System Investigation And System Design: You Can Fit In

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School of Business and Tourism

Systems Analysis and Design (ISY00243)

1. Task Description

1.1 Overview

You are required to read the provided Case Study document (on MySCU) and complete each of the activities and questions in the weeks advised.

The answers to all activities and questions are to be collected in one “Systems Requirements Report with a title page, page numbers, table of contents, headings and all other reporformatting.

The purpose of the full SysteRequirements Report is to guide and enable your fictional cliento make a rational selection from options for a proposed computer application.

The Initial Investigation part of this report will include:

    Business Information including Organisation Chart

    System VisioDocument

    Project ManagemenChart

    Simplified Risk and Cost-Benefit Analysis

    Feasibility Analysis

You will be required to include other sections and models in the full Systems Requirements

Report (see Part B).  For example:

    Fact Finding Documents

    Use Cases

    ERD anDomain Model Class Diagrams

    System Sequence Diagrams

    Project ManagemenChartwith progress against tasks

    Conclusions and Recommendations.

You will also be required to make a presentation apart of this unit (worth 10% of your marks). Specific Topics will be released separately, but note that your presentation will be based on a detailed consideration on an aspect of this process.

You are required to use appropriate computer software packages to produce outpufor manof the above techniques. This approach should assist you with the inevitable changes that you (or another analyst, in a real life system) will need to make, and also gives a better quality and hence more reada.

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Answer :


The aim of the report is to present information about the system investigation and system design details of the proposed information system for the fitness training business named You Can Fit In. In the following sections of the report there are information about the business, system vision, description of the project on developing the proposed information system, and some of the system design diagrams to explain different aspects of the proposed information system to the management

The company wants to have an automated information system to model and represent their proposed ‘supercenter’ on the Gold Coast. It also has some future expansion plan. But it wants to replace the existing human activity based process and information systems slowly and steadily. It does not wants to replace the whole process with the newly proposed information system at once as that may fail to realise the benefits and main objectives of the project and may create confusion among the managers and other employees. 

Business Information and Organizational Chart 

You Can Fit In is a large scale fitness training institution that is planning to expand it’s business by opening a super center on the Gold Coast, Queensland. They also have some distant future plan to expand the business to other locations like Brisbane. However, the future expansion plans depend on the performance of the current project on building a supercenter with lots of new facilities and equipped with modern settings of information and communication technologies.

The CEO of the company is Mr. Adam Apple. He heads the management team. There are 3 managers who directly reports to the CEO. The CEO operates the company from the Melbourne HQ. The three other managers are, Mr. Donald Dollars who is the manager of finance, Ms. Sally Molly, who is the manager of Sales and Marketing, and Mr. Chia Chen who is the manager of operations. There are thirteen existing centers of the business. All these centers are operated by center managers. These 13 center managers directly reports to Chia. Now, Adam has the plan to open the supercenter to emphasis on the personal fitness for general users and elderly people. The institute offers fitness training programs for athletes for a long time. But it wants to tap into the market of general fitness training programs for the public, for elderlies and for tourists who are interested in adventure gaming related fitness training. None of the current center are equipped with the facilities like the proposed supercenter. Adam has also planned to roll out a 24x7 online system for users to check for the facilities and training programs being offered, to check the profiles of the trainers, to purchase fitness related products and to book for training sessions. Additionally, he also wants the super center to be equipped with wearable computing devices and a suitable network to connect those devices to collect user data and analyze those. They have also planned to implement a card based membership management program for the users who will use the super center. 

Each of the centers other than the super center has full-time and casual staffs other than the center managers. Each unit may have a shop associated with it. Hence, shop attendants are there to handle the stocks and sales. There are front end executive and instructors or trainers to offer the classes. For classes such as yoga, swimming and aerobics, they have expert trainers and life guards to handle life safety issues. 

The new facility will be managed by Mark Lewis. He has three years of experience in running and managing fitness related facilities. 

The organizational chart of the current business process without the proposed organizational chart of the fitness training business is given below. 

 organizational chart of the fitness training business

System Vision 

The business is currently using limited number of information systems. For example, they uses a stand along accounting system to manage the account related activities. Additionally, they use simple word processing and spreadsheet management based systems to manage the other business operational data. So, the problems are (Tilley & Rosenblatt, 2016)

  • There is lack of a suitable information system to collect and manage data centrally from all business units and operations. 
  • There is lack of automation and that requires manual effort in data entry, data management, and data processing. 
  • There are chances of errors and data losses in the current business process. 
  • There is no membership program or online information system. The business is losing the competition in the market. It is failing to realise the benefits of an online business information system to get more customers. 
  • The business is failing to generate more revenue and to maximise its profit even though it has years of knowledge, expertise and skills to win the market. 

The anticipated business benefits of the proposed information system are listed below. 

  • It will help to align the current business processes with the proposed information and communication technology based solution 
  • It will help to automate some parts of the business process and that will help to accelerate the business processes, improving the productivity and to curb the costs associated with it. 
  • It will help to get back the ROI faster and to be profitable

The system capabilities of the proposed information system to be developed in the first phase are (Tilley & Rosenblatt, 2016)

  • It will allow the users to check the programs online 
  • It will allow the users to become members online and to select a suitable membership plan 
  • It will allow the users to select a training session 
  • It will allow the users to make payments online 
  • It will allow the staffs to get the booking details online 
  • It will allow the trainers to get rosters based on the training sessions and enrolments for the training sessions 
  • The system will track the entry and exit time, training time of the members based on swipes of their membership card 
  • The system will collect data about the training for each individual members 
  • The system will produce individual reports for each member 
  • The managers can generate various reports using the proposed information system. 

Project Management Details 

The work breakdown structure of the proposed project on development of the information system for the fitness training business is given below.  

WBSTask NameDurationStartFinishWBS Predecessors
1YCFI Project22 daysMon 17-12-18Tue 15-01-19
1.1   Meet Managers3 daysMon 17-12-18Wed 19-12-18
1.2   Take Interviews6 daysThu 20-12-18Thu 27-12-181.1
1.3   Review Records4 daysFri 28-12-18Wed 02-01-191.2
1.4   Observe Operations9 daysFri 28-12-18Wed 09-01-191.2
1.5   Analyze Accounting System3 daysThu 10-01-19Mon 14-01-191.3,1.4
1.6   Study Sample3 daysThu 10-01-19Mon 14-01-191.3,1.4
1.7   Prepare a Report1 dayTue 15-01-19Tue 15-01-191.5,1.6

Project Management Details

The network diagram of the project is, 

The network diagram of the project

Risk Analysis and Cost-Benefit Analysis 

The risk analysis details of the project are summarised in the following risk register. 

Risk IDRisk DescriptionImpactLikelihood of OccurrenceMitigation approaches
1Cost overrun High High It needs to prepare a detailed cost analysis, and following that during the project life cycle. 
2Schedule slippage High High It needs to prepare a detailed project plan, to set milestones, and to follow the schedule during the project life-cycle. 
3Obsolete technologies Moderate Low It needs to follow the cutting edge technologies to develop the proposed information system and it needs to keep the proposed information system up-to-date once it’s developed. 
4Lack of resources Moderate Moderate It needs to ensure from the beginning of the project that the resources will be always available for the project. 

The cost-benefit analysis of the project is given in the following table. 

Year 1Year 2Year 3Year 4Year 5

One Time System Development Cost $   50,000.00  $                 -    $                 -    $                 -    $                 -   

Ongoing Management Cost $                   -    $  10,000.00  $  10,000.00  $  10,000.00  $  10,000.00 

Total Cost $   50,000.00  $  10,000.00  $  10,000.00  $  10,000.00  $  10,000.00 


Tangible Benefits $                   -    $    5,000.00  $    8,000.00  $  12,800.00  $  20,480.00 

Intangible Benefits $                   -    $    2,500.00  $    4,000.00  $    6,400.00  $  10,240.00 

Total Benefits $                   -    $    7,500.00  $  12,000.00  $  19,200.00  $  30,720.00 

Total Profit $ (50,000.00) $  (2,500.00) $    2,000.00  $    9,200.00  $  20,720.00 

Hence, from the third year, it will start making profits. 

Data gathering activities

Data will be collected from the following processes. 

  • Interviews of the key stakeholders will be taken by the system analyst appointed by the IT consultancy hired by the business. Interviews of the key stakeholders will help to understand the requirements of the proposed information system, the expectations of the stakeholders and high level information about the business process (Shelly & Rosenblatt, 2012)
  • Observation of the business processes will help to understand how data are being collected and processed by the current business process and it will also help to understand the areas of focus of the proposed information system. 
  • Survey will help to collect information from a large number of stakeholders like the staffs and the customers. It will help to understand their expectations from the proposed information system, the problems they face with the current information system and so on. It will help to find out the detailed functionalities of the proposed information system (Shelly & Rosenblatt, 2012)

Use Case and Activity Diagrams 

The use case diagram is, 

Use Case and Activity Diagrams

The use case descriptions of the proposed information system are, 

  • Register Membership: A customer will register for a suitable membership plan. 
  • Search Trainer: A customer will search for a trainer from the online system by applying different filters. 
  • Search Training Sessions: A Customer will search for a training session online 
  • Book Training Session: A customer will book for a training session 
  • Shop Online: A customer can shop online from the online system 
  • Make Payment: A Customer will make payment for a purchase of a product or a service 
  • Get Reports: A customer will download report about their fitness session activities. 
  • Track Sessions : The system will track sessions of the users through wearable devices. 
  • Download Roster : The trainers will be able to download their rosters. 
  • Check Bookings : The staffs will be able to check the booking details of the customers. 
  • Generate Report : The management will be able to generate various reports on bookings, sessions, payments etc. 

The activity diagram is, 

ERD and Domain Model Class Diagram

ERD and Domain Model Class Diagram

The ER diagram is, 

The ER diagram

The domain model class diagram is, 

domain model class diagram

System Sequence Diagram

The system sequence diagram is, 

System Sequence Diagram

Conclusion and Recommendation 

The report contains information about the system investigation and design details for the YCFI business information system. The reports gives detailed information about the system vision, project management, and information about different aspects of the project. 

Based on the initial feasibility analysis and cost benefit analysis details, it is recommended to carry on the project following the project management plan.