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Assessment 2 (35%):Due in week 8

Research assessment on the use of effective communication skills when working with a chosen target client group (1000 to 1200 words).

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            Communication skill is the important aspect that has helped to deliver the key responsibilities of the employees in the organization. It has defined the decision-making ability in the mind of the employees so that the flow of the operation an organization can be maintained easily and effectively with time to time.

Theories of effective communication

There are many theories, which is associated with the theories of communication.

The lists of the theories are as follows

1) Actor network Theory 

            This theory usually suggest that the factors for the human and the non- human can be easily influential  for generating the success of the innovation in an technological terms  and it has also created the creation for the science knowledge (Mercer-Mapstone & Kuchel, 2017) . This theories approach suggest that the networks are usually formed this so that the networks usually will tend to contribute the process of success. It mainly suggest that it manly responsible for the advancements that will be achievable for responsible for achieving the outcomes which will be meeting the standards f the business. The origin energy which is situated Australia should focus on the Actor – network theory as it will helped to perform the business functions.

2) Adaptive Structuration Theory 

            The groups and the organizations generally create the rule and the resources usually helped to define the strictures, which require performing the business functions. The social system structures helps tool develop the life to their own  in order to measure the quality  which affects the quality in the decision making process which can also affect the structure of the organization.  Hence the role of the origin energy should need to establish the decision making process in the mid of the staff so that it will enhance the productivity (Greenaway et al. 2015).

3) Agenda Setting Theory 

The Agenda setting theories includes the mass media organizations in order to determine the popularity  in general while considering newsworthy that will help to define the attention which will receive the new story . The salience transfer helps the origin energy Company of Australia to transfer their agendas in the mind of the audiences.  Agenda setting theory will help the origin energy to perform the output of the variables so that the necessity for setting the communication channel will help to achieve the organizational goals.

Cognitive Dissonance Theory 

            Cognitive Dissonance theories  determines to make a necessary assumptions  for generating the incompatible beliefs or the attitudes in the mind of the individual  so that  it will help to balance the beliefs in the mind of the individual and it will also help to reduce the chance of over hearing in order to match the action of the beliefs. The origin energy which is renowned organization in Australia should focus in the emphasis to train the employees and the staffs so that the they reduce the dissonance which is resulted from the over hearing (Evans, Hearn, Uhlemann & Ivey, 2017).


Examining the fundamental nature for the effective communication based on the perception, attitudes, values and the cultural issues 

            The high and low context culture aims to relate the thought of the employees and the feelings in order to upbringing so that it will help to analyze the base decision depending upon the facts of the individuals so that the decisions can be solved.  In Australia the organization, have the high context cultures which are collectivist and focus on inter personal relationships in order to make a decision making process effective in the organization.  The cross-cultural communication helps to set the rules in order to define the growth of the business in Australia, Hence, the cross-cultural communication is the important tool that will help to define the roles and the responsibilities of the people working in origin energy.

Social barriers that can complicate the process of communication

            The social barriers also create wide ranges of problem in order to understand the problem of the organization. It is important to note in the fact that the organization should know how to express and understand the level of the expressions. The Communication process helps to know the bases in under to understand the human reactions so that the functions can be performed smoothly. Therefore, it is to be noted on the fact that it is the duty of the organization to under the social constraints of the individual so that it will help them to solve the problem that is faced by the employees and the staffs in the organization.

Critical thinking and the problem associated with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people 

            For Aboriginal and Torres Strait islanders, the young individual mainly includes to understand the history so that it will influences the individual and the community, which mainly involves the disadvantages, and the advantages, which usually exit in the community. This mainly includes the basic of understanding of the kingship networks and the community, which belongs to it. Hence, according to them the self-determination is the main process to understand the provision for Aboriginal and Torres Strait islander for knowing the services of the health care.  Therefore, this person have the capability and they have the strength in terms of creativity and endures the understand relationship between the human beings and the environments.

Listening and Non-verbal skill

            Interpersonal skills helps to identifies the problems that is associated to improve the improvements of the gestures via body postures and the expressions for the  analysis in terms of behavior  of a person in order to understand  the problem of the organization. The listening skills should be implicated by the organization of Australia. Hence, it has been identified as the issues related to the Aboriginal and Torres Strait islanders as the interpersonal and the listening skill is very much necessary so that the issues can be identified by learning the person behavior with the help of the body posture and the expressions of the individuals (Kaplonyi et al.2017).

Conflict resolution and Reflective skills 

            The communication skill helps to compete in the tough situation so that it will help to reduce the conflict. The effective communication skill also helps to define the role and the responsibilities by having the approach of collaboration in order to handle the situation of the organization effectively in tough time (Jackson, 2015). The organization of the Australia especially the origin energy should emphasize in order to develop the effective communication channels so that it will help to increase the productivity of the employees in order to work better.


            From, the above study, it can be concluded that the effective communication is necessary for determining and managing the performance of the employees in Australia because the effective communication focus on the growth and development of the organization.