Tourist Attraction: Sea Life Sydney Aquarium

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Task Requirements:

In weeks 7-11, students, working in groups of three or four, are required to give a 15 minutes tutorial presentation and lead a discussion on a tourist attraction‟s attributes.

Each student in the group should participate in the presentation, in answering the  question(s) posed and in generating further class discussion on their topic. Students are also encouraged to draw on their own personal experiences.

A PowerPoint presentation is highly recommended. Groups are advised to consult their lecturer/tutor before commencing their presentation plans. Groups are also required to provide a hard copy of their PowerPoint slides to their tutor (prior to commencing the presentation)

Submission Details

Submissions of files containing PowerPoint presentation slides must be online via the Drop Box in the LMS on Week-11 Monday 21st Jan 2019 before 11:55 PM

Task description: 3B Group Report Requirements

Length:1500 words

Due:Week 11 (Sunday 27th Jan 2019 before 11:55 PM)


Task Requirements:

Students are advised to visit a local visitor attraction in Melbourne/Sydney. Following the visit, students will be required to write up a report on the attraction, analysing in detail the strengths   and   weaknesses   o the   products   and   experiences   offered   from    visitors viewpoint, how the attraction seeks to enhance the visitor experience, experience, and making recommendations on how this could be improved.

Your analysis should also apply theory to assess the following attributes of the attraction (based on „Figure 5.4 Tourist attraction attributes, Weaver & Lawton, 2014, ch 5, p.137) and indicate the attractions position on the spectrum of each attribute:

  1. Ownership;
  2. Authenticity;
  3. Status;
  4. Accessibility; and
  5. Market

The report analysis should be based on research evidence rather than personal opinion.  You should use relevant material from the weekly topics as well as other resources including a minimum of four (3) academic journal articles, texts, and government sources to support your ideas. Students will need to ensure that the analysis is strengthened by the use of relevant examples to support the points made.

Your report should be presented in report format. This will include a Title Page, Executive Summary, Table of Contents, Section numbers/headings and page numbers. The report will be typed on A4 pages and submitted in Microsoft Word file via the online Moodle link.

See the “Group Assignment Marking Criteria” below: The report should include the following:

  • A Title Page with the students names and numbers, the subject code and title, the name of the lecturer/tutor, and the title of the assessment;
  • AnExecutiveSummarywhichincludesthemainfindingsand recommendations of the report;
  • Table of Contents with section numbers, section titles/headings (see below for guidance) and page numbers;
  • An Introduction that provides an overview of the theme of the report and its contents;
  • The Main Body of the report in sections, which should include the following elements:
    • a summary of the key points arising from the case study/exercise relating to the topic area;
    • discussion of the questions specified in the Tourist Attraction Attributes assessment task;
    • an explanation of how the report relates to relevant tourism and/or hospitality theories, concepts and examples, as well as its broader implications;
  • Conclusion, which summarises the main findings of the report and identifies any implications or recommendations arising from the discussion;
  • Reference List and in-text referencing in APA Referencing Style with a minimum of four (4) academic journal articles, texts (e.g. the prescribed texts), government sources and relevant media sources (e.g. newspaper articles, trade publications) to support your discussion; and
  • Any relevant Appendices (e.g. charts, graphs, maps).


When a group of students is presenting either an orally or written submission, all students should share the workload. Students should notify the subject coordinator or tutor as soon as possible of any team problems, such as interpersonal conflict, imbalance of contribution, communication difficulties, or withdrawal of a team member. It is desirable that these matters be resolved within the group. However, where this is not possible the subject coordinator will decide on a resolution, which may include allocation of marks based on individual contributions to the final report.

Criteria used to grade this task

  1. Discuss the attributes and types of tourism attraction using a real-world example
  2. Analyse in detail the strengths and weaknesses of the products and experiences offered by a real-world attraction from a visitorviewpoint
  3. Assess tourism attraction attributes, such as ownership, authenticity, status, accessibility and market;
  4. Identify various attributes that can be assessed in order to make informed management and planning decisions
  5. Discuss the management implications that pertain to each attraction type and subtype
  6. Identify the major generic factors that attract visitors to destinations and how tourism demand and consumption can be influenced
  7. Reference literature using APA reference style requirements.
  8. Organiseideasandstructureargumentstoprovidejustificationforthe recommendations given
  9. Present ideas orally and in accordance to requirements

Estimated Student Workload: 10-12 hours (each member of the group) See Separate Marking Guide for detailed marking allocation

Links to Subject Learning Outcomes: Learning outcomes 1, 2, 3 and 4 are assessed in this task

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Answer :

Tourist Attraction Attributes

Sea Life Sydney Aquarium

Executive Summary 

Sea Life Sydney Aquarium is the attractive destination for both the kids and the adults' people. This is located in Sydney and maintain the trading hours according to the occasion and the weather. The aquarium consists of the 700 species of marine animals with more than 13000 different fish. The aquarium is the public place, and also they provide authentic animals view for the people. The interaction part of the aquarium where the visitors can touch the starfish required proper planning so that animals are not harmed or get afraid due to the touch of the human being. The major attraction that has been provided by the Sea Life Sydney Aquarium for the tourist are; the cutest platypus then the reef fish and even the turtles. 


The purpose of the paper is to provide an effective view regarding the tourism attraction and the hospitality in the market. For effective understanding the tourism attraction the organisation Sea Life Sydney Aquarium has been selected. The paper will also discuss regarding the strength and weakness of the aquarium, then the tourism attraction attributes. The paper also discussion regarding the management implication then the various factors that are suitable to attract the tourist throughout the world.

Tourist attraction 

Attributes and type of tourist attraction 

Tourism attraction is the place that creates interest among the tourist to visit it more often and also get other people to visit the place. There is various type of place or destination that have the potential to gather the tourist attraction. Sea Life Sydney Aquarium is also a tourist attraction place which contain the vast varieties of aquatic life (SEA LIFE Sydney Aquarium, 2019). This is one of the best tourist attraction places which holds almost 700 species which include more than 13000 individual fish along with the other water creatures. The aquarium is open for 7 days throughout the year but their trading hours depend on the weather and the occasion. In general, they are open from Monday to Sunday from 9:30 AM till 7 PM (SEA LIFE Sydney Aquarium, 2019). The price of the ticket also vary according to the attraction at the aquarium, but for general the price is 36.80 dollar for adult and 26.40 dollars for the child (SEA LIFE Sydney Aquarium, 2019). 

Strength and weakness of the products and experiences 

The Sea Life Sydney Aquarium is one of the best places for both the adult and the child, and their primary strength is the 700 species of marine animals. There is various attraction provided by the destination which consists of the 14 theme zones (SEA LIFE Sydney Aquarium, 2019). The attraction of Sea Life Sydney Aquarium are the Jurassic seas, shark walk, great barrier reef display, and even the discovery Rockpool. It also displays the animals according to their original habitat which is one of the major attraction for the visitors. The destination also provides the facility like planning the visit to the aquarium then the school tour (Leask, 2016). On the other hand, the primary weakness of the destination is the entry price, especially for the children. This is a place where every child along with their parent would like to explore and for that price is quite high for the people. Another weakness that is has been faced being the visitor is the trading hours especially during the Christmas time and the New Years Eve (Lai, Khoo-Lattimore, & Wang, 2018). These are the two time when people especially the children like to move around and discover a new destination and during this time the trading hours for Sea Life Sydney Aquarium is quite short.

Tourism attraction attributes 


The aquarium is the public aquarium that is open for all people of various age. This is the government property to maintain the marine animals and also their habitat in a suitable way within the aquarium life (Vila, Darcy, & González, 2015). The ownership of the Sea Life Sydney Aquarium shows that government and the public are the part of the destination for maintaining and preserving the animals.  


The Sea Life Sydney Aquarium is authentic with their numerous species of marine animals and also penguin and other water animals. There are 700 species of marine animals that have been preserved within the , and more than 13000 different type of fishes could be found in the aquarium (SEA LIFE Sydney Aquarium, 2019). 


The aquarium is amazing if it is compared to the other aquarium that is present in Australia. From the view of a visitor, the status of Sea Life Sydney Aquarium is quite high as it consists of the platypus then the reef fish and even the turtles (SEA LIFE Sydney Aquarium, 2019). 


The aquarium is open for all the people but their trading hours generally vary according to the occasion and the weather. During the summer it is open from 9:30 am till 7 pm where people gets numerous booking to explore their attraction (SEA LIFE Sydney Aquarium, 2019). 


The marketing strategy of the Sea Life Sydney Aquarium is quite attractive as it allows the people to plan their tour in the aquarium (SEA LIFE Sydney Aquarium, 2019). They have captured the suitable market of Australia where numerous people visit the aquarium on a daily basis. They also provide a place for a private function to the people.

Various attributes assessed for making informed management and planning decision 

The information management and the planning decision is the essential part for Sea Life Sydney Aquarium tour. It helps the tourist to explore marine life with valuable informations. The attributes that are highly essential for the authority to make a suitable decision is to identify the problem that might arise within the aquarium while having a tour (Jensen, 2018). Searching the alternatives and making the suitable choice is another attribute for planning decision regarding the aquarium tour. It is the fact that the visitors look for not only the animals but also the information that is being provided on the marine animals. The interaction part of the aquarium where the visitors can touch the starfish required suitable planning so that animals are not harmed or get afraid due to the touch of the human being (SEA LIFE Sydney Aquarium, 2019). Caring for the marine animals is another attribute for the planning decision that needs to be performed by the Sea Life Sydney Aquarium authority. The conservation of the animals are performed in this destination, and for that keeping, the tunnel and the tanks clean for suitable habitat is the essential part of the system (Cooper, 2017). It can be seen that the aquarium maintains effective tour and marine life attract for the tourist.

Management implication that pertains to each attraction type 

The management of Sea Life Sydney Aquarium provides the most attractive tour to the visitors like the shark walk then the Jurassic seas and also the Discover Rockpool (SEA LIFE Sydney Aquarium, 2019). These are some of the areas that have high attraction value on the visitors. The tunnel of the aquarium is quite neat and clean that the management maintains for the visitors to provide them the suitable tour of the aquarium (Flint, Flint, Limpus, & Mills, 2017). This is one of the most valuable and useful processes for the improvement of the situation and also for the valuable working function within the field. The aquarium is fully air conditioned so that the tourist did not face a problem, especially during the summer time. The management has effectively provided the information regarding the fish and the various species that are conserved within the aquarium. The management also maintains the lego structure that eventually surrounds the exhibits of the aquarium. The administration has also presented the online facilities for planning the aquarium tour according to the price and the time (Ballantyne et al., 2018). This is highly essential for the improvement of working function and for providing a valuable business process within the field.

The major factor to attract visitors 

The major attraction that has been provided by the Sea Life Sydney Aquarium for the tourist are; the cutest platypus then the reef fish and even the turtles (SEA LIFE Sydney Aquarium, 2019). There are also other attraction factors like the shark walk and the dugongs that swim around the aquarium. People walk under the tunnel where they experience the fish, and the marine animals are revolving above their head (Kruczek, 2015). The aquarium also provides the online deal regarding the Wildlife Center and the Sydney Eye that also at the 45 dollars per adult for three. This is generally for the shark walk which primarily attract the visitors especially the children for enjoying the view of shark (McKenzie, & Adams, 2018). The aquarium also consists of various jellyfish along with the pretty fish that allow the tourist to get the most effective and suitable view of the marine life.

Recommendations and Conclusion 

The aquarium is quite effective for delivering information regarding marine life. To eventually improve the attraction level of the tourist it is highly recommended that the price for regular visit needs to be little lower especially for the children. It is also recommended that the activities need to be more for the adult also rather than only for the kids. It is also recommended to maintain line and control the visitors so that every people have the scope to look for the marine life animals. The paper eventually concludes the fact that the aquarium is one of the biggest attraction in Sydney for the visitors. The paper also concludes that the trading hours and the facilities regarding the tour that has been provided by Sea Life Sydney Aquarium to the people.