THB1104 Local Attractions: Marriott Hotels Sydney Assessment Task 2 Answer

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Question :

THB1104 Assessment Task 2 Individual Essay (Review of a Local Star Category Hotel)

Task description:Students are required to write a short summary and Essay on one local attractions drawing on their observations.

Task Length:800-1000 words

Task Weight:20 %

Task Requirements:

Students will be required to summarise the key points observed and explain how these points relate to the following theories, frameworks or concepts (ideas) discussed in weeks 1

– 4:

  • Brief overview of the hotel (brand, type, market profile, ownership, established year, basic facilities etc.).
  • Local market analysis (location, who is their target market)
  • Push Factors;
  • Pull Factors;
  • Tourist criteria and/or purpose of visit to the hotel.

Task-2 (due in week 5) Essay

Essay should be 800-1000 words in length and is worth 20% of the total assessment. It should be in essay format. The submission should include the following:

  • Title Page with your name and student number, the subject code and title, the name of the lecturer/tutor, and the title of the assessment;
  • The title and Photo/photos of Local star category hotel (The  student needs to be present in the photos submitted).
  • An Introduction that provides a brief overview of the hotel (brand, type, market profile, ownership, established year, basic facilities etc.)
  • The Main Body of the essay, which should include the following elements:
    • A summary of the key points of the local market analysis (location, who is their target market)
    • An explanation of the “push” factors that are observed to increase demand for the chosen local hotel.
    • An explanation of what “pull” factors are observed to increase demand for the chosen local hotel.
    • An explanation on “Guest Purpose of Visit” for the chosen hotel studied from the theories, frameworks or concepts (ideas) in weeks 1 – 4.
  • Conclusion, which summarises key points and recommendations
  • A Reference List and in-text referencing in APA Referencing Style with a minimum of four (4) references, including at least two academic references (e.g. a journal article, one of the prescribed texts)

Criteria used to grade this task

  1. Describe characteristics of the tourism and hospitality industry and the importance of service
  2. Present ideas orally and in accordance to requirements
  3. Outline the scope of tourism and hospitality products and services
  4. Define tourism from a holistic perspective and appreciate its role in the economy
  5. Describe the fundamental structure of a tourism system, including the role of destinations
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Answer :

Topic: Marriott Hotels Sydney


Grand Marriott Hotels is situated in core of the CBD on esteemed Collins Street, Sydney's epicenter of high mold and fine feasting. Marriott Hotels offers a variety of offices and amenities to solve every visitor's problem, known for its luxury and predictable administrative excellence (Marriott Hotel Sydney). Work out in our five-star sports center or enjoy a range of back rubs and management excellence at City Club Health and Fitness. Marriott hotel offer a separate venue with 15 creative spaces, including a 2-story assembly hall and the main event space, for living - perfect for the next amazing occasion or meeting. Check out a variety of dietary options, including the tagged restaurant. When tourists stay at the Grand Marriott Hotels, they will experience a relaxing luxury.

Market Profile 

Marriott’s overall accommodation arrangements exceed 710 complete and select executive hotels, including 305 supervised properties; 348 diversified properties; 31 claimed properties; 23 supervised properties and 4 diversified properties. The inn business is very aggressive. Like all passionate organizations, Marriott is managing network intermediaries who charge fees to showcase their rooms through their authorities (Chen & Chen, 2015). Web-based subscription disruption is one of the biggest difficulties facing brick-and-mortar organizations.


Marriott Hotels has the best entry-level rooms in the city, each of which has a spacious walk-in pantry as standard, and an Italian marble bathroom with a large sprinky bath and plasma TV and an iPod docking station (Ha, 2016). Wait. Hunting for extra? They support going to the park lounge (included in the upper room), which has a comprehensive city view, a day of nutrition and drinks, and more obvious personal thoughts.

Target Market

Contrary to those who seek a wide gathering, most of Marriott hotels plan to talk to high-end customers. Marriott uses the request space department to understand the customer's attitude depending on how they use the inn. At that point, Marriott divided these open doors into different events. To learn more about its visitors, Marriott provided an overview of 20,000 customers in nine unique countries. The organization achieved the goals of high-end customers in the same way, as well as their quality and requirements.

Push Factors

Seeking Relaxation 

All work and no play are not worth thanking. Many people need to relax on a busy schedule.

Enhancing Social Circle

Many family members/allies are arranged in different parts of the world. They need to visit with them, not knowing if it is a short time.

Satisfying Spiritual Needs 

There are things on this planet that are of religious importance to a few people. Religious travel is always associated with some reason, for example, seeing the location of the last pope, or flying to the town where the imaginary prophet is located (Prayag, 2010).

Picking up Knowledge 

Personal influences go out because they need to learn other social order. They must see the perfection between their lifestyle and various social orders.

Pull Factors 

Occasions and Activities 

As per the objectives, various events and activities can be approached by the ability to attract many vacationers (Weinstein, 2014).

Simple Access and Affordable 

People need to be constantly on such spots that are protected, worthwhile and direct. Explanations necessary to select specific motives:

• Affordable Tourist Destination 

• Safe Destination 

History and Culture 

The story of the past and the people are based on the objective of the visitors to experience the spots and activities that are really addressing.

Knowledge Seeking 

In order to examine the lifestyle of the district, especially the lifestyle of the general public in those geographical areas and the different types of lives that help shape their life style, people are aiming to experience the traditional diet (Wernick & Von Glinow, 2012).

Purpose of Visit

Business Visitors 

Guests travelling to the city for a business meeting must go to Grand Marriott as it is located in the city centre.


Hotel guests coming to Sydney should visit the Marriott Hotel. The main reason is that visiting them will get all the comfort, good service, and it is close to all the city places (Whyte, 2017).


The hotel has everything you need to make your stay a pleasant one. The bathroom is perfect and sparkling. The photos on the crossover can be adjusted reasonably and everything works reliably. Another person makes sure everything is useful, smooth and clean only for you.

Sight seeing 

The hotel’s rooms are known for their courtyards with a view and are perfect for a good time (Chen & Chen, 2015). You sit on the gorgeous porch, linger in a quiet and relaxing environment, enjoy the aroma of the ocean and pine trees, do not need to do anything, because you are on vacation, your independent goal is to rest and relax. 


Track and measure execution 

In order to quantify progress, hotels need to develop baselines and benchmarks. For example, to what extent is it a good idea for the visitor's response? Principles help to ensure predictable management of property and are the reason for the change.

Treat each visitor like a celebrity  

Grand Marriott should treat their visitors like large characters. They should cause connections that affect the feelings of visitors, rather than affecting the nature of administration and distortion, not like movie stars.