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What is Swift Programming?

1) Swift Programming is the new scripting programming language for iOS(originally iPhone OS) and OS X apps.

2) Swift Programming is easy and flexible.

3) Swift is not C Compatible.

4) Swift is readable like objective c

5) Swift does not require main function to start with.

Difference between SWIFT and Objective C

Objective C
Types are inferred
Semicolons required
Functions are first class objects
Types must be declared
Collections are typed using generics
Header files
Simpler string manipulation
Memory is managed automatically
KVO and custom setters
Switch statements do not require break statement
Alloc and init
SWIFT can be compiled only into dynamic frameworks.
Objective 'C' can be compiled into static libraries and dynamic frameworks.

Example: Playground 

import UIKit
var str= "Play Ground"
let welcomeText =   "Welcome to my SWIFT App"
var highScore = 5000
highScore = 3_000_000
highScore = 5_000
var scoreAverage:Double= 100
var highScoreText = "The highest score so far is: |   (highScore)"
var doubleHighScoreText = "Are you ready to ready to reach this   score:\(highscore * 2)"


"Play Ground"
"welcome to my SWIFT app"
(2 times)
"The hightest score so far is : 5000"
"Are you ready to reach this score: 10000"