Unit 7003V1: Financial Management Solution

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Unit 7003V1- Financial Management


This unit is about understanding financial data and how it is used to support achievement of strategic objectives, managing budgets strategically, developing and making judgements on financial proposals against strategic objectives.


Learners may use their own employment context, or that of another organization with which they are very familiar, to base their assignment. However, in the case that they are not able to do so, please use the below scenario:-

You are a senior manager in a business unit of a medium sized enterprise, with functional management and organizational leadership responsibilities. You have responsibility for the financial resources deployed in your area, including forecasting income and expenditure, reporting variances and planning to achieve target. You also sit alongside other senior managers in evaluating business cases for capital investment.

Please select and research an organization of your choice to identify its strategic objectives and financial data. provide brief details of your research in a summary between 150 and 200 words which are in addition to the suggested word count and also include the financial data for your chosen organization. Use the results of your research to answer the tasks below.

Task 1:

Write a summary to describe the main sources of financial data available within and outside the organization, and provide examples of how the information would be used to review financial performance.

Examine the data and identify area that you consider deserve the further investigation/analysis, explaining how and why you consider this to be necessary. 

Describe the types of data on other organisations that you may require from time to time - for instance if you were considering entering into a trading relationship or a financial investment stating any limitations in availability. You will be expected to show an appreciation of different organisation structures.

For at least three of the examples described, explain how you would test the validity of the data.

Guideline word count: 350 - 400 words

Task 2:

Using either your own organisation's financial data, or that of an organisation of your choice, calculate at least six of the following accounting ratios on the last two available year-end accounts, selecting those that you consider to be the most appropriate measures of financial performance for your chosen organisation:

Gross profit as a percentage of sales

Net profit as a percentage of sales

Return on capital employed


  • Asset turnover
  • Current ratio Acid Test

Average age of debtors in days

Average age of creditors in days

Average age of stock (using closing stock) in days

What conclusions can you draw from the data? What are the strengths and weaknesses of the organisation based on this analysis? Make recommendations of ways in which any shortcomings could be addressed. State the limitations of the use of ratios in the measurement of financial performance.

Guideline word count: 650 - 750 words

A.C. 1.2 - Apply different types of analytical tools and techniques to a range of financial documents, formulating conclusions about performance levels and needs of stakeholders

A.C. 1.3 - Conduct comparative analysis of financial data

Task 3:
Identify possible approaches to the production of a budget with   reference to any financial constraints, the achievement of organisational   targets, legal requirements and accounting conventions. Where possible relate   this information to an organisational context whether in your own organisation   or one with which you are familiar.
Guideline word count: 550 - 600 words
A.C. 2.1 - Identify how a   budget can be produced taking into account financial constraints and   achievement of targets, legal requirements and accounting conventions

Task 4:

Analyse the budget shown below, and discuss any issues raised regarding cash flow and legal requirements. Suggest at least three alternative courses of action the organisation could take to help overcome the issues identified. For the purpose of this exercise, please assume that the organisation has an agreed overdraft of 2750,000 with its bankers.

Guideline word count: 550 - 600 words

Task 5:

Identify at least two methods by which capital investment proposals are evaluated and explain the reasons why it is prudent for an organisation to develop specific policies regarding capital expenditure.

Using your own organisation or an organisation of your choice explain an area of capital investment. Research two proposals for capital investment. Analyse the viability of the two proposals using investment appraisal techniques and identify the strengths and weaknesses including the risks of each proposal.

Identify, with reasons which proposal the company should accept. Evaluate the impact of the proposal on the strategic objectives of the organisation.

Guideline word count: 1 ,050 - 1,100 words

A.C. 3.1 Identify criteria by which proposals are judged

A.C. 3.2 - Analyse the viability of a proposal for expenditure

A.C. 3.3 • Identify the strengths and weaknesses and give feedback on the financial proposal

A.C. 3.4 - Evaluate the impact of the proposal on the strategic objectives of the organization. 

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