TLC501 Identify Global Issue That Is Impacting On India Assessment Answer

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TLC501 - Final Essay and Reflection (40%)

Revised Research Essay and Written reflection and Response to Feedback Details

Portfolio, Part 3 – Research Essay

Develop a research essay that answers the following topic: 

Identify a global issue that is impacting on your country. Consider the impact and develop an argument that highlights a possible solution.

Your research essay should clearly present your position, as well as support your argument through reasoning and references (evidence) to the literature. You may also critically discuss other perspectives you have read in the literature.

The research essay should refer to at least 6 appropriate references, including at least 3 academic journal articles. Other credible sources may include appropriate book chapters, government reports, news publications and magazines, online videos or trusted websites. 

Portfolio, Part 4 –Reflection and response to feedback

Value: 10%     Length: 500 words 

Format You can present your Reflection and Response to Feedback in any one of the following formats: 

  • a table, 
  • a set of paragraphs with sub-headings, 
  • any other format that your tutor agrees to.

Write a 500-word text reflecting on the process of writing your portfolio and address the feedback you received during this process from your tutor, Studiosity, your peers, and possibly other sources.

This response should address in a clear, concise and direct manner, how you reacted and responded to feedback which identified key areas for improvement in your writing.  Focus on your tutor’s feedback from the first assignment submission as well as on subsequent feedback from your tutor, Studiosity, and other sources.  The response should include:

  • personal reflections on the processes of researching, thinking, organising, and writing your final essay,
  • the challenges you encountered, 
  • the issues identified by the feedback you received, 
  • the strategies you used to overcome these challenges and issues,  

Submissions will be assessed according to the assessment mark sheet provided above.

Style Guide
o The assignment is typed on A4 size paper
o The assignment is in 12-point font
o References are provided in Chicago, APA or another author-date style
o The assignment has ‘normal’ (2.54 cms) margins on both sides
o The lines in the assignment are 1.5 spaced

And finally…

  1. Write your name and student number on the first page of this booklet, in the file name of this document and on the page below.
  2. Make sure you include your reference list at the end of your essay
  3. Paste Part 2 the Written Response to Feedback after the reference list of Part 1.
  4. You do not need a cover page since your texts will be cut and pasted into this booklet (on the pages below)
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Answer :


Topic: “Identify a global issue that is impacting on India”.


Globalization is an effective process through which people, ideas and products tend to spread throughout the nation as well as culture. It private industries and even people used to merge their difference and interact with one nation to another. However, it is a commercial activity which integrates various cultures and community through trade and commerce. There are certain global issues which are affecting the growth of countries are major concern seen in nowadays such as corruption, illiteracy, education system and poverty (Banga, 2016). In the last couple of decades, globalization has been taken the form of digital technology through which communication and other important aspects can easily be examined. On one hand, globalization has made simple access to technology to the public; it has also reduced the opportunity of growth by increasing competition. The main objective of this essay is to identify global issues that impact on the Indian economy. It could be more effectively analyzed by using specific references from various authors.  

The global issue that is impacting on the Indian economy 

As per the views of the Pritchard, 2016, it is divulged that India was known to be the main mover of globalization and throughout the ramified changes, the government of India made various changes in their economic policy. It is analyzed that from 1991 through, the economics of the country allowed the direct foreign investment to introduce the privatization, globalization, and capitalization in the country. In addition to this, the globalization of the Indian economic operates on a wide scale. The effect of globalization in India is observed as this process brought in a wide amount of international investment especially in BPO as well as manufacturing sectors. It has generated a wide range of advantages in the Indian industry because of introducing petroleum, manufacturing and other crucial industries through offering innovative opportunities for employment to Indian people. It has been argued that global issues in India have affecting growth of the country and it is highly recommended by various researchers that with the strengthen FDI and foreign exchange reserve of the country, it will increase the GDP rate and economic strengthen worldwide (Shahbaz, Khan, Ali, and Bhattacharya, 2017). These areas consist of a new opening for SMEs, value of quality management and privatization of financial institutions. Nonetheless, with the strong GDP growth rate and national income increased due to globalization, the import level of the country is also increased which is impacting the negative impact of the Indian rupees in the international market.  

As per the views of Malik and Pereira, 2015, it is stated that technological and corruption issues in India are important aspects that can affect the economy of the country. It has been seen that the most largely spread endemic in India is related to corruption which must be handled very quickly. There is hardly any business or area both in public or private sectors that remain untouched from these types of issues. There is no telling about the total loss the economy has used to suffer because of corruption. Though, most of us are linked, when the time comes to act, the people of India would not be found lacking. Regarding the global market, there is access to television growth from 20 percent of the urban population to 90percent until 2009. Even in rural areas satellites have also played a valuable grown market nowadays. In cities, the introduction of internet services and extension of network facilities even to rural areas is other important issues that had to affect the global market in India. This has been argued that it is true that corruption and technology misuse had to affect work in most business sectors with increasing globalization. Many powerful international players are taping the political environment of the country and molding the policies and rules of the country with their power and influence strategy. In addition to this, in context with the hackers and technical glitches in the system of the multinational companies, there has been a high impact on the confidentiality of the data and high data privacy risk in the country (Abrol, Prajapati, and Singh, 2017).

Illiteracy global issues in India

 In the viewpoint of Rich, Roland-Holst, and Otte, 2014, education sectors are another area that has been getting impact because of globalization. There is immense effect seen in this education sector with the implication of globalization. For instance, literacy has become a high and international university which entered into the strategic alliance with the Indian colleges to strengthen the educational program in the country. Though 74.04% of people were recorded as literate in the 2011 census, there is a large disparity among rural and urban areas. The situation in villages is more adverse than in cities in India. There is the number of primary schools which is have been set up in rural areas where such type of problem tends to arise. This has been analyzed that providing education just to children cannot help to resolve this problem of illiteracy as plenty of young in India are also untouched because of education. The educational system tends to faced global challenges because of information technology and it offers opportunities to advance new paradigms change in the developmental education sector. It has argued that the learning system in India has to change drastically but it has also to deal with certain negative aspects such as not having well-qualified teachers, equipment, and facilities that can help the student to enhance their careers. The distinction between formal and informal learning will vanish when it moves from the industrial community to the information society. Because of globalization, new tools and techniques like E-learning, distance education, and international training are being provided to numerous students in India. There has been an advancement in the educational sector with globalization which has impacted the learning style and education pattern in the country. But in spite of having such types of innovative facilities, students are not able to avail of all these services because of having international boundaries implication, high educational fees and not having timely solutions. According to Rajan, (2014), it has been observed that present Indian society by global issues, women have not been able to gain facilities of better education because of not having effective learning facilities. Their empowerment has a lead considerable change in improving their educational situation by global harmony and communication. Despite having enormous opportunities for women and skilled people they are facing lot of global issues that would lead to impact their potential strength. 

poverty issue is another important global issue that has been seen in India for many years. As the population is growing faster, rates and people living below the poverty line reduced from 37 % in 2004 to 22% till 2012.  In viewpoint of Singh, 2014, 80% of total poor people in India live in villages such as Rajasthan, UP, Chhattisgarh, and Bihar. 43% of poor people belong to scheduled caste and tribe categories. It has been argued that causes of poverty used to be related with changing trends in the India economy. It could be arises because of not having proper education, cultural poverty as well as associated with epidemic diseases. It happens to be major global problem that has been seen in the present scenario. About 22 percent of Indians fall below the poverty line, it has been projected that more than 50 percent of the total population is having not educated properly. India's poverty condition is getting improved but issues associated with poor health, low level of learning and unemployment remain the same. On other hands, unemployment is another important aspect which is more common in youth. This condition is also being said that joblessness. However, it is set an effective circumstance in which a skilled capable person is willing to search for a job, but not being able to find it properly. The percentage number of total unemployed people widespread in India is calculated by dividing it with the number of people present in the labour force. It has been argued that the government of India has taken various essential steps to reduce these types of issues by creating more job opportunities. It is important to have the full support of private sectors that can provide jobs to those who deserve it (Rocheleau, Thomas-Slayter and Wangari, 2013). As per 2018 data, rate of unemployment has increased to 3.53 percent to 3.52 percent in previous year. If it has been not deal with quickly, then it becomes a challenge for the Indian community and economy in near future. On one hand, these issues can be arises because of the growing population, changing technology and rising costs. It tends to have various implications that consist of social, financial and mental problems. It has become serious problem because of which country needs to affect human life, society, and economy. On the other hand, the Indian government need to take specific decision in areas of unemployment sectors so that the maximum number of job opportunities can be created shortly.  


According to the above examination of global issues which has been faced by the Indian economy, I have learned lot of positive things that can assist in shaping my career. During my analysis, I realized that global issues have been the most challenging and rewarding aspects for me. After getting all specific information about present issues that have been seen in India, I know to provide a specific solution concerning economy development as well as my individual skills enhancement. It will help me to attain all sorts of ideas and challenges which can lead to an impact economy of India. I found that it is important to create awareness campaigns among rural areas so that they can increase their standards as well as achieve sustainability in the future. In addition to this, I have learned that in the present era, the Indian economy is moving with the fast forward rate due to the several amendments and changes made by its leader named Shri Narendra Modi Ji. Nonetheless, political stability in the country is also another aspect which may strengthen the GDP and business economic development. The GDP increased rate and stable economic condition are the two strong pillars for the economic growth of the country in a sustainable manner. Nonetheless, in context with the technologies, Indian economy is facing tough completion and if it uses the proper alliance with the other international organization and allowance of the tariff and traits to promote the new international business in the country then it could easily mitigate these issues (Shahbaz, Mallick, Mahalik, and Sadorsky 2016). In this essay, I have focused on various aspects such as economic, political and technical matters of the country and found that Indian is gaining momentum throughout the time.  This essay took me out of my comfort areas completely. It was a new and innovative experience I will never forget. My research was entirely based on global issues which as seen in India. I was surprised to know that the country is having a lot of global issues in areas of unemployment, illiteracy, poverty, and corruption. As these issues are affecting the growth of the Indian economy at a faster rate, hence people are not having proper knowledge and experience about to deal with such types of issues (Shahbaz, Solarin, and Ozturk, 2016). This will help me to enhance my person career after getting an idea about global consequences that have been faced by India from the last couple of years. I could use all my specific skills and ability while analyzing the condition of the Indian economy. I have experienced great knowledge regarding relevant ways through which countries can deal with all such global issues. It will be more effectively helpful to development by understanding and increase my learning ability in the near future.  After assessing the given articles on globalization and its impact on the Indian economy, I have found that the Indian economy has been strengthening throughout time. Throughout my research, I have developed divergent and coherent analytical skills that assist me to complete the research effectively.