloped their app for the improvement of the site navigation with the help of a new map, a feature of barcode scan and much for the benefits of the visitors.

The key responsibility of the firm when embracing CSR principle 

Corporate Social Responsibility in the absence of a company is the obligation towards the society as well as the physical environment where the business operates. This is one of the standard business practice in the recent time where the company performs their activity in term of the social responsibility for maintaining the competitive advantages (Paulraj, Chen, & Blome, 2017). For maintaining the CSR principle, it is essential for the firm to maintain suitable responsibility for making the SCR a successful implementation. The primary responsibility that is to be maintained by the firm are the economic responsibilities than the legal responsibilities, ethical; responsibilities and philanthropic responsibilities. It is the primary and the most effective fact that the organisation with the implementation of the suitable responsibility can deal with the business process and provide the valuable working function for the business (De Villiers, Rouse, & Kerr, 2016). The responsibilities allow the business to evaluate their scope within the market and provide valuable le understanding.

Taronga Zoo with the implementation of the corporate social responsibility also has to maintain the four major responsibilities followed by every firm for CSR (De Villiers, Rouse, & Kerr, 2016). The economic responsibility maintained by the Taronga Zoo is fundamental as well as the foundation for the following responsibility type within the field. It is also the fact that the Zoo needs to maintain their ethical responsibility for analysing the economic and legal responsibility of the firm (Wesselink et al., 2015). This effectively allows the business to analyse the working function and the activity Zoo for attracting the tourist all over the world. Each of the responsibility is an essential part for the organisation to maintain their corporate social responsibility within the field. It is the fact that the zoo by maintaining the effective responsibility tend to develop their business in the market and get the effective support from the local community.

Differentiate between business espousing sustainability and practicing sustainability

The business espousing sustainability is the process where the organisation effectively adopt the sustainable activity within the business. Sustainability is the concept of having a green environment for the business and for that active principle along with the use of environmentally friendly products are effectively utilised by the firm (Joyce, & Paquin, 2016). On the other hand, the practicing sustainability show the facts how the management of the firm practice sustainable activity in the business for the long-run. This effectively deals with the situation and the concept of the zoo where they have eventually utilised sustainable technology and the other factors to provide their tourist with the best service. The business espousing sustainability help the firm to get knowledge regarding the responsibilities that they need to maintain within the business for the development of the firm (Carr, Ruhanen, & Whitford, 2016). It also deals with the corporate social responsibilities for acting effectively regarding community development.

The practicing sustainability deal with the situation and the working function that are to be performed by the zoo authority within the market. Practicing sustainability also helps to understand the individual activity of the management team and the volunteers within the zoo for developing the competitive advantages of the firm. Practicing sustainability in the organisation starts with the willingness of the firm to maintain their business operation effectively within the market and also to maintain the environmental activity of the firm (Fennell, & Markwell, 2015). The adotping and the practicing sustainability are not much different as both they provide effective activity regarding the development of the working function and the business activity regarding the social responsibility within the firm. Practicing the sustainability program within the firm like Zoo enable the management to provide effective and valuable activity for both the animals and the visitors of the zoo (OrtizdeMandojana, & Bansal, 2016). This is highly essential for the improvement of the business within the field and also for maintaining sustainable activity.

Distinguish process of sustainability and preliminary factor to develop a sustainable destination 

The process of sustainability consists of transparency, waste reduction, material reuse, positive impact, quality control, value creation, and evolution. These processes allow the organisation to maintain their resources and the working function effectively within the field. The process of sustainability eventually helps the firm to maintain their waste and the value creation process along with the positive impact that is effectively maintained by the zoo (Ruggie, 2017). All the process show that sustainability in the zoo is the factor which helps them to recycle and reuse the waste material. Safety is the biggest concern of the process of , and in term of zoo authority, it helps to maintain the safety of the animals along with the visitors. Taronga Zoo is the conservation society and for that maintain the quality control within the zoo allow the business to provide valuable and effective sustainable business operation for the firm (Proka, Beers, & Loorbach, 2018). 

On the other hand, the preliminary factor for the development of sustainable activity in the business help to maintain the policy, rules and various regulation for the business. Taronga Zoo effectively maintained the technology, investment and environmental activity as the preliminary factor within the business (Dunstan, Fairbrother, & Van Sluys, 2016). The zoo authority has effectively utilised the technological capabilities than the protection of the intellectual property and also the implementation of effective sustainability in the business. With the changing world where environmental degradation is the biggest issue, the use of sustainable activity helps the organisation for maintaining their activity within the field (Ben Youssef et al., 2018). The establishment of the industry chain along with the tourism industry and the hospitality industry help the zoo authority to maintain their sustainability within the market and provide a suitable working function. It is also essential for the zoo to maintain their legal activity and the government rules as the preliminary factor for the improvement of business in the tourism market.


The paper eventually concludes the fact that sustainable development is the essential factor for the improvement of the business process within the market. The Taronga Zoo have faced many declines in the previous years, but with the improvement of business and development of the sustainable activity they can provide the best and the most effective business factor within the field. The paper also concludes that the implementation of effective sustainability develop the business in term of the tourism industry and also the hospitality industry. Taronga Zoo has also enhanced the technology in term of sustainability for providing a suitable activity to the visitors and attract numerous tourist every year.