The Impact Of Facebook Usage To The Academic Performance Of The Philippines Students Assessment Answer

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Presentation topic is

1Q The impact of facebook usage to the academic performance of the Philippines students.

Use need to use 7 to 8 peer review articles for this presentation. Please not less than 7 articles.

Assignment details 

1. Individual Assignment: Poster Presentation of a Research Topic (30%) 

Recommended length: 500-700 words on the Poster including references not more than 700 words please 

This assignment is focused on the presentation of a research problem statement/initial topic proposal which might be used for Assessment 2 in this unit. Students should be able to demonstrate how they have arrived at this research problem statement via a short review of an appropriate body of literature. 

Marking guidelines for the research problem statement include:  

  • Clear and explicit statement of the research problem which contributes to academic understanding or practical issues.  
  • Clear and succinct summation of the key literature selected for review that identifies gaps, inconsistencies or other problems with the existing state of knowledge on the research topic, which will lead to a logical derivation of the research problem. 
  •  Clear and explicit statement of the significance of the proposed research, both academically and practically to the business context.  
  • Scholarly citation and referencing ( Chicago).
  • Presenting research information for a diverse audience is an important way to communicate knowledge. One common way to present information at conferences is to present a poster. The aim of this assessment is to communicate the research problem statement to an audience of peers and academics via a poster presentation.
  •  Please use programs such as PowerPoint to prepare a poster. The poster should be around 700 words in length including references. The presentation should use language that is appropriate for a non-specialist audience and introduce the topic and its significance both academically and practically to the business context. Please see the marking guide below which outlines the content the poster/presentation should address. 
  • Poster Presentation Marking Guide (30%) 
  • Assessable components Marker’s comments Weight Content Presentation of relevant theory (i.e. key points of literature reviewed and implications of gaps in the literature clearly stated) Logical derivation of research problem from the brief outline of literature Clear statement of key research question(s) identified Clear statement of the significance/contribution of the proposed research The poster template and correct referencing style are followed 20% .
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Answer :

The Impact of Facebook Usage to The Academic Performance of The Philippines Students


The introduction and popularity of social media networks have revolutionized human communication and interaction all over the world. The high usage of social media platforms has been further reinforced by the intense digitalisation of the modern world where access to mobile devices and internet is prevalent in both developed and developing nations. Despite the advantages of faster communication through social media sites like Facebook and Twitter, there are other drawbacks as well which greatly affect the younger people. The report focuses on the impact of Facebook usage on the academic performance of Philippines students. The research study conducts a short review of appropriate body of literature and determines the research significance based on theoretical contributions as well as in practice through recommendations to mitigate the problem statement.

Research Questions

The research questions of the report are as follows.

Q1. What is the reason behind high usage of Facebook by Philippines students?

Q2. How does this Facebook usage impact the academic performance of these students?

Literature Review

Facebook Usage by Filipino Students

In a research study conducted by on 92 Filipino students, it was revealed that almost all of the students use Facebook on an average of 30 minutes on a daily basis although it may vary from student to student. However, argue that Facebook usage for Filipino college students vary greatly between freshman year to senior years. As compared to the senior students, freshman students are more prone to Facebook usage and spend a significant amount of time online browsing through social media pages and chatting with their friends and families. However, as students move towards senior years, their Facebook usage is mostly for maximizing their social connections with friends and other members of the community. Only a small percentage of students reported that their only purpose for using Facebook is to access important messages and events and hence tend to use it for 10-15 minutes every day.

Reasons Why Filipino Students Use Facebook

Although Facebook is quite prevalent among Filipino students, not all of them use it for the same purpose and might vary from student to student based on their educational level, age or even social needs. The findings of research by indicate that most of the Filipino students use Facebook to stay up-to-date with their school activities and utilizes Facebook as Learning Management System (LMS). Sharing information on social media sites about recent school programs and activities is a major reason why Filipino school students spend a lot of time online while also communicating with their friends for their individual input on the program. Apart from these academic usages, as suggested by Facebook is also used by a large chunk of college students to maintain their social circles and keep in touch with friends and family members who they don’t meet in person regularly. This usage is aligned with the original purpose behind Facebook which is to enhance communication between people and offer a common platform for sharing life experiences.

Impact of Facebook on Academic Performance

Despite the communication advantages that Facebook provides, Filipino students have been abusing it through over usage and fail to use it in moderation. As a result of this, their academic performances have been greatly affected and students with more online time tend to have poorer grades due to less time spent on studying. However, research studies by is in contradiction to the former claim and a weak yet positive correlation was noticed between Facebook usage and academic performances. Conducting an even more comprehensive study revealed that Facebook usage mostly has a negative impact on student’s performance overall with positive effect only in some specific cases.

Significance of Research

Contribution to Theory

The correlation between Facebook usage and academic performances of Filipino students gathered from multiple research studies and academic sources has a major significance on this research topic and can be applicable for other countries as well. As student behavior towards use of social media platforms tend to be similar across nations, future researches can use this research study as a reference point to determine and compare their own results and findings. However, the research is not specific for school and college students and provides an overall view.

Contribution to Practice

Based on the several research studies reviewed in the report, it is evident that despite the academic learning advantages that Facebook provides, intense usage tends to deteriorate the academic performance of Filipino students in general. It often leads to Facebook Addiction Disorder (FAD) which has a psychological impact that eventually affect the academic performance. It is through strict policies and limitations on Facebook usage time by universities that the students can be restricted to constantly use this social media site. Moreover, educating the students about the use in moderation and prevent FAD can actually help them give up their addictive habit.