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Question :

The “Mozart Effect”?

Read the section in Chapter 2 on the role of emotion in critical thinking (p. 44-50) including the “Critical Thinking in Action” section from this chapter entitled The Mozart Effect (p. 50). While research has suggested that little support exists for claims that listening to music improves cognition1, different types of music can affect our emotions and may help our hinder our ability to reason and perform tasks. Let’s do a bit of an experiment.

First, answer these questions:

  1. What type of music do you like the most?  Why do you like it?
  2. How does the music affect emotions/feelings?  In a few sentences, explain the connection between the music itself and the feelings it evokes.
  3. Find an example of each of the “categories” of music listed in the article (Baroque, jazz/blues, salsa/etc., rock, ambient/New Age, heavy metal/punk, etc.) on YouTube.  Listen to the music for a few minutes and record the feelings that each evoke in you.  Be sure to name the song and the artist for each entry.





ambient/New Age

heavy metal/punk

4.  Write a paragraph describing the degree do you think that music can affect our critical thinking – for both the good and the bad? (5 sentences minimum)

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Answer :


Question – 1 

The type of Music I like the most is Classical. The choice of music differs among people, as people feel comfort in different genres of music. The reason I like Classical Music is plain and simple. I feel Classical Music more pleasant than any other music. I prefer non-lyrical music over lyrical music, as I feel lyrics often takes away our interest from music. The non-lyrical Classical Music makes me feel much better and certainly influence my mood. I feel more connected to the music because I do not have to concentrate on lyrics that could influence my mind. For an example, listening any heart breaking songs reminds us of moments that we do not actually want. 

Question – 2 

Music is the sound that affects our sense of hearing and influence our mood (Bonde and Theorell, 2018). Music affects our emotions and feelings as we get connect to the music if we concentrate. Now, in that case when we listen any sweet music we feel pleasant. The best example to explain that how music affects our emotions of feelings is the music of our National Anthem. When the music of our National Anthem played, in any event, we feel the patriotism and for some they even get Goosebumps. Thus, there is undoubtedly the music itself and the feelings it evokes. 

Question – 3 

Baroques (Song – Classical [Unknown] and Singer – Radu Marian): I felt very pleasant and calm listening the song. The lyrics was not possible to understand because of language barrier. 

Jazz (Song – What a Wonderful World and Singer – Louis Armstrong): I felt happy listening the background music of the song. The lyrics of the song also very wonderful and clear to understand as music is not too loud. 

Salsa (Song – Valio La Pena and Singer – Marc Anthony): I did not feel much connected with the music as in case of Baroques and Jazz. 

Rock (Song – We Will Rock You and Singer – Queen [Band]): I loved listening the song and felt energetic. The music was quite loud but it made me feel energetic. 

Ambient (Song – Moments in Love and Singer – Art of Noise): The music was bit confusing for me I could not feel that it evoked my feelings much.

Heavy Metal (Song – War Pigs and Singer Black Sabbath): The music and singer were too loud and it was often difficult to comprehend the lyrics. However, it made me feel nodding my head and moving my body. It is difficult to say that what feeling it evoked but it was affective. 

Question – 4 

I feel music can affect our critical thinking to quite good extent. The affect could be both the good and the bad depending on the music we listen. We already discussed that the music does influence our emotions or feelings (Tan, Pfordresher and Harré, 2017). Listening classical music could help us to calm down and think more wisely. On the other hand, listening loud music can increase our adrenaline and we might end up thinking what could be incorrect particularly if the music includes lyrics that could embark our feelings.