Corruption And Strategies Implemented By Government Of Pakistan To Control Corruption

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Corruption is one of the common unethical behaviors in countries across the world Describe the different forms of corruption in your home country and describe the strategies that can be implemented by your government to minimize corruption

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Business Ethics and Sustainability

Home Country: Pakistan


Corruption is the process of dishonest as well as criminal activity that is performed by the person or the organisation to fulfil the illegal benefits. This is one of the most significant issues that could be faced all over the world. People have to deal with numerous corrupted activity of the government agencies and the private sector in their daily life. To effectively understand the level of corruption the Asian country Pakistan has been selected. It is the Islamic country with Urdu as the official language and considered as the 6th most populated country in the world. The purpose of the paper is to provide a view of the different type of corruption that is being faced within the state. The paper also focuses on the effective strategies that the government of Pakistan has effectively implemented or planning to implement within  the country to reduce the level of corruption.

Corruption in the home country 

Corruption is one of the most significant obstacles that are faced by business all over the world. In the country like Pakistan, the corruption is also at the highest peak in term of numerous sector and the business operation. In Pakistan, crime is a significant obstacle for the business where they have to encounter regular bribery and even numerous corrupt services within the country (Yaseen, & Glencorse, 2016). It is the fact that the corruption is the rampant in all the sector as well as the institution of Pakistan. There is primarily two type of corruption that could be found within a country like; petty corruption that is the low-level, small-scale corruption practices and the State corruption which involve the grand corruption that impacts whole country (Khan, Rethi, & Szegedi, 2018). The organisation generally face the issue regarding corruption where the staff members perform the illegal activity and also another form of the factors within the field. The situation regarding crime in the country is highly effective where the business needs to enhance the working function within the field. The situation is such pathetic then also roughly 40% of the organisation feel that corruption is the real threat for the business (Overview of corruption in Pakistan - Think Research Expose, 2019)

In Pakistan, the corruption level manifests itself in the numerous form which includes the widespread political as well as the financial corruption, misuse of the power and even nepotism. Both the petty along with the grand crime is highly prevalent within the country. In most of the situation, it can be seen that the citizen are also facing the demand regarding bribes for dealing with the private firm and even with the government institution. When the corruption term is regarding the tax authority of the country, it can be seen that 99% of the people had faced the corruption (Yaseen, & Glencorse, 2016). In the country, the three most of the corrupted government agencies are considered to be the police, power sector as well as the judiciary system. Like the government institutions the private sector is also filled with a high level of corruption. In the country it can be seen that the three major reasons for the rise in corruption level are the lack of accountability, then the low salaries as well as the discretionary powers (Ayed, 2019). Furthermore, it can also be seen that the public procurement process within the country is the perfect example where the corruption generally took place. It became highly involved within the country that without a bribe and other corrupt activity no work can be performed.

The corruption level of the country is high, and for that, they have to face the loss of high amount that is almost 94 billion dollar in the tenure of Prime Minister Yusuf Raza Gilani. The country also tends to the black market that is from the early years of 1974 till the date present day (Overview of corruption in Pakistan - Think Research Expose, 2019). In most of the places like the school, college or the organisation the corruption regarding bribery is the common view in Pakistan. People have to pay an amount of money to get their work done effectively within the country. In term of the land administration also the companies or the common people have to face the corruption practice within the country. The business within the country primarily provides the view that they have insufficient trust regarding the protection of property rights (Ali, Khan, & Khalid, 2017). These are some of the highly effective type and corruption level that the people and the business have to deal in Pakistan. It is the fact that the level of corruption are increasing day by day where the government institution are also getting involved with the process of the illegal activity.

Strategies implemented by the government to minimise corruption 

The corruption activity needs to be maintained effectively by the government of the country with suitable and effective strategies. It is the fact that the government of Pakistan needs to develop numerous strategies that would help the government to deal with the level of corruption within the country. One of the most effective strategies is to make the bribe an illegal activity in the country. It is considered in the Pakistan Penal Code that giving, taking or accepting a bribe is one of the biggest unlawful activity within the country (National Anti-corruption Strategy, 2019). The facilitation payment, as well as the gifts in the organisational activity and even in the official process, are strictly prohibited for the prevention of bribery within the country. The country also has implemented the anti-corruption law that helps the business and the common people to deal with the situation and provides valuable activities within the field. The Pakistan Government have implemented some strategies regarding the corruption level to maintain the activity in the country and to provide some of the suitable activity in the country. One of the biggest strategy that has been implemented by the Pakistani government that the young people should lead the change as they are highly energised and also full of innovative ideas (Yousaf, Ihsan, & Ellahi, 2016). 

The country develops another strategy  shift the thinking and the mindset of the people with the help of effective education as well as the suitable leadership program (Shahzad et al., 2016). With the help of this strategy, the government has also implemented the system for higher education to the girl child also that will eventually the country to deal with the corruption and the various issues within the country. In most of the situation, it can be seen that another and the valuable practice for the improvement of working function within the country. Then another strategy that could be followed by the government of Pakistan to reduce the corruption level is the development of creativity in numerous activity within the country. Effective communication then friendly attitude and other factors within the organisation and in every place help the people to maintain an effective relationship that helps to avoid the process of bribery within the country (National Anti-corruption Strategy, 2019). In Pakistan, the potential intersection of the innovation along with integrity is quite easy to find in the country. All the workshop in the country that involve the private and the government sector to maintain the corruption level by increasing education level in arts, technology, media, and film.

The government has also implemented the strategy of bringing the private sector as the major driver for the change within the country (Ali, & Mujahid, 2015). It is essential that the leading companies of the country have to think beyond the bottom line for providing the rich culture of generous prosperity. It is the fact that the business activity within the country should maintain the organisational rules and regulation for performing numerous activity. The final strategy is the use of Department of International Development to reduce corruption level within the country. DFID generally utilise various channel as well as the partners for dealing with the situation and providing the most suitable and corruption free country (Department for International Development, 2019). Many standards of DFID are to be maintained by the country for dealing with the petty and the grand corruption level. By maintaining the activities regarding the development of anti-corruption process allow the business and the government sector to enhance their valuable understanding and effective process in the situation. In most of the situation, it can be seen that these strategies help the government institutes and the private sector to maintain their activity according to the anti-corruption rules and regulation.


The paper eventually concludes the fact that the corruption level all over the world is highly increasing and in the Asian country like Pakistan, the rate is developing over the years. The paper also concludes the fact that the government of Pakistan has to deal with the situation most effectively and suitably where the level of corruption can be found in the government sector also. The paper also concludes that the DFID in Pakistan along with the proper strategy help to improve the situation within the field and provide a valuable system for the common people. The fact is clear from the analysis of the paper that people have the mindset of dealing with petty and the grand corruption within the country which needs to be changed with effective and suitable strategies introduced by the government of Pakistan.

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