Synopsis And Recommendations On HR Management Dashboard

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ASSIGNMENT 3: Presenting & Reporting data 

Written task:
Dashboard, synopsis of the data and recommendations

Unit learning outcomes

  • Outline the value and limitations of the analytical and financial approach to business decision making.
  • Identify appropriate techniques to assist in solving business problems across different business disciplines.
  • Perform basic analysis using Excel as a business decision-making tool.
  • Identify and interpret problems using a systematic approach to business decision-making.

Create a dashboard in Excel that showcases the 
key aspects of a data set

Dashboards track KPIs, metrics, and other data points in one visual, central place. They are made up of tables, charts, gauges, and numbers and give you a high-level view of work, helping you make quick decisions and keeping everyone up to date. A dashboard’s visual nature simplifies complex data and provides an at-a-glance view of status or performance in real time.

Before you start building your dashboard, consider the following:

  • Why are you creating this dashboard? 
  • What purpose it will serve?
  • What capabilities do you need?
  • Who needs to see the dashboard? 

Provide a brief synopsis of the data highlighted in the dashboard and a list of business recommendations based on the findings.

To make effective decisions organisations need accurate, timely, objective and concise information. Often this information is delivered in a business report written in response to a business issue or problem. The recommendations section of a report suggests actions that can be taken to address the issue based on findings. Recommendations could be for change, improvement or new ideas to improve such areas as service, productivity or performance.

You are required to:

  • Present your synopsis and recommendations on ONE A4 page. 
  • Use formal business English that is clear and easy for the reader to follow.
  • Use new vocabulary introduced in the unit.
  • Check your work for expression, grammar, spelling, and punctuation before submitting.

Your written work should include:

  • An appropriate heading.
  • A brief explanation and interpretation of the information presented in the dashboard.  That is:
    • provide an overarching understanding of the data (in all, what does the information mean to the organisation)
    • explain the outcome/meaning of each table, chart, graph, text or image
    • provide an understanding of the interactive elements use in your dashboard to vary the view of your data (filters / slicers)
  • Include suggestions for external data to supplement the internal data presented in the dashboard.
  • List your recommendations according to priority, that is:
    • list the most important recommendation first
    • number each recommendation to show order of priority


The final submission should include:

  1. An appropriate heading for the dashboard
  2. A copy of the dashboard (this should fill one A4 page)
  3. A brief synopsis of the data and suggestions on how to complement the data with external information.
  4. A list of recommendations.
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Answer :

Dashboard Name

The dashboard is named ‘HR Management Dashboard’ as it includes information that is useful for the HR team of a company.


The dashboard starts by explaining structure with respect to various departments such as, male female ratio in the company, marital status of employees as well as educational qualifications of employees. These factors help HR team to take various decisions related to employees.

Further, the dashboard explains for how long different employees have been working in the organization. This is provided for various departments and at various levels. This helps the HR team to take decisions regarding promotion, attrition etc.

The next chart explains average monthly income of various departments and levels. The pie chart has been used to indicate share in total average monthly expense.

The following chart presents performance rating vis-a-vis job satisfaction levels, followed by job involvement level of employees. The remaining graphs indicate various satisfaction levels, such as job satisfaction, work environment satisfaction, work life balance and relationship satisfaction. 

External Help

The company can hire external help to analyse various factors that need further analysis. For example, the help can be hired to check if there is any major disparity in salary and whether it is having impact on satisfaction levels of employees. Mostly, the work life balance is good in the company but some employees report a bad balance. This can be analysed to understand the logic and reasoning.


Objective from StrategyActionBy WhomMonitored by
  1. To ensure parity in salary at various levels
Review salary structures of different employees and adjust those lying outside the average, either very low or very highHR teamRecruitment committee
  1. Ensure good work life balance for all
Understand and rectify reason behind bad work-life balance for some employeesHR teamRecruitment committee
  1. Ensure salary that is lucrative and helps attaining organizational objectives
Compare salary in competitors company and overall industry averages and keep salaries in-line with the same. The objective should be to ensure high motivation level and high retention levelRecruitment team/HR teamRecruitment committee/Board