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Part A: Professional Conduct Regulation

Conside the IITP code of professional conduct (IITP) and compare with

1) The Association for computing machinery code of Ethics and professional conduct (ACM)

2) The NZ Cloud computing code of practice (CloudCode)

Q(1a): Identify and describe 3 ways that the IITP code deals with conflict of interest for IITP professionals.

Q(2b): Identify 2 points in the ACM or CloudCode which might be a useful addition to the IITP code in relation to any of conflict of interest, confidentially or honouring agreements and responsibilities?

Q(3c): Explain in detail how each of the 2 points identifed could apply and how it wold benefit the IT profession.

Q2: Person and businesses that ar membes of the IITP are required to comply with their code. However, IT professionals do not need a practising certificate to work as IT professionals. Also many IT professional ae not members of the IITP. Membership is not compulsory.

Q(2a): Explain 3 advntages and 3 disadvantages of making it compulsory for anybody declaring to be an IT professional to join the IITP and be issued with a practising certificate every two yeas before he or she could work as an IT professional.

Q(2b): Give reasons for each of your advantahes and disadvantages.

Q(3a): Find at least one rule of the ACM that you think could be usedfully incorporated into the IITP code.

Q(3b): Explain why you  think the rule would be of use to the profession.

Q(3c): Find at least one rule of the CloudCode that you consider has no application whatever to with IT professionals and wuld therefore not be useful as an addition to the IITP code.

Q(3d): explain why you think that rule would not be of use to the IT profession.

Part B: Business law and Structures

Q(4a): Explain to your store managers of four ethical issues involved

Q(4b): Explain to your purchasing managerif any law is being breached if the company agrees to the deal.

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Answer :

Part A: Professional Conduct regulation

Question One

Question 1a

The different policies along with the procedures are not able to predict all the situations and the seriousness of different aspects. According to Clarke (2017), some kind of situations requires having the subject of discretionary judgments whenever they arise. The three different ways through which the IITP codes deal with the conflict of interest for IITP professionals are

  • Identification and disclosing the proper conflict of interest
  • Deciding the actions that needs to be taken into account to avoid the situations of conflict of interest
  • After resolving the conflict, issue there needs to be a proper implementation of the plan that can mitigate the issues so that they should not arise again.

The proper identification needs to be taken into account so that the professionals can understand the issue. Primarily, the members along with the official people needs to take the responsibility regarding the conflict issue. In addition to that, after going through the conflict issue, there needs to be a proper action that can be used in order to mitigate the conflict issue. Along with that, according to Zegwaard & Campbell (2014), the professionals also need to consider the certain factor so that the situations of conflict not arise again. This is the certain different aspects that the IITP Code mainly deals with the different conflict of interest regarding the IITP professionals. 

Question 1b

One of the main points that can be considered as useful for IITP codes is be honest and trustworthy. Without having the proper amount of trust, an organization cannot function properly. Along with that, the honest computing professionals should not make false claims regarding the system design. They need to disclose all the issues regarding the system design (Code of Ethics | IT Professionals New Zealand - ITP. 2017). Therefore, the management can easily identify the limitations regarding the system. In addition to that, the IT professionals also need to be fair while disclosing their educational qualification along with any kind of situations that can lead to the conflict of interest in between the organization.

On the other hand, the IT professionals deal with the collection and exchange of the different set of personal information. This kind of information sometimes gets effective for the organization and can help them to get rid out of the different conflict situations. However, the professionals need to respect the privacy of other professionals. According to Descubes, McNamara & Claasen (2017), the proper respect in the organization regarding the privacy of other professionals enhances the level of respect towards other. These kinds of principles regarding the privacy issues can be applied to the different electronic communications that includes the e-mail along with the different messages.

Question 1c

The honest and trustworthiness is considered as a big advantage for the IT professionals in order to handle the different issues that are related with the IT professionals. Members in the organizations such as IITP may at times placed in situations where their statements are considered as very much crucial. Therefore, an IITP member needs to take care of his or her representation regarding his or her words. In addition to that, the honest nature of the person can help the organization to have an ample amount of benefit regarding the productivity of the organization.

Privacy is considered as another issue that can enhance the operations for the IITP members. Maintenance of the different privacy issues regarding the functions of the organization can also enhance the productivity of the organization. Along with that, it enhances the trust in between the employees and the employees can work in a free working environment (Crane & Matten, 2016). In addition to that, the employees also maintain the privacy regarding their organizational functionalities. Therefore, it also works in a positive side for the organization that can reduce the issues that may arise due to the conflict issues. These are the certain factors that IITP can consider into their account in order to provide benefit to their IT professionals.

Question Two

Question 2a

There is an ample amount of benefits regarding the membership of the IITP for an IT professional. The advantages are

  • The individuals can share their knowledge with the other members so that they can identify the areas in which they are lagging behind from the others (Janssens & van Wesel, 2016).
  • The membership also enhances the internal efficiency of the organization along with the productivity.
  • In addition to that, the members of IITP can get the chance of getting involved with the different innovative approaches that the organization may take into consideration.

Along with the multiple advantages, there are also some limitations regarding the membership of the IITP organization. In addition to that, the certifications after every two-year period also cost some sort of disadvantages to the IT professionals along with the IITP. The disadvantages are

  • The process of certification can cost a good deal regarding the time and money. The certifications that are available can be achieved through the proper experience and self-study. On the other hand, some of them require a high amount of cost (Finn & Wright, 2016).
  • Along with that, the main issue of the certification is the recognition from the organizations.
  • The number of certifications is too high; therefore, it generates an issue regarding the membership of the IITP.

Question 2b

When it comes to the justification regarding every advantage and disadvantage for IT professionals, the first thing that needs to take into consideration is the sharing of knowledge in between the employees. The proper communication process enhances the productivity of the entire group. In addition to that, the process of innovation also gets some sort of emphasize if the group has a proper number of members as every person may provide their different thoughts regarding the expansion of the IT services and the products, therefore the management can come up with a lot of options regarding the update of the entire group. 

On the other hand, when it comes to the disadvantages of the different certifications that the IT professionals need to have after every two year, one of the big issue is the time. According to Bishop (2013), as the employees are service holders, therefore it is tough for them to have access to that certification course. Along with that, the financial factor also needs to be taken into account as they acquire an ample amount of money from the professionals. Moreover, the number of certification courses also diverts the mind of the IT professional so that they get confused regarding the certifications.

Question Three

Question 3a

There are different codes in the ACM, however the fairness and no discrimination can be considered as the rule that IITP can take into their account. Fairness in the workplace can distribute the proper amount of job in between every employee. Therefore, the employees not get stressed. Along with that, it also influences upon their performance. Moreover, the factor of discrimination can cause an ample amount of harm to the organization. Therefore, the organization needs to maintain the no discrimination criteria into their organizational policies (Trevino & Nelson, 2016). The absence of discrimination also ensures the professionals with a sense of safety and security. Therefore, it enhances their personal productivity. In addition to that, it can also enhance the efficiency of IITP if they consider this aspect into their account.

Question 3b

Effectiveness and the efficiency are considered as two main parameters for a particular group. It gets prominent when it comes to the different IT services. The IITP consists of different codes that the IT professionals need to maintain in order to provide both efficiency and effectively. In order to enhance their effectiveness, the sense of fairness can be taken into account. This mainly enhances the fair practices in between the organization and the IT professionals get ethically and morally strong (Ayoun, Rowe & Yassine, 2015). In addition to that, the maintenance of proper ethical standards can help them to derive new ideas and services regarding their platform. On the other hand, the absence of discrimination also makes the entire workplace suitable for every employee. They can perform their responsibilities without any kind of hassle and can easily become productive in a very short time frame.

Question 3c

One of the core principles of the CloudCode is the fact that they do not reinvent the existing works. They mainly depend on the existing works and try to modify those aspects properly so that it gets better in terms of performance. Therefore, it can be said that this particular principle has no real usage in IITP code. As IITP mainly focuses over the innovative approach in order to enhance the productivity, therefore, it can be said that this principle has no certain use in IITP code. The CloudCode mainly puts an ample amount of emphasize over their existing works so that they can get better and proper in terms of their functionalities (Cloud Computing Code of Practice. 2017). As IITP do not deal with this concept, therefore it can be said that the implementation of this certain principle into their code is of no usage.

Question 3d

As an IT professional, every people needs to increase his or her knowledge level as the technology is updating regularly. Therefore, the IT professionals should not get stagnant at one particular aspect. They need to find out the new areas so that they can formulate new ideas. Along with that, it also enhances the personal knowledge of the person. In addition to that, it also helps the person to stay at the competition in the global world. On the other hand, cloud platform is considered as the most modified field in the information technology. Therefore, the innovative ideas need to be generating in terms of cloud platform (Garegnani, Merlotti & Russo, 2015). That is why it can be said that this particular principle would not be of any kind of usage for the IT professionals as it stops their growth rate.

Part B: Business Law and Structures

Question Four

Question 4a

When it comes to the ethical issues, the first thing that needs to be taken into account is the fact that, the organization needs to agree with that, there would be a three months prominence period in their shops that would display the other supplier’s products in the less favorable position to get the proper value of their own products. This is not considered as an ethical practice.

In addition to that, not a single member of the organization along with the manager use the products of the supplier still they need to say their customers that all the members of the organization use their products. Lying to the customers in order to sell the products is not considered as an ethical practice.

The third condition that the supplier of the hardware products put in front of the organization is that they need to advertise that they are selling products at 50% sale. However, when the customers turn into the store, the marketers will manipulate them to buy another product by saying that the products that are in sale are sold. This is also not considered as an ethical practice.

The fourth ethical issue arises when the purchasing manager told the store managers that the deal is required in order to enhance the sales and profit margin. By doing unethical practice in the organization, the sales can be enhanced for short term. However, in the end the organization needs to suffer.

Question 4b

If the organization after knowing the conditions carries on the processing with the deal, then it would breach The Australian Consumer Law. This particular law includes the unfair contract terms that mainly cover the consumer and the small business contracts (The Australian Consumer Law – Australian Consumer Law. 2017). Along with that, this particular law also guarantees the consumer rights when they opt for buying any kind of products and services. As the organization would make false statement to their customers regarding the products, therefore it seems to breach The Australian Consumer Law. Therefore, if the organization needs to maintain the law and the ethical practice in the business, they should not carry on with the deal.