Team Building Exercise Improve Employees Productivity

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Writes a notes on topic "Team building exercise improve employees prouctivity".

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Team is considered as the group of people who are considered as the asset of an organization. The proper functionalities of the team [D1] can provide the organization with an ample amount of success in this competitive world (Obloj & Zenger, 2017). Along with that, the participants in the team can enhance their efficiency by having a proper amount of communication in between them.

The main aim of this study is to evaluate [D2] the impact of team building exercise in order to improve the productivity of the employees. Along with that, the study also argues with the different negative aspects of the teamwork in an organization. Based on the proper arguments of the different authors, the study finally concludes regarding the fact that whether the teamwork effects the organizational growth or not.

The thesis statement [D3]of this essay aims to incorporate team-building exercises in order to improve the overall productivity of the employees of an organization.

Team building exercise improve employees productivity

The team building activities can easily enhance the skills of the team[D4] . Along with that, it also enhances the process of communication in between the team members. The proper team building mainly allows the employees to have a proper relation in between them and share their skills and knowledge. Therefore, the team building can be considered as an opportunity for the organizations to have a proper growth in their sector. Along with the different positive impact of the teamwork, there are some negative aspects too that needs to be taken into consideration by the organizations (Horr, Elsarrag, & Mazr, 2016).

One of the advantages of the team building is the fact that the employees can share their different ideas. There are an [D5] ample amount of approached to conduct the project and it is not mandatory that every employee would choose the same idea to accomplish the project. Therefore, the different team members generate different ideas in order to complete the same job. However, there are some tem members who do not participate properly in the teamwork (Zak, 2017). The unequal participation in the teamwork mainly reduces the chance of having growth in the global market. Another advantage with the teamwork is the fact that it enhances the efficiency of the employees. The group can perform the given task within the given deadline and enhances the growth of the overall organization. On the other hand there are some team members who would not have the same sense of responsibility regarding the team players (Obloj & Zenger, 2017). The people who are not the proper team players can easily hamper the performance of the overall team. 

In addition to that, proper team building enhances the accountability for the different weak areas. The team members can help the other members who are facing certain difficulties regarding their working activity. It limits the creativity of a member (Horr, Elsarrag, & Mazr, 2016). The entire time can be provided to other[D6]  member in order to make him or her understand the job. Therefore, it limits the working of the experienced person. Along with that, the teamwork can also generate the inherent conflict in between the employees because of the fact that everyone not always performs their work based on the same idea. The efficient employees can be considered as the asset of the organization and they can easily participate in the growth of the organization. 

However, some aspects differ from the statement. Therefore, the organizations need to monitor the performance of the team and based on that they can set their future planning regarding the organizational growth. The proper monitoring can help the organizations to understand the strength and weaknesses of the team and they need to convert the different weakness factors to the strength of the organization.


After summing up the study, it can be said that the teamwork [D7] is very much effective for the organizations in order to have a proper growth in the competitive platform. Along with that, it can also be concluded that the teamwork can enhance the relationship in between the employees of the organization. However, the negative aspects can also evaluate that the tem work needs to be monitored properly. Otherwise, it may generate an ample amount of chaos in the work environment. Therefore, it can be said that the organizations that monitor their team performance properly can have the proper amount of growth in their respective sector.