Three Key Issues Towards Global Tourism Assessment Answer

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Question :

This assessment is designed to get you researching and thinking contemporary about global issues in tourism and prepare a script which will be basis of presentation (A2)

You will choose three contemporary issues influencing tourism globally. Next, you should research industry and academic sources to locate evidences and examples of each issue to then provide discussion of the tourism for implications.  

Your assignment will be a 1000 word script. the script will form basis of assessment 2, presentation and be presented as follows:

1. Introduction

2. Body

3. Conclusion

4. Reference list

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Answer :



Global tourism is one of the most important aspects, which provides significant contribution towards the sustainable economic development. The study would introduce three key issues towards global tourism such as Environment issue, social issues and overtoursim.   


As per the views of Wu (2016), Global tourism significantly contributes to global economic development. As argued by Lenzen (2018) However, there are certain issues, which could create an adverse impact over the sustainable tourism. There are certain issues, which are now trending and is affecting significantly over the mindset of the tourists and tourism globally.

Environmental issues

Environmental activities such as could be made or natural. Development of natural disasters such as floods, earthquakes and others create a negative impact over the heritage monuments, parks and other tourists in different countries. Additionally, certain environmental issues are developed by human activities such as carbon emissions generated from improper disposal of waste, greenhouse gases generated through pollution from different vehicles and other sources lead to heavy corrosion over heritage monuments. Such issues reduce interest of tourists to reach the nations and be aware of tourism of the nation as no one is interested in viewing damaged monuments and tour tourists’ sites to environmental damage (Mtapuri and Giampiccoli 2016). As per the views of Brondoni (2016) nevertheless, the government of different nations are taking initiative and developing relevant legislation for environmental management, guiding the industries for carrying out CSR activities effectively in order to ensure sustainable development. For instance, different tour sites management in nations have made strict rules for avoiding use of plastics by tourists for saving natural resources.     

Socio-cultural issues

The most important social issue is language barriers amongst the tourists and local people that could create negative impact over the interest of the local people and disrupt the relationships with tourists and local residents. However, introduction of translators for the tourists could help both the tourists’ and local people understand each other’s language again making tourism as good source of employment and income for local residents.  

Traditional culture is also an issue for the tourism. Traditional culture as well as contemporary popular culture has a tendency to neglect the market of tourism. The tour operators focus on the significant capital cities as well as on the development of the short break global market. Tradition therefore acts as the backdrop for the rural tourism across the globe. In other words, cultural tourism can become a source of protecting the values, traditions while ensuring enrichment of quality of life in urban as well as rural areas (Dujmovic and Vitasovic, 2016).   The linkage in between the tourism and arts is also significantly weak. The modern tourists are now focusing on the beauty of the tourism spot and they reflect less concern regarding the heritage of the spot as well as on the artistic form of the tourism spot.  

Over tourism

Over tourism is concerned with a situation when many tourists over whelm one destination, leading to shifting balance from positive experiences towards a, sustainable tourism place. as per the views of Milano et al. (2018) There are certain challenges that are associated with over tourism such as overload of infrastructure, nature damage, degradation of experiences of the tourists along with alienated local people as well as threats towards heritage and culture. As per forecasts made by UN WTO, global tourism is likely to enhance to 1.4 billion tourists by the year 2020. Therefore, ineffective management of the tourists and their activities is likely to create a negative impact over the residents, heritage, tourism, and culture of the nation. However, government globally, are imposing relevant legislations over restriction over quantum of the tourists, which could help in prevention of animals, workers along with famous tourists’ destinations.    


The study concludes that the three key issues that could create a negative impact over global tourism. It could affect negatively over sustainable tourism development. However, proper legislations and effective practices could mitigate the issues for ensuring effective global tourism.