UCAM/CIQ/201 International Human Resource Management Assignment Answer

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Course/Unit Information
CoursePost Graduate Extended Diploma – UCAM/CIQ
Unit No.Unit 201
Unit NameInternational Human Resource Management
Unit codeUCAM/CIQ/201
Schedule NameIHRMONL2008


Module Code & Title


International Human Resource Management 

Module Learning Outcomes
LO1Critically review and analyse the importance of HRM and its practices in an organization, and how it can be linked with an organizational behavior activity in overcoming business issues and challenges for a better performance of the organization.
LO2Critically review and analyse the framework of leadership and consider the nature, strengths and weaknesses of the various approaches: traits; functional; behavioral; style; contingency. The continuum of leadership behavior should be explored in some depth with consideration of the factors determining the chosen leadership style.
LO3Discuss the concept of organizational behavior and its interface with management. Review and critically synthesize the various influences on behavior in organisations and the interface with management in integrating and balancing these.
LO4Assess the role of IHRM and its impact on global organization. Identify some of the key HRM challenges facing organisations working internationally. Discuss the prevalent HRM practices in global organization.


Assignment Task 1: [30 marks]-Word Limit 2000 words
Discuss HRM practices in your organization and how it supports the overall organizational performance goals. Critically review and evaluate any HR process in your organization and how it can be improved to meet specific business challenges and overcome them. 
How do HRM practices influence organizational behaviour? Identify any two HRM practices and their influence on performance and behavioural outcomes in your current organization. Critically analyze the outcomes of the specific practices and evaluate its effects.

Assignment Task 2: [20 marks] word limit 1500 words
Discuss any 2 leadership styles and critically analyze the advantages and disadvantages of these styles in your industry. Identify the most conducive leadership style to promote performance in your company with discussion and critical reflection on why you think it is so.

Assignment Task 3: [20 Marks] word limit 1500 words
Global Staffing Policies:
In 2012, Etisalat, a telecommunications company based in UAE outsourced the customer service operations to Egypt. Explain the benefits of this HR initiative with respect to the major functions of Human Resource Management.

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