SYAD 310 Systems Analysis And Design Assessment 2 Answer

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COURSE: Bachelor of Business (Information Systems Specialisation)
Unit Code:
SYAD 310
Unit Title:
Systems Analysis and Design
Type of Assessment:
Assessment 2 – Group Assignment
2000 (+/- 10 Percent) words for the report

Unit Learning Outcomes addressed:
  1. Describe and apply iterative incremental systems software development processes, such as structured, object-oriented and agile approaches
  2. Critically analyse and verify business and system requirements, including producing
  3. Analysis and design models for an information system
6. Work effectively as part of a team in the production of a systems requirements and design document

Total Mark:
40 Marks
40% of total unit marks


Case Study

Sydney Medical Centre

Sydney Medical Centre (SMC) is a growing practise in Sydney. The centre has grown recently and the owner, Dr Edwin, wants to develop new information system to handle all business operation. Their current system is inadequate to provide real time information to medical staff and access to medical information and patient need to go physically to centre to retrieve their medical report.


As IT consultant you began your systems analysis phase by conducting interviews, reviewing existing reports, and observing office operations. The SMC medical team perform service and medical procedure which are coded. Code consist of two digit suffix and seven numeric digit. The new system will provide opportunity for significant cost saving for SMC, and will help medical staff to go online and update medial information, check record and schedule appointment as well as provide convenience for patient. The clinic required various report you learned during your fact-finding exercise.

  • Hourly appointment report, which shows the patients who are to be reminded of their next day’s

appointments. Information such as patient id, P_name, contact, appointment time, need to be recorded

  • Daily appointment list for each provider. Information such as scheduled appointment times, P_names, and procedure to be performed, including the code and description.
  • Weekly provider report that lists each of the providers and the weekly charges, plus a
  • Report on weekly patient statement, which includes the date, household name and contact, balance, total charges, total payments, and balance.
  • Monthly Insurance Company Report.

Addition to all the listed report, the SMC would like automated e-mail and text messaging capability for sending patient reminders on appointment scheduling time. Finally, the new system needs to track employee schedules, vacation information and payment.

For this project prepare report on type of information system, fact finding method most appropriate, system development and draw Use case diagram, DFD, ERD diagram and show their relationship.

You are free to make any assumptions, but please mention them clearly in your report.


Write report on following question (12 marks)

  1. What types of system requirements will you focus on for SMC? Explain each one in detail.
  2. What fact-finding methods you think is appropriate for collecting information from employees at SMC? Suggest at least three methods and explain the pros and cons of each.
  3. Describe two systems development tools and two development methods you can used for system development for SMC.

Modelling Exercise (18 Marks)

  1. Create a use case diagram for SMC.
  2. Prepare a context diagram for SMC information system.
  3. Prepare a diagram level 0 DFD for SMC. Be sure to show numbered processes for handling patient information, appointments, and report processing.
  4. Create an initial ERD for the new system that contains at least four entities.
  5. Analyse each relationship to determine if it is 1:1, 1: M, or M: N
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