Understanding Cultural Difference Among Students Pursuing MPA In Australia Assessment Answer

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Question :

What & why is the long term intention of four different culture-origin students studying MPA in Australia; and how & why do they intend to accomplish those goals? – an in depth insight from two students of each origin’ How should we pull this problem apart for it’s resolution?  

Requirement:  Literature review Part 1:  What might the student’s ‘reasoned objective(s)’ be?   What? How? Why? 

-Link the subtopic with primary research question

- Should have Research question how and why?

-Minimum 25 references

-3 page

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Answer :

Literature Review


The primary purpose of the paper is to develop knowledge and understanding of the cultural difference among the students who are pursuing MPA in Australia. The paper also discusses the education facilities provided by the various diverse origin facilities within the field. 

Research questions 

The research questions are as follows:

  • Is the long term intention is essential for dealing with the MPA courses in the country?
  • What is the impact and intent of the accomplished goal of the students of a different culture?


The objectives are as follows;

  • To promote the effective understanding of the political then the social as well as the legal and economic environment where the organisation operates
  • To promote the basic knowledge regarding skills as well as the techniques that is eventually required for the administration of the public organisation within the region
  • To effectively promote the written as well as the oral communication skill among the people for managing the value of the firm
  • To provide the suitable and effective education regarding the public service and the value of the people according to the cultural factor

Literature review 

The Australian education culture and the standard are highly effective for the people of diverse culture especially for the student of MPA that is Master of Public Administration. There are numerous students enrolled for the MPA every year from the various cultural origins, and it allows the students to have the valuable understanding regarding their public administration and the activities within the country (Haupt, Kapucu, & Hu, 2017). The students from Australia have diverse cultural value as the student from Japan, USA, and UAE. This course of MPA is highly effective for the students to have a clear understanding regarding the public value and the cultural aspect of the origin (Stabile, Grant, & Salih, 2019). In most of the cases, it can be seen that the entire activity of the firm is to develop an understanding of the value of the people. The education system of Australia is highly effective for maintaining their value and their business process. 

The students need to have valuable activity to develop their value to maintain the education system to the entire. The student of the USA is having free and open cultural value whereas the student of UAE is quite traditional (Stabile, Grant, & Salih, 2019). It is the fact that the MPA is effectively emphasized for the students who have the urge to purse the management position with the leadership role in the organisation. The entire system of MPA education is associated with the cultural value of the student, and this effectively creates some of the problems within the field. The entire business process and the working function of the firm are to deal with the situation and provide the most suitable educational value to the students of diverse culture (Christian, & Davis, 2016). The students of diverse cultural origin have a vital impact within the field for dealing with the people and their activity to maintain the value of the people. In most of the situation, it can be seen that the students with diverse cultural value face a difficult situation to deal with the MPA course as diverse people have to deal in a diverse way.

The students enrolled in this course are having an effective view of dealing with the situation of the common people in their country. It is the fact that different country has different value to perform within the field (Grimmelikhuijsen et al., 2017). For performing the activity within the country and to manage the people it is highly effective for the students to value their understanding and their working function within the field. In most of the cases, it is highly effective for the students to perform their activity and deal with the situation within the market. In Australia, 50% of the students enrolled in higher studies are the people from the international market (Majumdar, & Adams, 2015). The diverse cultural value and understanding create the problem for dealing with the situation and providing the most suitable activity within the market. In some of the situation, it can be seen that the students need to maintain their education level in the market for providing a valuable understanding regarding public management and administration. 


The paper eventually concludes that the student of the diverse culture to have a deal with the situation and even to maintain the activity of the people. The paper also concludes that the entire education activity of the firm is to deal with the educational activity of the field.