Therapeutic Value Of Nursing Care

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Written Assessment: Essay 

Consider the followi­ng topic and write a well-organised essay addressing the top­ic.

Caring is fundamental in nursing, and de­velops with therapeu­tic use of self, a process between the nurse and patien­t.

Outline characterist­ics of therapeutic nursing, and describe how these skills can be implemented to increase the therape­utic value of nursing care.

This assessment task requires an academic essay, with an int­roduction, logically linked and well org­anised paragraphs fo­rming the body of yo­ur argument, and a conclusion. Ensure th­at the conclusion a does not contain quo­tes/references or in­troduce new ideas. The essay must be wri­tten in 3rd person.  You will need a minimum of 5 journ­al articles

Your essay must be referenced in APA 6th style, with paraphr­asing and a reference list at the end of your paper. Evidence is required that a wide range of relev­ant, high quality, credible literature has been chosen to su­pport arguments. You wi­ll need a minimum of 5 journal articles, dated within the la­st 5-7 years.

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In therapeutic nursing care, it is very much essential that the patient and nurse built a relationship that will help them to cure any disease within minimum time and this process generate an emotional experience for the patient. Mutual bondings of respect create from this basis (White, 2014). The clinical technologies that  help the patient to cure his disease and the nurse takes care of this process with relation to the personal attributes and with time it changes the behavioral pattern of the patient. For the achievement of optimal growth and success of the patient building, a therapeutic relation is very much essential. In this case, the study mainly evolves with the possibility that the therapeutic nursing care is an important aspect in the process of nursing care and it helps the patient to get success regarding his health related issues. Furthermore, the study will concentrate on the increase of therapeutic value in nursing care to solve any problem from the patient’s side. Therapeutic nursing process helps in formulating things in a way so that the interdependent, intimate, interpersonal relationship get created and operate in a procedure to achieve personal goals. 

Characteristics of therapeutic nursing:

A relationship that based on trust, respect, hope and faith mainly comes from the therapeutic nursing process. The emotional and spiritual want and need can be achieved through knowledge and skill that nurse need to generate for the patient and by the help of proper care the patient recover from the disease (Maji et al. 2013). Appropriate acknowledgement of the disease can serve a proper value that with care and faith the patient can change the current situation. The therapeutic nursing care can often generate some of the challenges and boundaries and nurse needs to give utmost importance to the patient’s health by utilizing her own feelings and experience. There are certain skills and attributes that require to help the patient to solve any problem within time. The skills include,


An empathetic situation is the process when other person gets to feel that exact things that the person is feeling through understanding the situation and it also certain kind of beliefs. 

The nurse who is taking care of the patient need to know that the patient require and according to that she serves the best things to the patient (Zimmerma et al. 2013). The nurse needs to learn that the patient has some different process to adopt the style of the patient so that she can able to recognize the disease and can able to solve the problem easily. With the help of patients, current situation nurse can able to judge the entire thing and then will recognize the fact in a way so that she can deal with patient’s situation (DeWit & O'Neill, 2013). Not only feel about the current situation t that the patient is in but nurse will put herself in the place of patient both mentally and emotionally and then proceed for the threat. 


When the nurse can able to trust the patient and can able to built respect for each other then she can serve proper care to the patient (Lukas et al. 2013). They need to give value to the client and then they need to communicate with each other and then share things that will help them to solve any problem. The feeling of admiration needs to be there in order to serve best things to the patient and by following this process the other party can able to acclaim proper favor and it will help in sharing each information in a good way. 


The self-evaluation process can be best achieved through the process of serve a genuineness and the potentiality to respond with honesty. Honesty and integrity is the most important factor here as it will help in judging another person that what he needs and what is his future requirements so as top process things within minimum time. The genuine confrontation will help in therapeutic nursing communication as both the parties will be very much open to each other and this genuineness will create a mutual bonding between them,


The nurse needs to be in good terms with the patient and the patient need to share things with nurse so they can come under a mutual bonding and understanding. the client need to confront things in clear manner and then they both will understand each other and will able to share things in a good way so that the patient can be in a good term (Low et al. 2014). Listening to the patient’s need in a way so that the nurse can able to solve the problem and the confrontation policy will help in take out every solution. When the patient will be very much clear to the nurse then the other person will get to know that how the problem can be solved and how to cope up with it. 


The process of recovery need to take certain things under consideration like the patient need to think in a clear and concise manner and will clearly define the problem to the patient so that the patient get to know that in which part she needs to work (Ramezani et al. 2014). The ability to share things, receive the diagnostic process and transmutation of information will help to generate a good help to the patient.

 The forensic nursing process more complex and sometimes creates tension and it is basically create a foundation to seek attribute, knowledge and skills. In the therapeutic nursing process, the psychiatric nurse is the necessary requirement in the entire thing and by the help of this method; the patient can easily solve the problem. Self-analysis is the first and foremost thing for self-help. The quality nursing care largely depends on the self-analysis process and some of the essential qualities will help to intensify the process (Maruyama et al. 2013). The personal feelings of the patient need to judge by the nurse and it will incorporate personal feelings of the patient, actions that he takes in his life and action based reaction to the thing. The self-allow process will understand the facts that  will help the nurse to generate proper understanding and the acceptance of the procedure will seek differences and uniqueness in this method (Slimmer et al. 2016). 

There is a psychological fact that generate from this therapeutic nursing technique as the component like knowledge, skill, motivation, personality, behavior and self-concept. The self-awareness that will gather from the psychological facts will affect the feeling of the individual and the external and internal process help a lot to generate the possible understanding of things (Svavarsdottir et al. 2016). The body image, physical potentiality and the body image can serve the proper aspect of the personality trait. Other than that the environmental concepts that helps in include the facts related to the relationship between the human beings and nature with consideration to the socio-cultural environment. 

Increase of therapeutic value in nursing care:

The nurse patient relationship building process is the most essential aspect here as in the therapeutic nursing care the responsibilities generate from this sense. For the welfare of the patient, the nurse needs to take care about each information that the patient share and these information processed in way that the patient can take the benefit of this. The social responsibility is the most the responsibility will come from some of the ethical choices like risk, commitment, accountability and justice (Karagozoglu et al. 2013). The comparison between social support and professional support will help in process things in a good way and later it will provide the clear understanding of the domain that will serve the best things in relation to the nursing role and support. There are four phrases that get described in the patient and nurse relationship like pre-interaction before go on to serve care for the patient, the introductory things, orientation, phrase in working criteria and termination phrase (Snow et al. 2014). The first contact with the patient will describe in the process of meeting with each other. The self-exploration stage will start from these criteria as both of the parties will share things and communicate. The necessary task of this therapeutic process will incorporate self-exploration. From the basis of communication process, the nurse will take out data that will help for the further collection of other information and they will engage in appositive relationship to built a basis for entire thing. 

The patient can have different perception and as a nurse, she needs to think about this thing and will continue with the particular goal of the patient. With consideration to the working phrase the process of therapeutic work carried out and both nurse and the patient take the responsibility that they coordinate with each other and judge their behavior in a way so they can process things in a good way that will help them to reach to their targets (Wengström et al. 2014). Nurses need to put the patient’s care in a way so that the professionalism get maintained and in therapeutic nursing the bonding and creation of the relationship is very much essential to justify each other’s need in a good way moreover to satisfy the mind of the patient so he can heal the disease. The relationship building opportunity is the most important thing and here both the parties will respond to the entire thing and by the help of each other they can take out information and it will lead them in the problem solving process. The patient experience during the process will help to relief from the present problem and later nurse will observe that the patient’s functioning has improved. The nurse will also notice that the patient has able to achieve the organized and planned treatment outcomes. In the nursing care, the increase of therapeutic treatment will help to felicitate the verbal and non-verbal communication. The therapeutic communication process is the strongest procedure and in this process, the nurse will understand the message of the patient and then provide advice and suggestion. 


The therapeutic nursing process is the influential practice in the nursing care and by the help of this nursing style; the practice will take a passive process. The broad openings of such criteria will help in persuading the main thing that expressed by the patient. The ideas and other things that the nurse shared, need to attempt a clear understanding from patient’s side. It is a comprehensive process. By achieving this technique in a successful way and nursing practice will establish the basis to create a successful structure for the appropriate support. 

The patient and nurse relationship practice will help in creating a culture within a proper setting and it is basically depends on trust, respect and the intimacy that based on professionalism. The relationship of patient and nurse will evolve out within a boundary and with the proper use of authority it will create a mutual understanding between them. The dignity and privacy will keep in a safe place for the help of the client. There can be a venerability observed in the patient’s minds, as the nurse is more powerful than the patients are but with appropriate assessment of knowledge, the process can be harmonized in a good way.