Triple Bottom Line Reporting

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IT Certificate 3 & 4 SUStainability Project

BSBSUS401A Implement and monitor environmentally sustainable work practices

Part 2 [20]

Task 1.What is meant by Triple Bottom Line Reporting

Give a definition.

Task 2. You are setting up a small office network requiring about 20 seats and a local server. There are three choices:-

Choice 1.20 PC’s (with DVD drive, hard disk, as per normal PC), a flat screen monitor, Keyboard, Mouse etc. Local Server

Four Networked printers. Choice 2. 20 Laptops wireless link to server

Wireless lined - Local Server

Wireless lined - Four Networked printers.

choice 3. 20 VDI units using Virtual Machines on a local server Local Server with VMware

Four Networked printers.

Consider the three different choices as regards to:-

Initial Costs:-

Purchase of items required for each network

Cost of power, in regards to the total system,

Screen Types

PC/SDI power requirements

Cost of licensing, for the various configurations.

Running Costs:-

Power and other utility costs,

e.g. Air conditioning, heating lighting costs

System Down time (e.g. if server goes down, systems upgrades etc.)

(If system goes down does it stop people working?)

Upgrading costs – requirements

Dumping-Re-cycling considerations vs. upgrading:-

Cost of upgrading

Cost of dumping,

Cost of re-cycling/recovery of material.


Is it better to go with a single system or use a mixture of any of the three options, PC’s/VDI’s,


Give reasons for you ultimate selection for your office design taking into account the above considerations.

Task 3.
Sustainability checklist for students

1. General aspects

1.1. I understand the three dimensions of sustainability:

o Economic
o Environmental
o Social

1.2. I can name and define three aspects of:

Economic sustainability
Environmental sustainability
Social sustainability

1.3. I discuss sustainability issues with:

o my fellow studentsmy teachers

2. Sustainability in the Unit of competency I take

2.1. I am currently taking the Unit of Competency/Module:

2.2. I have discussed the sustainability elements relevant to the contents of this Unit of Competency with:

o my fellow studentsmy teachers

2.3. The following sustainability elements are relevant to the Unit of Competency/module I take:



3. Walking the talk

When studying:

o I use recycled paper
o I recycle my waste
o I limit my use of paper to a minimum
o I switch off lights when I am the last one to

leave a room
o I, at least, switch off the monitor of the PC
o I encourage my fellow students to think about
when I am finished in the computer lab
& discuss sustainability

o I take into account the social and
o I cycle, walk, car-pool or take public transport
environmental impacts of the products I purchase
to commute between home and college
o I engage in decision-making on student-related
o Other:
issues at the college

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Answer :

Task 1

TBL or Triple Bottom Line is a concept used by the organization seeking its focus on the economic bottom line of the business but including environmental and social responsibilities. It is used for the measurement of the economic value, the degree of social responsibility and the environmental impacts of the business process of an organization. However, there is a challenge in implementing it. It is difficult to measure the environmental and social bottom lines. Hence, a modified approach followed by the industries is to create and maintain three different accounts and evaluate those separately. 

Task 2

The comparison of three of the choices is summarized in the following table. 

Choice 1Choice 2Choice 3
Initial CostThe initial cost for setting up the required infrastructure of the choice 1 will be lesser compared to the other options. As this is a very primitive one. The initial cost for setting up the required infrastructure will be costlier than the other choices. It will require setting up the virtualization framework and the cost will be for the hardware and initial subscription for the cloud services. 
Running CostThe running time will be very high. The local servers will require very high air conditioning, power backup etc. There may be significant system downtime if there is any issue with the local server. And in that case, the business process will be paused. The running cost will be high for the wireless network infrastructure management, local server setup etc. If the local server goes down then people won’t be able to work and the business process will be paused. The running cost will be lesser. There is no local server and it won’t require intensive air-conditioning or power backup. At the same time, there won’t be almost no downtime as cloud computing infrastructure keeps multiple backup of data and if one become unavailable then it will fetch data from other and keep the business process running.  
Upgrading CostVery high cost will be there. The technologies are advancing very fast. So, the existing infrastructure will become inefficient in a few years. Then it will require high cost for upgrading the hardware and software both. The cost will be high as it will also require upgrading hardware and software both. Will be low. It may require upgrading the hardware like VDI units with no data processing. All upgradation will be done on the cloud platform. Due to the implementation of virtualization, the cost will be low. 
Dumping recycling vs. upgrading It will require dumping the hardware for the existing infrastructure and there is little scope of recycling. It can be recycled if it is replaced by cloud infrastructure. Recyclable


It is recommended to use the choice 3 as this is more efficient compared to the other two and can be used for long term. It require lesser waste management and consume lesser energy than the other two choices. 

Task 3

  1. All three 
  2.  It is, 
  3.  My teachers 
  4. Depends on the student 
  5. Selected choices all.