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Portfolio Articles Analysis

Word limit: 600 words (max) for EACH OF TWO selected articles 

 For this assessment, each student will choose any TWO of the four articles provided below and write a reflective analysis. This is an individual assessment with a maximum word limit of 600 words for each article analysis (1,200 words in total for both articles excluding references). 

In analysing the two chosen articles, the emphasis is on identifying the marketing implications of the events or issues described in the selected articles. For each of the two selected articles, students are to prepare a write-up (in a single .doc or .docx format) answering the following question: 

What are the implications of the events/incidents/issues in the articles from a marketing perspective and how will these impact (positively or negatively) relevant stakeholders? 

The write-up for each article should be presented in the following format:

1. Concise summary of the key issues illustrated in the article. 

2. Explanation of why the issues illustrated in the articles are important relevant to stakeholders. 

3. Discussion of implications of these issues from a marketing perspective. 

Provide a list of at least 4 citations and references for your reflective analysis of each article (that is 8 relevant references in total for both articles). The references should consist of published academic and research papers and textbooks in the write-up to support key points. Ensure that your references are relevant to the issues discussed. You should also reference the chosen articles in the submission document with the correct URL in the reference list section (this is additional to your academic references). Referencing should follow the APA 6 style.  

Assessment Criteria: 

A brief marking criteria is provided below. 

• Summary of key issues (10%)

 • Explanations of issues’ importance (20%)

 • Reflective analysis (50%) 

• Writing style (10%) 

• Evidence of research (10%) 

Penalties apply for exceeding word limit (1% mark will be deducted from the total mark for every 100 words over the allowed 1,200 words limit).  Penalties apply for late submission (5% mark will be deducted from the total mark per day.

Submission checklist for Assessment • 1.5 line spacing and 12 size font in Times New Roman; • Maximum of 600 words for each article (maximum of 1,200 words in total excluding references); • Submitted in .doc or .docx format as a single document. 

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Answer :

Article 1: The Ultimate Guide to Marketing Trends in 2019

Summary of Key Issues

The key summary of this article is that the marketing strategy used by company to promote its products and services needs to be based on the changing marketing trends irrespective of the success factors (Erdoğmuş, & Cicek, 2012). It is found that company needs to use the marketing trend to develop strong brand image, assessing the client’s needs and demand and stay updated with the ramified economic changes. The key issue of this article is that if company wants to sustain in market then it will have to adapt its marketing trends used in its marketing strategy with ramified economic factors. The marketing trend also helps in knowing the target market segment and possible changes which company needs to make to make its products and services more customized in market. Therefore, company by using the general marketing trends could easily change its inbound marketing to make its business more customized and using clients as promoters to promote its products. There are other several marketing trends which could be used by companies to strengthen the marketing strategy such as search engine optimization, technological trends and privacy marketing trend. All these marketing trend helps in attracting the clients and making the business more customized with these fast moving advance technological world (Erdoğmuş, & Cicek, 2012). There are many businesses which can use virtual reality and augmented reality as their marketing tools to keep the business one step ahead of the market. Therefore, the key issue of this article is related to selecting the business marketing strategy trend of company to attract and grab its potential clients from the market. 

The relevance of key issues with stakeholders

There are several stakeholders of the company who directly and indirectly affected by the company such as customers, shareholders, government, directors, managers and employees. The issue identified in this article related to adapting marketing trends used in its marketing strategy with ramified economic factors has direct and indirect impact on the employees, clients and directors of the company. In this today’s world, clients are getting more cautions towards the marketing trends and inclined towards the companies using the advance technologies and system process (Kotler, et al. 2018). Therefore, with the changes in the client’s needs and demand, company needs to adapt its marketing trends accordingly. In addition to this, employees are also one of the stakeholders who get affected with the marketing trend issue. They need to adapt with the changing inbound and outbound activities to match with the newly adopted marketing trends (Pulizzi, 2012).  The directors also get affected with the key issue as they have to be more vigilant about the business needs, economic factors, and new marketing strategy which could be used to keep the business one step ahead in the market from those of others. Nonetheless, new marketing trend has direct nexus with the policies and marketing rules issued by government. Therefore, government rules and regulations would also be considered by company while adapting towards the new marketing trend in its marketing program. 

The implication of issues from a marketing perspective 

The marketing perspective is based on the client’s choices, desire, need, value and demand in the market. The marketing strategy of the company is to target the potential clients and influence them to buy the offered products and services. The marketing trend helps in knowing the target market segment and possible changes which company needs to make to make its products and services more customized in market. It allows company to develop product customization strategy in market to attract more target clients. These all the marketing trends are used by the organization to strengthen its offering and target or reach potential clients through the different unique modes such as content marketing, social media marketing and general marketing trends.

Article 2: Authenticity the Kind of Authenticity Customers Will Pay More For

Summary of Key Issues

  1. The authenticity is used to assess the viability of a certain brand of the company.  It is considered that people are looking for real and genuine things in every step of their life, be it a restaurant, daily need products, luxury products and any kind of service. The key issue of this article is to identify how people respond to authenticity. There are two types of authenticity generate through the certain factors in business industry.  The specific category authenticity is generated when organization follows a specific category and genre like in case of restaurants many pizzerias are considered authentic because they produce perfect Italian pizza. In this category, people give higher ratings and praise but are not ready to pay extra. On the other hand, the authenticity based on the core belief and values reveals that when the organization adheres to its values and core beliefs. They are not ready to compromise with the values to earn more profits and popularity. Both types of authenticity have their own clients and used by companies accordingly based on the potential clients, target market and economic values. Another issue in this article is that what kind of authenticity, company needs to use to succeed in market. The organization can promote their business by flaunting their high ratings and increase their sales volume instead of increasing price in case of organizations which authenticate genre and category. The organization whose authenticity depends on its value can make more profits by increasing their prices (Vannini, & Williams, 2016).

The relevance of key issues with stakeholders

The key issues identified in this are relevant to marketing managers and sales person of the team.  The authenticity of the organization is based on the marketing strategy used by marketing managers in organization. The particular selected marketing authenticity helps marketing managers and sales people to develop certain rules, values, belief and culture to serve clients (Vannini, & Williams, 2016). This adopted marketing authenticity helps them to adapt with the marketing factors and business changes while formulating the marketing strategy. This has positive impact on the marketing managers as it helps them to be more vigilant about the client’s needs and demand in market.  Another stakeholder is shareholders who made the investments so in case of value-based authenticity they have to put more investments and the returns somewhat slow. While in case of a specific category and genre authenticity, the high ratings create more volume and thus the returns are quicker. The key issue is also relevant with the clients as they have to decide whether they want the specific genre-based authenticity or value-based authenticity (Ibarra, 2015). Therefore, by using the particular authenticity transparency, they could easily compare and assess the quality of the serviced offered by company. 

The implication of issues from a marketing perspective 

The marketing perspective helps in identifying the marketing factors such as client’s needs, values belief and culture of clients in market.  However, the identified issue of type of authenticity organization is absorbing in its business strategic program allows marketing managers to develop effective marketing strategy to attract more clients. For instance, if clients are money oriented and least like to make extra penny then the marketing team has to promote their high ratings if they are following specific category based authenticity (Cobb, 2014).  While in the case, when clients are inclined towards taking the luxury services, commitment and unique advantages then the value-based organization should focus on promoting the values the company and generating authenticity because of following core belief and values in organization.