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SBM4201 System Analysis and Design

Question one: ABC Company Case Study 

You work as system analyst at ABC company, your role focus on testing web-based system that involved different set of tools and technique. Your manager wants you to offer consulting services specifically in testing the performance, integrity, efficiency, and security of Internet-based systems. Your manager wants you to identify various website testing tools that currently are available, then use these tools as a website testing consultant. 


Perform Internet research to learn more about web testing software that is available. Use a search engine to develop a list of at least four products. For each product, write up a brief description of its overall purpose, its features and benefits, its cost, and how it would fit. 


The purpose of a poster is to provide a visual summary of student's ideas that outlines key message or argument as well as the key points or proposal. A poster uses very few words with appropriate visuals and graphics. 

Task Specifications In Protfolio-4, the student have to prepare a poster to present his/her message in the topic of Data Modelling. The poster should have clear structure and layout to support that message. 

The poster has to consider the followings main topics such as: 

  • The benefit of data modelling in system analysis 
  • Types of data modelling in systems analysis Conceptual, Logical and Physical models 
  • The ways of transition from one data model to another. 
  • Methods of data analysis. 
  • Case study examples illustrating data modelling. 

Prepare a poster to demonstrate your research, analysis or ideas in range of visual techniques such as illustrations, schematic diagrams, arrows or flow charts and cues such as bullet points, colour and design. 

Poster Development 

• Use any application software you are familiar with in the development of your poster, such as Microsoft Word, Microsoft Power Point, Microsoft Publisher, Adobe Photoshop, or any other software. 

• Set your poster page size to A4 and develop your poster. 

Question one: Case Study 

High Education College (HEC) is an educational institute provides different courses in information technology. The institute wants to develop and deploy new Online Learning System (OLS). The OLS required to install and configure email, web, database and management servers to provide the required services such as emails for staff and students, web page and database management system. In addition, the networking infrastructure must be established to provide communication and networking facilities with the required security and system availability. Different types of network devices and support servers including networking switches and routers must be installed and configured with all the required cabling services. Security devices and backup services are required to improve the system performance. 

The institute wants to develop two online learning systems, Undergraduate Learning System (ULS) and Postgraduate Learning System (PLS). The software developers at the IT department assigned the task of developing both learning systems from scratch within 1 year and 4 months. 


The Systems Development Life Cycle (SDLC) identifies all the activities required to build, launch, and maintain an information system. Discuss the six core processes of the SDLC required to develop the OLS project for the HEC. You have to provide detailed information regarding each core processing activity. Your answer should consider Work Break Down (WBS), sequence of activities and the dependencies of those activities. In addition, you have to used modeling, use cases and other required techniques and tools with justification. 

Question one: Course Registration Case Study 

An educational institute has a course registration system. The student access the institute website to check the course schedule and register a course. Once the student pays the course fees, the system provides the fee statement. At the student service department, the registrar prepared the course schedule and updates courses information as required. The cashier can access the payment system to check the student's payments and courses registration process. Instructors and tutors can view the number of students registered in any course. 

  1. List possible entities in the registration system, including their attributes. 
  2. Identify possible use cases and actors. 

3. Draw the use case diagram that explain the students process of student registration. 

You may need to make some assumptions with the required justifications 

Question two: iTech Company Case Study 

The HR department at the iTech company offers a job position to Kim Jones. She will start the new job after three weeks. As an IT department member, you were asked to set up an orientation for her, including meeting with human resources, users, and the IT team. Tour at the company needs also to be organized. You suggested the following schedule: First, Kim have to meet with the human resources to learn about the company benefits and policies (3 hours). After finishing the meeting, she has to handle three tasks at once: she could tour the company offices (4 hours), meet with the users (3 hours), and work on the necessary paperwork (2 hours). Then, after meeting the IT manager and with all the paperwork completed, she would meet with the entire IT team for a brief introduction (1 hours). 


  1. Prepare a work breakdown structure explaining task, durations, and predecessor task. 

2. Calculate the start and finish date for each task and determine the critical path. 

Question one: Allhomes Company Case Study 

The IT department at the Allhomes company has received the approval to add new position of systems analyst. Your role is to support the set up the hiring timetable and tasks. After discussion with a number of employee in the department, you identified the tasks and the order in which they have to be performed as follows: First, review the applications (2 days). Then start three tasks: notify the IT team (1 days) and set up an interview schedule (5 days). When the team has been notified and the conference room reserves, prepare a set of interview questions (2 days). When the questions are ready, and the interview schedule has been developed, conduct the interviews (5days). After the interviews are done, meet with the hiring committee to select a candidate (1 day). 


 1. Prepare a work breakdown structure explaining task, durations, and predecessor task. 

2. Calculate the start and finish date for each task and determine the critical path. 

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Answer :

System Analysis and Design

Answer 1

ABC Company case study

Web testing tools 

a. Webload: Webload is a very powerful tool that enables powerful scripting and testing of complex scenarios. The tool provides detailed analysis of the web performance and indicates various issues and bottlenecks that may lead to reduced response on the website. It is an enterprise scale tool and costs about $8000. It enable continuous load testing for DevOps. Moreover it is a tool that is effective and supports testing for various technologies. 

b. Apache J Meter: It is an open source load testing tool. It is written in Java 6+. It is compatible with several technologies. It is a stable tool that enables better analysis of web performance only in simple scenarios. It is relatively not very effective. It has several hindrances in terms of sustainability for complex scenarios. 

c. Neoload: It is a Neotys load and stress testing tool for Windows, Linux, and Solaris, available in multiple languages and in different versions which are updated from time to time. It indicates that there has to be efficiency and compatibility in a software. It costs about $12000. In spite of it being expensive, it is considered one of the most effective software for web testing in the world. This tool helps improve performance even when traffic increases. It is helpful in checking the performance in spite of the web traffic being high. 

d. HP Load runner: It is a load testing tool for Windows and Linux, given by HP to test the web. It is a highly reputed web tool and operates with high efficiency. It handles various protocols for load testing. It is compatible with .NET Record/Replay, Database, DCOM, GUI Virtual Users, Java Record/Replay, SAP, and many other Web and Multimedia and Wireless applications. It is an expensive web application testing tool and costs $11000 but is widely used and preferred by web developers globally. 

Internet Source:

Answer 2: Poster 

Data Modeling 

data modeling

A data model organizes elements of data and indicates how they relate to each other and to real world entities thus enabling formulate a system. They support the development of information systems. It helps in abstract formalization of various system elements thus enabling the transformation of an idea or virtual system into a documented hierarchical and systematic diagram pr data model. 

business model integration

Business Model integration of a data model requires understanding how a system is placed within a business model. It helps link the system with the business process and thus helps clearly depict the relation between the data model, information systems and business processes. 

different data model

There are different data models that can be formed. This includes a flat model, hierarchical model, network model, relational model, object relational model and star schema. This is based on the number of data array, number of data dimensions of data elements and the structure of the links in the models. 

data model for business process

A data model for your business process can be chosen out of these 3 popular types:

  1. Conceptual data model: It describes the semantics of a domain and the scope of the model. For example, it indicates a particular segment in an organization or industry. 
  2. Logical data model: It describes the semantics based on a data manipulation technology. It consists description of data, tables, columns, object oriented classes, and XML tags. 
  3. Physical data model:  It describes the physical means by which data is stored including partitions, table spaces and CPU 

Answer 3: HEC Case study wanting to develop a new OLS including ULS and PLS 


The aim of this system design is to support the development a new online learning system which shall be able to include a ULS and PLS for under graduate students and Post graduate students respectively. The unique proposition of this system is that it is capable of formulating an online learning system. It shall have multiple modules with ability to store learning material and be able to conduct online tests and project evaluation. 

Application of 6 core processes of SDLC

The system development approach used for the design of this project is agile approach based on waterfall method of developing a system with the adoption of various steps including requirements, design, implementation, verification and maintenance. Creating the new system requires coding in HTML or Java and this coding process requires multiple steps like designing, formulating the functional requirement and eventually implementing the new system. 

Application of 6 core processes of SDLCThese components center around a desire to assemble a translucent social framework with mindfulness, responsibility and perceiving ability. These three components can enable the group to assemble a successful framework that can help make better development and coordinated effort. This indicates that using an agile approach with waterfall method of developing a system is apt for building an effective system design and its implementation for this project. It would help obtain detailed functional requirements and work in synchronization with it. 

The correlation of programming advancement techniques shows that the framework to be utilized for programming improvement t for the lodging is the waterfall strategy. This technique accommodates check and upkeep which makes it conceivable to incorporate security in the model. The improvement life cycle of programming is another critical angle that the inn needs to look in to. An appropriate Software Development Life Cycle (SLDC) took after will guarantee smooth execution of activities in the venture and it additionally guarantees a superior undertaking administration in the lodging. 

Functional requirements

The functional requirements of the system are based on its user interface, data and process elements. These elements are to be designed based on the requirement to reply to thousands of queries within the organization. This requires the system to be technically sound and focused on enabling better levels of response and reflex features. 

User interface design

The user interface design is to be based on a data access system. Web, better working frameworks, propelled equipment and programming and an incorporated framework are a portion of the conventions and innovations required so as to shape a superior working framework later on. The present period is of PC innovation and data innovation where scattering of data and correspondence happens at a quick speed. In addition it helps during the time spent framing a business organize that enables the business to facilitate will the majority of its partners and hence shape the reason for the development of smooth tasks. The system is to be based on usage of a software which can be accessed by the users. 

Data design

Building a cooperation framework and a systems administration stage that backings social development and solidarity for building a superior place to live can enable each person in the general public to get better information and comprehension of each other's encounters. This can help advance sharing and solidarity which is imperative in the general public. This can help connect the data hole and data war, all things considered, alongside better spotlight on cooperation and systems administration.

data design

Process design 

process designThese works do show a cutting edge framework that isn't simply centered around data sharing but at the same time is centered around conveying a superior level of systems administration where in encounters and genuine occurrences can be shared. This can enable individuals to get better comprehension of ideas, occasions, training, medicinal services and a few different things that issue to the general public. It is critical that data be effortlessly available to individuals around the globe as this can enable them to develop and carry on with a superior life. 


Software development is that activity in concepts of computer programming which is related to the designing of the source code of a program, then testing it and after it runs it maintains the software product also. The main steps in the software development are:

  • Planning
  • Implementation, testing and documentation of the planned product.
  • After is developed, get it deployed where it is required and get maintained.

visual project planning

work breakdown structure with Gantt chart

Answer 4: Use case diagram for course registration case study 

Answer a) 

  1. Entities and attributes 
  2. Students including current and potential students: Students would access the system for multiple requirements including information, payments and actual learning process. 
  3. Online system: The system should be reflexive and supportive of fulfilling all requirements and requests that come in the system. 
  4. Teaching faculty: The teaching faculty is to upload the material, conduct online sessions, reply to student queries and conduct online exams. 

The possible use cases and actors are:

  • Students requiring information 
  • Students registering on the system
  • Students making payments 
  • The professor uploading teaching material
  • Actual course being taught 
  1. Use case diagram 

case diagram

Part 2: 

WBS with start and finish activities 

  1. Meet HR

3 hrs
9:00 hrs
12:00 hrs
  1. Tour the company

4 hrs
12:00 hrs 
16:00 hrs
  1. Meet users

3 hrs
12:00 hrs
15:00 hrs
  1. Paper work 

2 hrs
12:00 hrs
14:00 hrs 
  1. Brief introduction 

1 hr
16:00 hrs
17:00 hrs

Critical path: A-B-E = 8 hrs 


Answer 5: Allhomes Case study 

  1. Review applications

2 days
Day 1
Day 2
  1.  Notify IT team 

1 day 
Day 3
Day 3
  1. Interview schedule

5 days
Day 3
Day 7
  1. Interview questions 

2 days 
Day 4
Day 6
  1.  Conduct interviews 

5 days 
Day 8
Day 12
  1. Meet hiring committee

1 day 
Day 13
Day 13

Critical path – A – C – E-F = 13