TLC101 Ozone Layer Depletion In New Zealand And Australia Assessment Answer

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TLC101 Portfolio –Annotated Bibliography & Essay Plan

Portfolio Topic:

Identify a global issue that is impacting on a country of your choice. Write an essay that outlines the key causes and effects of this global issue on the country you have chosen.

Examples of topics: climate change in Australiaair pollution in Indiagender inequality in Saudi Arabia; political corruption in the United Statesthe aging population in China

Part 1: Annotated Bibliography - 500 words - Assessment value 10%

An annotated bibliography is a way of demonstrating quality research. Your annotated bibliography should provide a summary of two research articles on your chosen topic and develop a 250-word annotation for each. Each annotation must contain the following:

  • A brief summary of the source’s content, identifying the author(s)’s position on the topic, methods used to gather data (if applicable), and any conclusions made.
  • An evaluation of the sources’ reliability/credibility and relevance to your topic.

The two chosen sources must consist of the following:

  1. One of the sources must discuss the issue in a global manner (relating to many countries).
  2. One of the sources must discusses the issue as it relates to your chosen country.

For your annotated bibliography, both sources must come from academic journals.

Section 2: Essay Plan  between 500-750 words - Assessment value 10%

The essay plan will provide an outline for your essay based on the research you have completed. The plan will require the following components:

  • An introduction with a clear thesis that follows a general to specific pattern (150 – 250 words). Note: The thesis should make up approximately 25 - 40 words of the introduction
  • One full body paragraph (which includes a topic sentence) that discusses the key causes the global issue in your chosen country (150-250 words).
  • Two (additional) topic sentences that clearly outline the main effects of the global issue in your chosen country . (25 - 40 words per topic sentence – one sentence)

Portfolio Style Guide

  • Assignments are typed on A4 size paper
  • Assignments are in 12-point font with regular margins on both sides
  • References are provided in APA or Chicago (author-date) style
  • Assignment is 1.5 spaced1
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Answer :

Portfolio Part 1 & 2 - Annotated Bibliography and Essay Plan Template 

Your chosen global issue:

Ozone layer depletion in New Zealand and Australia.

Part 1 – Annotated Bibliography

Annotation -  summarise, evaluate and reflect (250 words) 
Due to the major issue of the Ozone layer depletion neat Antarctica, the major effects can be seen in Australia and New Zealand. The major issue identified in the journal is by the author focusing on the stationary planetary wave (QSW) activity which has been seen in the Antarctic winter stratosphere and it has provided a likeliness of the behavior of the ozone hole which has resulted in expecting a spring month. The journal provides a scope of the observation and also discusses in depth the anomalously large amplitude of experiencing the QSW during the winter stratospheric temperatures. The journal also describes, how it has created a disturbance within the polar vortex which is likely to occur due to the rapid changes and also experiencing a large reduction due to the area of the Antarctic ozone hole area. The journal also provides the evaluation based on the quantitative and the qualitative and also approaches the amount of the stratospheric ozone which can be depleted. Due to the sudden stratospheric warming (SSW), there has been a commanding precondition in 2019 and often there can be maximum QSW amplitude that can cover Antarctica in August which peaked during the 12 K, and there was a likeliness of the 2 K less than conditions causing an Antarctic SSW in 2002. Due to experiencing such conditions, the Antarctic SSW in 2019 is also observed to be a major SSW. The journal provides evidence from the Antarctic stratosphere.

Bibliographic (full reference) details of source 2 (country perspective)
Annotation -  summarise, evaluate and reflect (250 words)
In the given journal, the author has focused on the summer (DJF) 2017/18, which has been seen as the major cause of the climatic changes in the New Zealand region. The journal discusses the experienced an unprecedented climatic condition related to the ocean-atmosphere heatwave. The Ozone layer has also captured Australia and New Zealand that has covered the 4 million km2. The journal also provides evidence to the Regional average and there has been an air temperature anomaly that has captured the entire land and the land has the +2.2 °C. Another fact is how the sea surface temperature anomalies have provided the +3.7 °C can be observed in the eastern Tasman Sea. The problem of the Ozone layer, which the author has evaluated in-depth about the atmospheric and oceanic drivers and the pressure related to the role of anthropogenic warming and there has been evidence impact due to the marine impacts. The author has used quantitative and qualitative evidence related to the ocean mixing along with the heat fluxes which has been seen in the atmosphere. The author has provided supportive evidence and evaluation based on the ocean to cause substantial warming that can result in the stratified surface layers that cover the Tasman Sea. The journal has provided secondary and the research evidence by explaining the Australia summer that has resulted in the  3.8 ± 0.6 km3 loss of glacier ice in the Southern Alps (there has been an annual loss of 1962) 

Part 2: Essay Plan

Write your complete introduction here (Include your thesis statement - 1 sentence) -  4-8 sentences
Ozone layer depletion has provided the amount of ultraviolet (UV) irradiation which would Earth's surface; that has resulted in the risk of skin cancer, particularly which would cause higher latitudes.  The purpose of the essay is to focus on the ozone hole over Antarctica and how it has been observed to be created climatic changes in various continents and affected counties like AfricaNew Zealand, and Australia
Body paragraph 1

Write your topic sentence here (1 Sentence) - If you choose this one as your example body paragraph then include the full paragraph (4-8 sentences):
The ozone hole later has been discovered in the Antarctic by NASA in September 2000 and how there has been a separate issue that can result in global warming which would require and major changes globally. Due to the. Ozone layer depletion has caused major climatic turbulence. It has also caused the problem worldwide, which has caused major repercussion effects globally. Due to the ozone layer, there has been a major implication to the UV risk experience in Australia and New Zealand (Milinevsky, 2019)
Body paragraph 2

 In Australia, as it is closer to the sun, the continent experiences intensive high UV rays and there has been an intensity of around 7% (Milinevsky 2019). Due to Australia having a clear climatic condition there have been high atmospheric conditions, which would explain how Australia faces up to 15% more of the solar radiation(Okeke 2019).In New Zealand, as it is closer to the Southern Hemisphere, there has been a high effect of increased UV-B exposure. Due to this, people experience skin cancer and cataracts due to high solar radiation.
Body paragraph 3

Further, to understand how over the years there has been an ozone layer within the Antarctica casing a massive impact in climate, global warming and high cases of the people experiencing his health implications 9 Hau Ľofa, 2019). The global shift which has caused on the ozone-depleting substances and there have been the co-benefits that has caused a reduction of greenhouse gas emissions ( Milinevsky 2019)