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Task Description 

You are required to write a 2500 word short report to the owner and the board of the business that describes 'why', 'what' and 'how' the business will implement Total Quality Management (TQM). 

  1. Describe 'why' TQM or parts of it should be implemented in the business. The owner will want to know what the business rationale is and what business benefits the initiative is targeting. In other words: Why should they pay attention to your TQM proposal? What are the visible changes in the business once TQM is implemented? 
  2. Describe 'what' you want to implement within the business as part of the TQM initiative. In other words: What quality management concepts, principles and tools do you want to implement within the business to achieve the business benefits? This must be supported by appropriate references. 
  3. Describe 'how' you intend to implement the TQM initiative within the business. Outline a short plan that lists the steps in implementing TQM within the business. This is a simple list of sequential steps written in plain Australian English describing what will be done, why it will be done, and who will do it. It should be clear to the reader what is involved in each of the steps. This must be supported by appropriate references.

Your report must demonstrate: 

  • Thorough understanding of relevant quality management concepts, principles, theories, tools and models in regards to the assessment tasks. 60% 
  • Appropriate, well structured, concise and clear expression of quality management arguments. 10% 
  • Clear flow of thought throughout the paper with a clear and succinct purpose described in the introduction, and a clear and succinct conclusion. 10% 
  • Critical review of skills and integration of relevant academic literature. A minimum of eight (8) academic journals must be used. 10% 
  • Appropriate use of within text referencing and a reference list at the end of the report. Adherence to APA Reference Style. 5% 
  • Clarity of expression, grammar and spelling. Appropriate presentation format within (±10%) of the word limit of 2500 words. 5%
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